Applying For A Mortgage Loan: Robins Financial Credit Union

congratulations you did your research found a house and
came to an agreement with the seller now it’s time to apply for your mortgage
the team at robins financial is ready to help guide you through the process every
step of the way you can apply for your mortgage loan
either online or in person with the Robins financial mortgage loan officer
your loan officer will help you complete the application discuss interest rates
and review different types of mortgage loan options which will include first time home buyer which has some
special savings advantages fixed-rate lots which locking interest
rate through the duration of the lock adjustable rate which may have a lower
initial rate but can be subject to change and there are also special notes
which some buyers may be eligible for from VA FHA and USDA among others your loan officer will work with you to
find the best loan for you when you apply for loan will need to gather quite
a few documents if you’re just getting started with your
home buying process and are looking for pre-approval you will need similar documentation
you’ll need a government issued photo ID your most recent paced up covering the
last 30 days copies of double youtube and or 1099
forms for the last two years statements for checking savings and ore
deposit accounts from the previous two months statements for investment accounts and
retirement accounts from the previous two months with names printed on the
forum proof of other sources of income for the past two years such as Social Security or alimony once
you submit your application your loan estimate will be issued to you within
three business days it will summarize the loan terms estimated closing costs and additional
application disclosures your loan then moved to the processing
stage for approval will be assigned a loan specialist will work with you to
obtain any additional information necessary for processing once the loan specialist is finished you will be notified of the loan
decision in terms or any conditions that need to be met if your interest rate is
it locked in yet still no luck at least 15 days before your closing and then
you’ll work with your lender and closing attorney to schedule your closing date
to prepare watch our video on what to expect that closing the mortgage team
that Robins financial credit union is ready to help you on your way to your
dream house for more information call click or visit
any of our branch locations

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  1. Zxyw 0987 says:

    Why don't you ask for the past 2 years of tax returns? Are they always necessary for a home loan?

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