Are YOU Being HACKED? (Watch Dogs 2) – Game Lab

[camera shutter clicks]
– I’m MatPat. And this is “Game Lab.”[static]
[typing, clicking]
For the last five years,I’ve made a name for myselfoveranalyzing video gamesusing real-world
science and math,
but now I’m taking it
to the next level
by throwing some of
the world’s most popular gamers
into the scenarios
we play through every day.
Will the games
stack up to reality?
And are gamers
as good in real life
as they are on-screen?Welcome to “Game Lab.”[rock music]♪ ♪This is insane!♪ ♪Today, I’m doing reconnaissance
on our gamers because, well,
they don’t know it yet, they’re about to get hacked,
“Watch Dog” style.– The“Watch Dog”series–
“Watch_Dogs”series–is one I’ve covered
pretty extensively
on my other show,
“Game Theory,”because it illustrates
how practically everything
in the world around us
is vulnerable to hacking.
In the first game,
you played as Aiden Pearce,
using your cell phone
to hack into everything
around you,
from traffic lights,
to ATMs,
to security cameras.
You were the ultimate
puppet master,
hitting your enemies
where it hurt most:
their text messages.And other stuff, too,
like their criminal records,
I suppose, but hey,
those emoji were private.
With“Watch_Dogs 2”
on the horizon,
trailers have revealed
that players will be
a member of
an Anonymous-style group
called DedSec,
working to take down
an evil corporate overlord,
while hacking their way
through smart homes,
smart cars,
and other
generally smart things.
So the big question is:just how vulnerable are we?On this episode,
we’re learning from
the people who know firsthandjust what’s possible
in the world of hacking.
And I have a feeling,
that after today’s over,
we’re never going
to feel safe again.
[electronic music]♪ ♪[several voices talking at once] – Well, well, well. – And just like that,
they arrive. Who says I’m not
good at my job? Joven, very sweet entrance,
there. – Hey!
– [laughs] – Hey, Matt, come on!
– Hey! Oh! – We’re group hugging!
– Yay! – I hate hugs.
– Oh, don’t everyone… – I am
the group hug enforcer! – Someone once told me
that friendship is magic. So thank you all
for joining me today. – Yes, thank you.
– I know that there is a lot of mystery around why
I called you here. – Yes.
both: A little creepy. – A little creepy.
– You can’t tell a girl that you’re watching her. – That–that’s how mace
will get in your face. [laughter]
– So here’s why all the secrecy,
all right? I needed you guys
here today because we’re going to hack into
the YouTube space. [all exclaim] – No.
– No, for reals, what’s up? – Yeah, by the end
of the day, we’ll be hacking into
the YouTube space. I brought in
two hacking experts who are going to
teach us everything from breaking in doors, to hacking
into security cameras, encrypted files–
all that so that by the end of the day,
all of us working together going to get into this building.
– What? – You’re going to trust us with that kind
of information? – Uh, yeah.
– I’m gonna hack your brains out.
– So you guys ready? both: Yes!
– No! [laughter]
Yes! – Okay, let’s go!
– Whoo! – I’m going to get
arrested today, sweet. – Oh, my God. – So I’d like
to introduce you to our hacking experts
for the day. We have Snubs from Hak5 and Johnny Xmas
from RedLegg. – Hey how’s it going?
– Thank you guys so much. – Great to meet you guys. – Sir, nice to meet you.
– You guys need to pee? – So before we get
too far into this, I have to ask,
and this is probably the most embarrassing question
I could ask, is it okay if we call you
l33t haxx0rs? Would you qualify?
– Uh… – Really?
– Well…I would call myself a penetration tester
extraordinaire. – Extraordinaire.
– Can I call myself that? – Extraordinaire.
– That’s what she said. – I’ll take l33t haxx0r.
[laughter] – I also notice
your cat ears. Just for the heck of it, or…?
– Those are for special engagements.
– Oh. – That’s when he’s actually doing the penetration
testing. [laughter] – You guys do you.
You guys do you, whatever. [laughing]
So what do you guys got planned for us today? – We have tons
planned for you, so I hope that
you’re taking notes during this entire thing.
– I’m really intimidated right now.
– We only have a few hours to train you,
so what do you say? We should take you into
the training facility, right?
– Yeah, let’s get started. – The whole facility?
– You guys ready for some l33t hax?
both: Yes. – Yeah, let’s do it.
– All right, let’s get to it. – All right, guys, ready? One, two, three penetration. all:
One, two, three penetration! – To the training room!
