Archaelogy Lab Henry’s Rock [Guide] [Payday 2]

I know Henry’s Rock has been played to death by most of us here but there will always be new players playing this for the first time. In fact, one of you might even be watching this video through the Steam overlay right now, so let’s get to it! So when Locke (that voice in the background) constantly bugs us to look for clues or symbols, he means to search through these stacks of
documents scattered around the lab. And after searching them, we’ll either see blank ones (which we can
ignore), or ones with a photograph. Each clue like this actually has two parts; the symbol, and the order. So here’s a quick example from the game I
just did; Waves symbol (number 2), feather (number 1) and the scarab beetle (number 3), which when rearranged becomes “Feather, Waves, Beetle”. Enter that into the ark-like thing and after a short bit it should open, leaving us a box to grab for our next objective. And in an online game, it will be helpful to inform our team by typing it out in the chat like “Waves 2” or “Feather 1”, to help things move along faster. And then before you go, be sure to grab this achievement if you haven’t
already. After picking up the box from the ark, we can press the symbols at the bottom in
this order; centre, right and then left. I won’t spoil what’s in the box so check it out for yourselves! As usual, a gameplay is coming right up if watching some live action helps you to
understand better. Also, you can check out my other video on how to get all the Henry’s Rock achievements. Thanks again for watching, I’ll catch you guys in the next video.

8 comments on “Archaelogy Lab Henry’s Rock [Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. Unknown Knight says:

    I know I know, this video is more for first time players, so move along xD

  2. CRACKGEAR says:

    UK is always the first Viewer being the first person to check his videos .

    Also Thanks for the video , it gave me great help on opening the Easter egg

  3. Wrongnumber Fan says:

    Man i've played this game to death and even i didn't know about the second note detailing the order of the symbols.
    Good find.

    Also could you do a Henry's Rock DS OD guide?

  4. cielargent says:

    I always mute Locke. He is just as annoying as the 'Hi, guys, the thermal drill, go get it" before patched. Especially in Breakin Feds, while you often need to wait maybe 5 minutes in a corner because 3 guards think it's a good idea to patrol this corridor in turns,Locke keep spam you with "Friends, "X$#$%^&*($"

  5. Damien Evermore says:

    Oh man if only I knew this for the times I play Henry's rock. I was able to assume everything else but anytime I got this part I died after 10 minutes or I got carried by a friend. I eventually learned after doing it on One Down DS

  6. White_sama says:

    Why is your FOV so low it makes me nauseous

  7. Deimos says:

    Is it currently possible to make Lab Rats in one down solo?

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