Another Way Out, Beacon of Nope (Bain Prison Heist) [Payday 2]

Alright, time for 2 achievements from the
Bain Prison Heist, also known as Hell’s Island. Let’s start off with the easy one, Beacon
of Nope, which can be done on any difficulty. When we first exit the prison area and gain
access to the roof, we’ll be greeted by a very special scene, which I won’t spoil here. So instead, far behind into the background, we’ll see a lighthouse. Let our itchy trigger finger do the work, and enjoy the achievement. Then the other achievement we’re going to
look at, is “Another Way Out”, which has to be done on at least Overkill. For this, we’ll have to free all the other
prisoners (3 actually), before we free Bain. And to free any of them, we’ll have to locate them first using the
camera, then key their cell number into the keypad. So key in the cell numbers of the other 3
prisoners first, then key in Bain’s. Now how do we find the cell number? Outside every cell, there will be 2 markings. One on the floor like a “Welcome” carpet (which we won’t be able to see through the
camera), and another to the left of the cell, near
the top. Looking through the camera, we’ll get a rather grainy image but fortunately, visible civilians will have their heads tagged. Bain, of course, is the one highlighted in
orange, and the last to be freed. So after locating a prisoner, we’ll zoom right in using the forward key
(or W for me), and we’ll get the cell number. Or 0412, in this case. But sometimes, the cell number will be blocked
by objects, like the staircase here. So we’ll have to deduce the cell number instead. The cell numbers increases from left to right, so using the cell at the top as a start, 0422, two cells to the right makes 0424. Once we have all the cell numbers, we’ll free the 3 prisoners first, and then
Bain, to unlock this achievement. And before we end the video, here’s a quick
tip. Just like Beneath the Mountain, getting shot while using the camera kicks
us out of it. So before heading in to the security room, it’s good to have some form of protection
or distraction on the outside, like sentries or bots. And in my case, I make the bots hold position
on the outside so that I can be free of all distraction,
to unlock this achievement. And that wraps up this video. Stay tuned for a short gameplay on the prison
cell sequence. I’ll see you all soon.

5 comments on “Another Way Out, Beacon of Nope (Bain Prison Heist) [Payday 2]”

  1. Ruuben soto says:

    i need help on one achivement

  2. big z11 says:

    Thanks for the guide!!

  3. Davtwan says:

    Now if only this heist doesn't run like I'm stuck in permanent bullet time.

  4. Villager Number #17 says:

    Jesus how do you play with that FOV

  5. David R. says:

    Funny story about this achievement, I actually got "Beacon of.. Nope" on accident when me and my crew finished the mission and I was firing randomly in celebration

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