[laughter] – Super serious work,
we’re doing. All right.
This is a pretty cool setup you guys have here. – Are you ready?
– Your–your hacker den, I guess?
– Hacking is far more than just stealing and doing things
you’re not supposed to do. Hacking, primarily, is about
uncovering unknown knowledge, and then spreading
that knowledge. – Since I got into this,
almost a decade ago, I’ve always been very adamant
about introducing new generations to hacking
and to penetration testing. – Penetration testers
are hackers. People who simulate
the bad guys. And companies hire us
to come in, use these attacks
against them, and that’s because you can
build up your walls and your towers all day,
but until an enemy comes in and bombards you,
you don’t know what you forgot. – That segues nicely to
“Watch_Dogs.” This device right here becomes
like a magic wand and I’m able to hack into, like, boom, I’m hacking into
traffic lights. – [laughs]
– And boom, I’m hacking into your phone.
both: Yeah. – True, false, no? – You can hack from your phone.
– Ooh. – Definitely a possibility.
– Is that an app? – There is an app for that.
It’s free. [laughs] – Oh, okay.
– Yes, even better. – The problem that we run into
in real world scenarios is that people depend on
convenience over security. – What can you guys
train us with? – What we’ve got
in our spread here is, uh, it’s a combination
of some tools of the trade, and some things that you will
often come across in the field.
– Tell me what this is. – Flash drive.
– It’s a flash drive. – It’s a USB drive, yeah. – There’s a microSD in there.
– Oh. – Okay.
– Oh, my gosh, there it is! – Flash drives. It’s called
the USB rubber ducky. So your computer
thinks that it’s a keyboard. These scripts on here
type anything that you want to type on a keyboard
into your computer, and much, much faster
than the human eye can see. – Let’s take it to
its logical conclusion then. I plug this into my computer.
– And you get owned. – And you, and you p0wn me!
– Yes. – Besides physically
taking it apart, is there a way to know if
it’s a malicious drive or not? – Not really.
– No, that’s– – They all look the same.
[laughter]– In“Watch_Dogs,”one of
the big mechanics
is the ability to,
if I am able to hack into, like, one system,
I’m able to attack a lot of different things
all at the same time. – Sure.
– Oh, yeah. That’s called pivoting.
Pivoting is when you gain access to a network
through, like, one centralized computer. That machine has
some kind of vulnerability, some kind of open portthat allows you to gain access
to another machine
on that network.
– Mm-hmm.
– And from there,
you keep on branching out.
You create this tree.
– You’re hopping, you’re connect dots.
– You are, you’re hopping. both: Yeah.
– And then once you’re in there, what can this device see that device A could not see? – This sounds so exciting!
[laughter] – So it sounds like step one
is getting access to the Wi-Fi networks.
– Yes. Get on the network so that
you can talk to things. – How do we do that? – This is called
the Wi-Fi pineapple. I just had
this little guy running. And who is
Jacob’s Apple Watch? – That is me.
[laughter] I am, my Apple Watch
is in my pocket. – So you thought you were
connected to the local Wi-Fi. – You get the slow clap.
– Once I turned it on, it allowed it to
connect to me. So you–you usually have
a Wi-Fi network at home. Can you automatically
connect it–to it when you walk within range?
– Yeah. – Since your phone
automatically connects, we take that
as a vulnerability, and use it to our advantage. So instead of you connecting
to what you think is MatPat’s home Wi-Fi,
if I’m in better range than your router is,
I’m going to change my name on this little device
and say “I’m actually MatPat’s home Wi-Fi.”
– Yeah. – So connect to me,
and then if I want to, I’ll let you go out
into the Internet, or I’ll redirect you
to a website of my choosing. Or I could install a keylogger–
– Oh, no. – With direct access on HTTP,
or whatever I want. – So how do you protect
yourself? – Turn off your Wi-Fi.
– Yeah. – Really?
– Just– if you’re at a certain coffee shop, don’t use their
open wireless network. That’s a really, really easy way
to get owned. – But I need my Wi-Fi.
[laughter] – Convenience over security,
again. – The–the elephant in the room.
[laughter] Uh, opening doors.
It’s exactly what this is for. Because sometimes
it’s necessary to get access to the technology
you need to hack. You snake the long end
under the door. – Yeah.
– And then you kind of grab this end
and pop it up. You loop this
around the handle. You give the string a tug
and it pulls the handle down. – Is this a key
that opens door number one? [laughter] – The key opens
TSA lock number one. – What?
