Appraisal: 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex with Box & Papers

GUEST: I brought my Rolex GMT Master that
I bought 55 years ago. APPRAISER: Where did you get it? GUEST: I bought it in Germany, in Zweibrücken,
at a PX when I was in the army over there. I bought the watch just before I came back
to stateside. My sergeant recommended that before I came back to the States, buy a Rolex
watch. APPRAISER: Why did he do that, do you know? GUEST: Well, he liked… he thought it was
the best watch ever made. And he said, “Make sure you get one before you go home,” and
this is the one I liked. APPRAISER: And had you heard of Rolex before
that? GUEST: Not before that, no. I’d never heard
or seen one before. I just took his word that it was a great watch, and it is. APPRAISER: And do you still wear it? GUEST: I don’t wear it very often now. It’s
kind of a keepsake now. I wear my cheap watch now, and this is my dress watch. APPRAISER: Well, I was very excited when you
brought this up to the table. As you know, it’s a Rolex, it’s a GMT Master model. But
it’s got some very special things about it. It is the first model GMT Master that was
ever… Rolex ever made. GUEST: I didn’t know that. APPRAISER: It’s a model 6542, which we have
on the reference number on the paper here. On the box itself, on the edge of the box
right here, we have the reference number of the watch. It’s incredible that you’ve saved
everything. Is there a reason why you saved all this paperwork? We usually don’t see this. GUEST: I don’t know. It just… I’m just lucky,
I guess. APPRAISER: Well, this watch is totally complete.
You have the watch. I know you’ve replaced the original bracelet at some point. This
is a replacement bracelet. But we do have the original bracelet here in the box, which
is also dated that it was manufactured in the first quarter of 1960. And according to
the papers of the watch, you purchased it in April of 1960. GUEST: Correct. APPRAISER: You have the original sales receipt
right here. I notice you bought two watches. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: We saw the other one. The other
one wasn’t as special as this one. What did you pay for this watch? GUEST: This watch I paid the $120. The other
watch, which had some gold to the bracelet, I bought for my dad, and I paid $104 for that. APPRAISER: Was that a lot of money back in
1960? GUEST: It was a lot of money. APPRAISER: Yeah? GUEST: My salary in the army was just under
$100 a month. APPRAISER: Okay, so that was over a month’s
salary. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: Do you know what this paper is
right over here? GUEST: No. APPRAISER: Rolexes were sent to the observatory
in Geneva to be certified as chronometers, and that is the original chronometer bulletin
that if you look on the left-hand side of it, you’ll see the numbers, and they actually
timed the watch to tell what timekeeping it kept, plus or minus how many seconds it lost.
We also have the original brochure on the watch. Everything’s complete. You have the
original hang tags. I’m very pleased to tell you that this watch today at auction is a
very, very collectible watch. Just the watch on its own merit would be worth today between
$35,000 and $45,000. But this watch is worth much more. Because you saved the box and all
the paperwork for it, easily today it’s $65,000 to $75,000 in the market. GUEST: Wow. APPRAISER: Probably more than a month’s pay
in the military right now. GUEST: Wow. I had no idea. I’m speechless.
If you would have told me $1,500, I would have been happy.

99 comments on “Appraisal: 1960 GMT Master Model Rolex with Box & Papers”

  1. Easy Eagle says:

    The best example of a salty SGT taking care of one of his Soldiers EVER! “Buy a Rolex! You’ll never regret it”. -SGT

  2. gian carlo miguel says:

    Rich Harrison: let me call my guy whos expert of ROLEX WATCHES.
    After a while,
    Rick: i can do $1.00, i am taking all tge risk here. I need to make a profit. I can do $1.50 the best i can do not a peny more. Wahahahahaha….

  3. DFS fORUM says:

    So happy for him ❤️

  4. fabulous life says:

    Lesson. Take care of your expensive things even cheaper things. Keep originals for valuables.

  5. K P says:

    First edition pepsi model is outstanding of design

  6. Christian Hurtado says:

    fool left in a new rarri

  7. Man Ransom says:

    What a great man. Thank you for your service. USA! 🇺🇸

  8. nls8520 says:

    I can appreciate the fact due to having all original paperwork makes it more valuable. However, the condition is pretty poor honestly. Surprised it is worth quite so much.

  9. Duggerdean says:

    That condition in 2019 it’s worth double

  10. kyle kyle says:

    The inflation is about $973 of buying power in 2016 compared to the $120 he paid lmao

  11. Javier Bardem says:

    Man….. Who else thought gramps was going to fold over from a heart ♥ attack when they revealed the Rolex's total value..??

