[Music] [Applause] good morning guys super excited to be here with the New York team doing this training it’s going to be a day of sales training where we’re going to basically dive into the two parts of the business that keep the business thriving which are me as a speaker and the company that we’re all working for right now which is a life insurance rate which is our branding and communications company there are basically two areas we’re going to focus on speaking side and getting new clients so the first side on the speaking side and we’re going to jump really we’re going to dive deep into the scripting and what we talk about the keywords the value that we offer who we want to target but just going to give you guys an overview of the kinds of things that I talk about when I speak aside from the stuff that you guys have watched on videos that we basically have remained speaking topics the first is the secrets of the Silicon Valley how to make money doing what you love the second is your digital grandfather how to scale caring and in an old-school customer service way in a rapidly evolving technological world and the third is creating a message that moves and monetizes how do you turn your voice to your story your product your service your idea into an actual thing that makes you money right so how do you tell a story that sells how do you turn your profit how do you sort turn your passion into a profit so those are the three things we really focus on universities we focus on conferences we focus on organizations because the keynote opportunities at like entrepreneurship is your marketing marketing any kind of conference where they’re trying to inspire people or actually train and teach people the tools they need to create stories that cell in a 20-17 world and so those are the kind of the broad audiences and we’re going to dive into like how to talk to those audiences during the training but those are the basically the three talks that I give around the world which is a lot of fun the cool thing is in this kind of as an segue into part two all of that speaking work is a direct it’s a good birth child of the stuff that we’re doing with the company so I’m not just making stuff up like hey I think if you do this it’ll work it’s like everything that’s working for the company whether it be for a life insurance or how I built a brand in five years is the stuff that I’m directly teaching so it’s rooted in like hands in the dirt really fun stuff so our clients when we when we prospect new clients or were working with existing clients what we do for clients is basically three parts we work with big name major best in the world companies to help them unify their message to create visions and messages that that are is exciting as fresh as possible you got to stay tight you got to stay up you know when things are constantly evolving and then how do how do we create that message for their executive team and then unify all the other departments around those messages so it stays fresh and then in some cases from there we do a couple different things we either create digital strategies for them social media strategies for them where we write out here’s here or here is that social media roadmap that you have to follow and then they have their creative implemented or we actually do the creative outlet for them we do the two-minute videos we do the Facebook commercials we do their sites we do their brand name we do all that so in some cases start to finish in some cases it’s just getting that story together for them the second is startups who are raising venture capital a lot of these guys and gals are super smart they don’t exactly know how to talk about what they do in a way that’s exciting and compelling for a venture capital that shows a showcases big data and experience everyone’s happening so we helped them with their pitch deck we help them walk themselves through that story and make sure that story is as good as it possibly can be and then we work in the third pillar with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them basically take an existing idea and monetize it or take their existing company and it’s not going as well as they want it to be going and figuring out why taking a look at their social taking a look at their customer service they can look at their online and offline relationship building tactics and strategies and then creating a plan a strategy for them again whether we implement it or someone else implements it it’s just having that that fresh perspective on life these are some things you should think about and implement if you really want to take your business to the next level or even higher level so that’s kind of an overview of what we do I want to jump into nitty-gritty but I did want to give you guys an overview what we’re doing and for everyone watching the blog I want you to see the nitty-gritty of what we’re doing the overview what we’re doing I think this is a takeaway right now for all of you watching is if you want to build something build something like we’ve spent five years now creating marketing materials creating speaking topics creating speeches getting clients testing things with clients and from that we’ve learned a whole lot and from that we’re teaching right and so it was just me for the first three years on those meet with me for the last couple of years and that was it which is us and now we’re in a place where were actually building teams which is super exciting very happy you guys are here because there’s just so much great work to do but like just get started create marketing materials give speeches it coaching clients test things get results ask your clients what else you can do for them ask them what work take that package it reiterate recreate reshift reiterate recreate reship create more more more cement put it out there tell people we’re going to come put a list right now people that we’re going to reach out to doesn’t just come to you you have to work get the stuff in line get your content ready and then push and then go on the offense and then be proactive don’t sit and wait and hope that someone comes to you go know so let’s go you

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