– Oh, no! – So, uh, as you may know The TSA requires a specific, uh,
type of authorized lock to be used on your luggage. A few enterprising hackers
had gotten their hands on some very high resolution
images of the master keys that the TSA has
for opening all of those locks. The other lesson to learn
from this is don’t put pictures
of your keys on Instagram. Google is by far
the most heavily used tool in a penetration tester’s
armament. – Oh, yeah.
– Google– – So even though there’s all
these fun little tools on the table here
that we’re going to play with… – Yeah.
– Google is the hacker’s best tool.
– Absolutely. – It’s our best friend. [laughs]
– Convenience. – Thanks, Google!
[laughter] So that’s a little bit
about the tech that we’ll be using, right? So let’s put some of these
to practice, yeah? [all agree] We just got to find a door
out here in the black void. – Let’s find a door
outside this hole. – I think it’s this way.
– This way? – Hello?
– This way. Follow me up into
the black hole! – Mom? – [mumbling]
Okay. – All right, so, uh,
there’s a couple of tools that are going to
come in handy here in this, uh, challenge. By far, the most common network reconnaissance
tool out there is a utility called Nmap. Pretty much lets you talk to
your own computer as if it was a different device
on the network. – Ooh.
– I just did. – Go for it, man.
– Okay, go for it. – So, ah, so we’re connected to
a wireless network now. – So first thing… got to do pseudo, right?
– Yeah. – Nice.
– And then, oh, gosh, what was it?
– Oh, I think I know I think I know.
– ‘Cause it’s not– it’s not Nmap yet, right?
We want to get– – Right, ’cause we have to find
out the network information. – You want to do, uh–
it was like– – Okay, so let’s start
with the TSA lock picks. – I can do this.
I can– – So this one is locked.
You can’t get into it unless you know the code. So you simply slide this in,
and then turn it one way or another
to try to open it. You got it.
– Oh. – Yeah.
– Okay. – So you just
picked that lock. – That’s–wow.
– [laughs] – It was, like, config,
ipconfig, what was it? – [whispering] ifconfig.
– ifconfig, thank you. – Yes. Yeah.
– Oops, maybe. [both laugh]
– Whoo, we did it! – There you go.
– All right, yeah. – Yeah! Teamwork!
– Yeah. – The next thing
we’ll move onto is the USB rubber ducky. I’m going to create
this little file. It’s called a batch file. On this batch file,
you get to write out whatever you want
your script to do through a keyboard.
– So you could use the USB flash drive
to prompt a browser open? – Yeah.
– And then download something from the browser
so the meat of what you’re doing isn’t actually
on the hard drive, that’s just the key to unlock
the door? – Right, yeah.
– Okay, okay. – That’s a great way
to look at it, exactly. If you can from a keyboard,
you can do it with a ducky. – Tah!
– There it is! – Oh, good, I was like, I didn’t know if that was like
a scared yelp or an, “Oh, no!”
– Everything’s broken. – So I’ll also let you both
use the Wi-Fi pineapple. So first I’m gonna just run
a little recon scan. Take about 30 seconds. While this is happening,
it’s collecting all the data around it that’s
being transferred. So we have the MAC address.
– Mm-hmm. – You know what that is.
The security. So security’s interesting
because you can see whether the router
is secure or not. So you noticed all those SSIDs
we were collecting? – Mm-hmm.
– All those different names? I’m collecting those
into a big pool, and then I can rebroadcast
them out to everybody else. – Gotcha.
Who’s everyone else? – Every–it’s the–
– Oh, all those wi– okay, gotcha, gotcha,
gotcha, gotcha. – It’s Pam, it’s Matt,
like, everybody who has their Wi-Fi on
on their device, I’ll be rebroadcasting this
out to them. – MatPat, uh, thank you
for your social security number. I appreciate it.
– [laughs] – What? How did you get
my social security number of…oh!
[laughter] – Your social security number
is 12? [laughter]
– You are old! – I’m one of the originals. Don’t let this
baby face fool you. Yeah, now that we are clearly
the l33test of haxx0rs, what do you guys have
in store for us to test our newfound skills? – A certain company
has hired you fine people to help them with a severe
problem that they have going on. – Good job.
– Already got a job. – They believe that somebody
who might possibly even be a higher-up executive
has been trying to siphon information
from the company that he shouldn’t necessarily be
sharing with the public. – Mm.
