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(slow piano music) It’s a hobby gone out of control. David Curneal makes concrete garden art. My favorite thing to make are the koi fish. He sells his creations at the Salt Lake Farmer’s Market. But there is one thing he just gives away. Another angel’s born. David donates an angel statue to anyone in his Eagle Mountain community who has lost a child. I wanted to do something for the community because I got really sick in 2013. He gave away nearly 30 statues when he first started about three years ago. Yeah, and last year I did 37 and I’m going to be over 50 this year. He thought he might be only giving away a few, but the requests kept coming. I was really surprised, sadly, at the amount of people that wanted them. It’s an emotional experience when somebody comes to get their angel statue. You know, most of the time when they come, they start crying, I start crying. (scraping sound) It takes two days to make a statue and he only has one mold. Each time I take one out of the mold, I, you know, I kind of say in my mind a little prayer. You know, give some comfort. David has been able to connect with his community and learn about loss. It definitely, you know, teaches me the value of life. We want to give David some extra help. Here’s Tony Rasmussen from Mountain America Credit Union to pay it forward. And, we have $500 to donate to this great cause and we want to say “thank you” for the great work that you’re doing to your community. And, thank you so much for bringing comfort to the lives of those who need it.
Thank you. (soothing piano music)

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