  12. Trump on a Tuesday says:

    Wrong! It's only worth what the buyers are willing to pay!!

  13. dc018 says:

    What a nice fella

  14. Animesh Das says:

    I am genuinely happy for the old man.

  15. David Brattain says:

    In all honesty, Rolex watches are only worth what someone wants to pay for them. I have a GMT I've had for 30 years. Will not keep time, needs to be cleaned every few years at 500 bucks a crack and is basically a lousy watch.

  16. mikeje305 says:

    Good for you sir

  17. 42treg says:

    Wow- that old Pepsi didn't go flat!

  18. Fortnite DefaultSkin says:

    I wish he was my grand pa, so I would've got the watch for free. Hehe

  19. MuMu124 says:

    Keep that watch man
    Do not sell it
    Its only gonna go up in price

  20. chris call says:

    If his Sargent was still alive,, he would've kissed him..

  21. joe hanley says:

    Total Respect to this Guy I hope he sold it and he and his family enjoy the just rewards

  22. The Restoration of Dr Who says:

    Keep the watch, it’s an heirloom surely.

  23. Brandon Morales says:

    Talk about an investment…

  24. Saeed Sidaoui says:

    omg bakelite

  25. Lone Gunner says:

    Best I can give ya is $10.

  26. kydrythm says:

    That felt good.

  27. Arnold Palmer says:

    What a good genuine man, last of his kind. His generation was the best.

  28. Vanquishe says:

    Fun fact Rolexs' never lose their value, so when possible buy one

  29. Charles Drucker says:

    Rick from Pawn Stars: I’ll give you $20 for it

  30. •3YOLA FEDDY6• says:

    Rock on old timer!!!!!

  31. Dr.piston says:

    I brought a watch for rs.1000 5 years ago ..still have it …well someone has it …i throw it away when i had a broken up with a girl

  32. CNN says:

    I wonder how many times he has had it serviced?

  33. John Ronaldo says:

    I am happy for this guy

  34. mickey taker says:

    Straight to ebay

  35. twitch 360 says:

    I'll offer him $1500 😂

  36. Eloy Miron says:

    That appraisal nearly killed the owner.

  37. Bryant 7mo says:

    Mane I done found a Rolex in the locker room of the ymca !!

  38. Heraldic Production says:

    does people really use the box for cigars as instructed in it?

  39. The Official Andy Saenz says:

    I’m surprised this watch is still working like brand new! I’m even more surprised he kept all of the original documents and package that go with it.

  40. The Official Andy Saenz says:

    2:07 Wow, he bought this Rolex for $120.35 in 1960! That was like spending $5,000 or more in today’s dollars!

  41. The Official Andy Saenz says:

    The appraiser took my breath away when he said it’s easily worth $65,000 to $75,000 today! Wow, with the right bidder he could sell it for just around $100,000!! 💰💰💰💰

    Otherwise, he should specify it in his will that his family gets to keep it.

  42. The Official Andy Saenz says:

    He should laminate all of these original Rolex documents that go with the watch so that they will last forever.

  43. Chuck Biscuits says:

    Yeah right,.. He got it from Minh-qui in Vietnam, Franken-rep, nice try gramps, but no dice

  44. Nick Roman says:

    Secure the bag gramps!!!

  45. Matt kawoski says:

    God bless this man! I hope he sells the watch and lives out his dreams and finds peace at the end of his journey.

  46. Chris Delagarza says:

    YOU GO OLD TIMER ⏱… CASH 💵 OUT BUDDY. Take it to auction reserve of $100K. 02-05 I served ARMY 🇺🇸. $600/mo. Was my salary. I qualified for food stamps.

  47. ronch550 says:

    I wonder what my Invicta Pro Diver will fetch in 2060. Maybe $1000 max but more likely $10. But who cares I assume I'd be dead then anyway.

  48. Daniel Lee says:

    GMT Masters going for 10K today and because Rolex ADs (mainly because Rolex purposely making supply short) is being complete douches on only selling these time pieces to a selected few, getting one of these pre own cost between 9k to nearly 16k…this guy is very lucky.

  49. Rick wallace says:

    So pleased for this guy and was lovely to see his genuine reaction.
    My other thought tho is how Rolex is completely overpriced now compared to back then and how the luxury high end watch market is just ludicrous.