– Is it MatPat? – [laughs] It’s MatPat.
– Oh, you found me out! No!
– They’ve hired us to come in and see if we can find
some evidence they’re trying to avoid
the political mess that might be created
if they outright confronted him. You think you guys
are up to that? – Yeah, it’s easy.
– I think so, yeah. – Yeah, we can do that.
– With the right help. – I kind of snoozed off
halfway through, but I believe I can do it.[electronic music]♪ ♪– What do you think?
We got all suited up in our hacker attire. – You guys look awesome.
– Thank you! – You look–you look great.
– Why are you shaking your head? – I thought that’s
what you came in. – Why are you
shaking your head? Do–do you see this?
Do you see this? – Johnny Xmas is unconvinced.
– I look good. – It’s like you got lost
in a TJ Maxx. – For a man with the last name
of Xmas, I don’t know if
you’re able to judge. – I don’t have my last name in
neon green across my chest. [all exclaiming] – So explain to us
what’s going on. – We’ve got to do
some reconnaissance first, and figure out how we’re going
to be able to get in on what this guy is up to
with out him knowing. – Okay.
– I’m pretty sure we should start with
the Wi-Fi pineapple. She’s run this
APN client scan. She ran it
for only 30 seconds. And you pulled up several
different SSIDs. So are there any
weird ones on there? – There’s six total Wi-Fis,
but there’s one that isn’t Google
or YouTube. – Okay.
Then that’s probably him. – We–we know how to hack into
wireless routers. – Yes, we do!
– Yes we do! – I’m going to ifconfig
the hell out of this thing. – [laughs]
– Don’t forget to pseudo that. – Okay.
– Oh, I’m going to pseudo it, and then I’m going to
ifconfig it. – Yeah.
– Okay. – This is what we learned
in training. – Yeah, that’s it, right there.
– Okay. We got a password. – This goes back
to what we learned. What if we Google search
[bleep] full passwords for [bleep] spot?
– There you go. – All right, all right, guys.
– Yeah, there you go. – See if that’s right. – Give it a bit,
and you’ll see it pop up in the corner if it worked.
– Yep. [gasping]
– Wait. – We got it!
[all exclaim] – Okay, so we have
our IP address right there. So we need the–the–the
the new LAN. – The LAN, yep.
– IP addresses, yeah. – And then we do Nmap.
– Okay, now comes the exciting part of waiting.
– Right, now everybody get ready to wait. – Cue the waiting montage.[upbeat electronic music]♪ ♪– So we can see from
our Nmap scan of the network here
that there’s definitely a wireless security camera
in there, and it’s got
a password on it. Uh, so I’ve got a really great
Russian exploit site here that is nice enough to give you
the exact string that you need to use in order to change
the password on that camera. So we’re simply going
to copy that out and we’re going to paste it
into our terminal window here. Change the information that
we need to be specific to our camera,
such as give it the IP so it knows where to send
the information to. Uh, and then we just need
to give it the new password
that we want to use. Uh, the username, of course,
is going to be admin. And the password
is the one we typed in.♪ ♪And we’ve got a video feed. And we’re able to watch
what he’s doing. He’s on the laptop
that we’re trying to gain access to. We need to get him out of there.
– There, it looks like he has luggage.
– Yeah. – So we might need
these TSA locks. – Oh.
– You’re going to be on that. Got it?
– All right. – All right, cool.
– Okay. – Matt?
– Yes. – That door over there,
it’s locked. – I’m ready to go fishing. With a “ph”.
– But also, if we’re looking for specific documents
on that computer, You’re going to have to
use this, the rubber ducky. – Awesome.
– Ooh, that’s the ducky. – I’ve already got a script
ready on there to steal anything out of
his “My Documents” folder. – So wait, all I need to do
is just plug this in. – You got it.
– It sucks everything off. – Yep.
– But somehow you have to get him out of the room.
– Great, that’s what she said. – How are we going
to do that? – I saw, like,
a pizza box in the trash. I can grab
the pizza box and… – Yes.
– Cause a distraction. – Perfect.
– But it was in the trash. – Drop the pizza.
– I think the box is empty. If he grabs it,
we might be doomed, so you got to work fast.
– Stain him, and then take him
to the bathroom – Gotcha.
– There you go. – Then seduce him
in the bathroom. – I can seduce.
– [laughs] – Great.
– That I can do. – Ready?
– All right. – One–
– One, two, three, penetrate! [all exclaiming] – That’s hilarious.
