Ariana Grande SLAYS her BEST VOCALS at the Dangerous Woman Tour!

16 comments on “Ariana Grande SLAYS her BEST VOCALS at the Dangerous Woman Tour!”

  1. Xavier G says:

    I'm about sick that fan who's trying so hard to sing in Las Vegas.

  2. Loucas says:

    can you believe i don't care was nowhere to be found in this entire video 😳

  3. TreintaPumpkinSpice ArianaGrande says:

    Great job putting this together, I hope you do one for March and April too!

  4. fidan says:

    I really enjoyed this video!
    She's definitely improving (in terms of ease) and her stamina got so much better. I can't wait to see other improvements just like during the honeymoon tour.

  5. Harahn Bruce says:

    9:00 omg who…please…i beg u..shut up. 😭

  6. Tyrel Blaxis says:

    The first show was difficult (Las Vegas and Phoenix) but my god how easy and what vibrato she acquired afterwards, her voice is incredible.

  7. Believe H says:

    9:05 me af

  8. It’s Moxey Doll says:

    wats the song name at 11:59

  9. It’s Moxey Doll says:

    thank you

  10. Kārlis Rupainis says:

    I think that was my dog at 9:17

  11. forever girl says:

    Thank you I love this

  12. XELA MMFF says:

    As her bangs come back, her falsettos do it too

  13. ovoizaiah says:

    Sis went off in Omaha 😍😍

  14. S w e e t e n e r says:

    The Everyday Tulsa Have a Split And D6

  15. Pinkiepopstar Pie says:

    yas to the long video!

  16. Adebayo Adesupo says:

    i miss the DWT so bad. Can't wait for SWT

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