  50. Gta 5 1hr driving ASMR says:

    $120?!? That same watch today would cost over 35 grand

  51. Dragonfly 88ipad says:

    The old man,I am speechless, I would have a lots of coke and hookera

  52. Night24 says:

    $120 Jesus

  53. ericbernal27 says:

    Lucky only 2 month's wage. Try that now more like 2 decades wages 😀

  54. Syed Ali Zawaar Hussain Shah says:

    Pays off when you do something for your parents… this great man bought his father a much better Rolex model than the one he bought for himself.
    He deserves it! Great man! Love!

  55. Toni Capone says:

    Wow. Why am I getting emotional over a Rolex this evening? 😭
    He seems like such a nice man.

  56. geckdad says:

    and it’s still running ;0

  57. 1hard2findbro says:

    Buy the best and know the worth 🙏

  58. badninja1971 says:

    I love how the green box has written on it ‘use for cigarettes’ 😂

  59. Eddie Alvarez says:

    Sell it to John Meyer he will pay him more than just $75k

  60. fessells ahmed says:

    I know a lot of people who would pay more than that to buy that masterpiece. It's worth over $ 100,00

  61. J Grimes says:

    Thanks serge

  62. Daniel says:

    Time to spend that on hookers and coke

  63. Dynamic Punk says:

    His reaction was gold lol

  64. Fuzzy Ewok says:

    Me: here to sell my two guns.

    Pawn shop: cool, looked it up on gunbroker they sell for about $950 each.
    I will give you $400 for both

    Me: S my C

  65. tombonomy says:

    Bless that old guys heart

  66. PhotoGeorge says:

    A good soldier just got a bonus in life.

  67. delon a says:


  68. delon a says:

    75,000.00$?? 🤔maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the miss and redo the bucket list🤪🤪🤪🤪

  69. Bas bzb says:

    sow if i buy a new one now it will be worth a milion in 50 years?

  70. Matthew Lang says:

    That not of a return after factoring in inflation

  71. David Hammond says:

    Massive respect for a man that can keep such a treasured piece, along with all it's provenance, speaks volumes to his character and way of life.

  72. Matt Corbel says:

    hey dad, you know that ugly watch i got you………… can i borrow it?

  73. Humming Bird says:

    About the same as Annualized S&P 500 Return (Dividends Reinvested).

  74. PandaMan007 says:

    Gamestop would give him 90 for it 😂

  75. dabatoir says:

    This poor guy jizzed in his pants right after he heard 75k

  76. Alan Sims says:

    In Philadelphia its worth 50 bucks

  77. Peter benn pan says:

    Enjoy your retirement! 😎

  78. Simeon Mladenov says:

    I wounder how much Rick from Pawn Stars would have offerd him? 🤔🤡💰

  79. Marcanthony Martinez says:

    God bless that man you can tell he's great

  80. oyly40 says:

    Collin Abroadcast: I can do 30

  81. wildish Gambino says:

    Man it's so good that see this man happy finally

  82. Larri Lindsey says:

    I love this show

  83. Patricia Bilinkas says:

    Rolexes are so expensive to maintain. He should sell it.

  84. Enough with the PC says:

    It’s priceless, actually.

  85. A K says:

    Bless him, what a gentleman.
    Well deserved.

  86. moxe says:

    Man, for a moment I thought he was about to have an heart attack!!!

  87. zamborghini green says:

    Thank God grandpa dint get an attack.

  88. M says:

    I really hope he didn't sell the watch. 70k is nothing. He payed a months wage for it in his twenties or thirties. That's much more money than 70k is in his 80s. I hope he didn't sell it. Don't give it to some "collector". That's yours

  89. Leo Wang says:

    bro hes wearing a casio….

  90. Mobile Disco Wirral says:

    Am buying rolex 2020 👌🏻😂 is it best to get on the list now?

  91. pickzkickz says:

    Pawn Stars would have offered him $1200….its old, box is beat up, I have to frame it….🤣🤣🤣

  92. clarence spencer says:

    That old fellow is sooo shocked–and in a good way. The proceeds should make his life easier–a lot easier

  93. Miles Hamblen says:

    He was trying to give the guy a heart attack so he could make off with the watch.

  94. WeAreWatching Yu says:

    Full set. Paperwork and receipts!! Just wow. That was a daily wearable watch. No weekend thing with this one. Beautiful

  95. Truthfears Guilty says:

    so now, it's 2019. how much was the watch sold for?

  96. Karan Sumbaly says:

    The good ole days

  97. nonp says:

    I thought he was going have heart attack

  98. HOCHVERRAT88 says:

    grüße an Monte

  99. KoEniG says:

    Wer ist hier wegen monte?

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