– I know, right? – All right. – All right, here’s hoping
this works. [cell phone ringing] – [whispering] It’s ringing.
– I hear it ring.– This is Robert.– Hey, this is
Little Rocco’s Pizzeria. I got your pie out front.
– What pizza? – Oh, he’s on the phone.
– Oh, no, no, dude,
– Get ready, guys.
– I got it right here.
I got it right here so if
you just want to come out. – Get ready.
– Okay, are you guys ready? – Okay, I’m coming out to
deal with this.– All right, all right, cool.
– He’s coming out.
He’s putting the laptop in the bag, though.
– Yeah, no, it’s okay. We have the TSA keys.
– All right, guys,
uh, he should be coming out.
– We got to do this fast. – Yeah, I mean if he’s locking
it–he might not even lock it. – He’s locking it.
– He’s locking the bag. – Oh, crap–okay, that’s okay.
– Those aren’t secure. It’s fine.
– Yeah, not an issue. Don’t worry.
– Hopefully your keys stay around that long.
– What do you think of my scarf? – Your scarf is awesome.
– Sir. – It’s doing you
really well. – [whispering]
Come on, let’s go. – Oh, snap.
– Oh, snap, did you see that? Dude, as I was coming in here,
I sw–I saw a guy that was beating on a Mercedes,
with, like, a– with a bat or something.
– Is it going through? – Holy–hey, uh,
did you–did you– – Oh! There, I got them both.
I’m through. – Yeah, oh, yeah, it’s left.
– I’m sorry– – To the left?
– Slowly to the left. – Do you–you don’t have,
like, a Mercedes, right? – Now turn it–not–
– What do you mean turn it? – Oh, no, no, no.
You don’t touch the pie until I get the money. – Go, ah.
– Go, go, go, go. – Yes.
– Go, go, go. – It’s in, and if you make
me–oh! – I don’t have time for this.
– And–oh, that’s–ah, but, hey! Don’t make me,
oh, okay, he’s coming back. – They’re in, they’re in.
Go run interference. – Excuse me?
Did you–is there a pizza guy that you were just talking to?
– Look for the TSA number. – Could you–no,
could you come with me? – No, I don’t need to.
– But I– – Hey, I got pizza,
but he’s the one that had the pizza.
– Okay, awesome. – You got your ducky ready?
– I got it. – Awesome.
Okay, open up the laptop. – Someone should look out
– Oh, my gosh. – Is this your guy?
You look like you’re his boss. – What, dude’s all up in there. – What is this?
– Much more modern. – Okay.
– There you go. – No, I didn’t order pepperoni.
– Guys. – Okay, so I just need to
plug it in? Oh, no! No!
– How’d you get my name? – No USBs!
– Okay, now you just gotta wait. – I got it through an app.
You order through an app. – Okay, it’s running.
– Do I need to scan the drive? – No, you don’t have to
do anything. – Just wait for it.
Okay, it’s running the code. It’s opening up
the administration. – Following–oh, wow. – Just don’t even
touch the mouse. Just let it do its–
– Wow. – Okay, so it just copied everything from documents. – Maybe you guys can share it. – No–I–we can share it.
– Split it. – Do you want to split it?
– This is not my issue. I’ve got things to do,
all right?– Obviously,
it’s your issue now.
– There’s also a text file
that says “super secret docs”. – “Super secret docs.”
– Is he coming? – That’s it.
– Do you understand that? – Close it,
put it back in the luggage. – Do you got it?
– Where was the other one? – I know that he’s just
a delivery guy but also, he’s got to make a living. – TSA keys.
– I mean, I used to be a pizza delivery guy.
– Don’t forget them. – Oh, my gosh, Pam, you’ve got
to make it look legit. – I’ll give you $20
just to get out of my sight. – God, go faster, go faster.
Shit. – Hey, how about this?
Wait, I made a mistake… – How did it–
how did it look before? – It was just sitting out of it
like that. – Okay, come on,
come on, come on. You good?
– No, uh, so this is, uh, Little Rocco’s. – Go sit back down,
right where you were. – Are you familiar
with Little Rocco’s? – Very familiar,
down the street. – Okay.
– Here, take this. – Do you mind
if I call my manager, though? – You’re from
Little Rocco’s? – Yeah, I’m from Little Rocco’s.
– Oh, not my– Sorry about that.
Not mine at all. – Hey, now–I’m going to
call my manager. – I don’t have time for this.
God damn it. – These kids, huh?
