Anchor Loans | The Largest Fix & Flip Private Money Lender in the USA

– I’m Steve Pollack, I am
the CEO of Anchor Loans. Anchor Loans has been
in business since 1997, a little over 20 years. Our primary business model is to lend to the fix & flip industry. In addition, though, we do lend, do some construction lending
and we also do some lending on rental homes, on rental portfolios. But our primary focus of our business is the fix & flip industry. We are here in Calabasas,
California, which is on the northern side of Los
Angeles metropolitan area, we’re still in Los Angeles county. We’ve been here, as a
corporate office, since 2007. We have about 20,000 square
feet here in this building. We have approximately
140, or so, employees, located here on site. Some employees are located
off site, we have inspectors located off site, we have some
originators that are located off site as well. We have a number of different departments within our organization, we
basically handle all aspects of the private-money business,
the fix & flip business. We don’t third-party out many
aspects that other companies, smaller companies do,
which is just our choice, it’s a personal preference
from our standpoint, in the way way that we
developed our business model. So we have a finance department
that handles all the aspects of the financial reporting,
including loan servicing. We have a valuations department, we have an asset-management department, a capital markets, processing,
human resources department. A technology department,
a legal department, we have two lawyers, two in-house lawyers, and two paralegals. We have an origination’s
department that sources our loans. We have transpired almost
19,000 loans in our history, about 6.2 billion dollars worth
of financing in the course of that history, just
here in August of 2018. Just a few days ago we
exceeded a billion dollars for our third straight
calendar year in a row of financing, obviously,
eight months into the year, over a billion dollars. We’re on a 1.5 billion dollar pace. 150 million dollars
funded in August of 2018, our historical high,
which I’m sure by the time that you’re watching this,
a month or two months later, it won’t be our historical high anymore, as we continue to grow. So we are the largest fix
& flip lender in the nation in terms of volume. We continue to grow, we’ve
been around for a long, long period of time. We wouldn’t be able to do
that volume if we didn’t have very, very satisfied
clients on the other end, receiving those loans. [Bright Music]

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