Antonio Sabato, Jr. | 2016 Republican National Convention

>>To follow the same rules. There shouldThere should be no
shortcuts for those who don’t want to
wait. You know, my mother was born in
communist Prague, escaped that republic
with my dad. I know what socialism looks like
like. I don’t want that for my
children at all.
[ cheering and applause ]>>But that’s the path.
That is the path we’re headed down,
that the leader had. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
promote that.
Don’t be fooled. But Donald Trump is for liberty.
[ cheering and applause ]>>Donald Trump believes in one
America. And justice for all. Protecting citizens, none of
this is — this is the
responsibility of the government government.
That’s right. [ cheering and applause ]
>>And it’s the right thing to do.
Donald Trump will get it done, get
us back on the right track. People know this.
And that’s why they have voteed as
they have. We can no longer afford to be

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