– I’ve got an angry man. He’s an angry man.[tense music][laughter] – All right.
– [laughs]– What do we do?
– Connect to Linux?
– Yeah, right.
– Did we find anything?
– Ducky? – There’s a ducky.
– Okay. – What do we got on there? – “Super underscore secret
underscore docs.” – Okay.
– And cats.txt. – We got a password.
– Password. – How do we get through this?
– It’s a .ZIP file? – Yeah.
– Crack it. So we’re going to use
a program called fcrackzip. Spelled like it sounds.
Go ahead and type it in, fcrackzip, all one word. What we’re going to do
is a dictionary attack. It uses, uh, some known
information within all .ZIP files to guess what’s
most likely the password. Watch how fast this is.
– All right. – Got it.
– I did something correctly? – [gasps]
– Oh, my– [all exclaiming] – Yes!
– Use it, use it, use it! – Okay, I’m gonna use it.
– Make sure it’s right. – Let’s find out.
– Open that file.♪ – [gasps]
– I did it! [all exclaiming] – Good work!
– There it is! – Dude.
– Wait, wait, wait, wait. – Does it mention anything
about the algorithms? – Okay.
– Oh, my God, Joven? – Why didn’t you tell me
that guy was giant? [laughter] – He was pretty scary looking.
– Does it look like I could have beat him
in a fight? [laughing]
– He looked like the– he looked like a hit man.
– That’s what delivery guys have.
– He’s like, dressed like a hit man.
[laughter] I’m like, “Oh, hey,
do you need a pizza?” He’s like, “No, I’m going to
shoot you instead.” Like, that could have happened.
[laughter] Oh, we’re laughing now.
Joven peed his pants. – [laughing]
So what did we learn today about hacking?
– Oh, I learned that hacking is a lot easier
than I thought it was. I thought it took
a super genius. Not saying that you guys
aren’t super geniuses. – Thanks.
– Um, it took a lot more practice than we had,
but you guys are professionals. Um, also, people don’t like
free pizza. Like, free pizza,
free Wi-Fi– if it’s free in life, it’s bad.
– Yeah. – Free.
– Yeah, avoid free things at all costs.
– Nothing is actually free. – Yeah.
Jake, what about you? – Well, I learned that,
yeah, Wi-Fi is terrifying. Unprotected Wi-Fi
is not good. Uh, even the cell networks
are not good. Pretty much everything’s scary.
– [laughs] Okay, sounds good. Pam?
– Well, um, I feel that I learned some valuable
information that I can apply to my real life
because I have actually been hacked,
so I’m going to guard myself against hacking in the future. – You are all actively targeted.
You may not even know it. – Great.
[all exclaiming] And with that uplifting note,
let’s wrap things up here real quick,
with a quick summary of “Watch_Dogs” versus
real life hacking, all right? So in “Watch_Dogs,”
yeah, the hacking might be a little bit easier
than it is in real life, but honestly,
we’re not that far off. A couple of Google searches,
a couple of button clicks, just the right use of tools,
and bam! You’re getting penetrated
whether you want to or not. Pun intended, yes. So the other big thing
that we take away today is connectedness. As our hacking experts
demonstrated, if you get into one part
of a system,you can pivot your way through
to find other
unprotected devices,
work your way through
different vulnerabilities,
so very accurate to life,
for as fantastical as it might
seem in a video game. And I think
at the end of the day, probably the biggest
lesson of all, video game or no,
taking protection against hacking is important,
and so, like, hey, sometimes security does have to
outweigh convenience. So read the disclaimers
on what you’re doing. And you know what? Use a VPN to protect
your information. And just be aware
of things going on in
the world around you, right? Because without hacking experts
like these two lovely people
standing beside me… – We’re lovely.
– The world would be a much, much, more
dangerous place. Thank you so much for all
the work that you guys do. – Thank you.
– Thank you guys. – And I’m going to buy
all sorts of pineapples and duckies.
[laughter] Just to troll
all my friends. And you should keep that Mohawk.
– I will. – All right.
And with that, we should close off with
one more penetrate. – One more penetrate!
– Here we go. – Yeah!
– All right! [yelling]
– Joven, you know you want to. Ready, one, two, three!
all: Penetrate! – Should we–what’s this–
what difference– – I almost died out there.
– We know, we got it. – Oh, you got it?
– Get out of here. If he leaves and sees you, you are so busted.
Get out. Do you guys want a pizza,
though? Go.
– Oh, we got a password.[electronic music]

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