Ashley Explains Why She Took All the Money 💸 | The Challenge: Final Reckoning | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Last week on The
Challenge Final Reckoning, the competitors faced
their final challenge. Oh, right, and there was
one final backstabbing that we’ll never forget. – TJ, all those things you said about all the other partners is true, but this guy has
belittled me, put me down, slut shamed me, and
also threatened my life and my family’s life. I’m keeping the money. – Oh my god. (dramatic music) – Duh. – [Narrator] Tonight,
get ready for a reunion filled with drama, tears, and yelling. A lot of yelling. – Actually, you said you kept the money because Hunter slut shamed you
and threatened your family. Hunter, you denied it, but we’re going to take a look. – No one gets what I’m going through. – Hunter that was the most expensive slut shaming I have ever seen. – It wasn’t, it, – [Host] Was it worth
half a million dollars? Just say that. – Just say you fucked up. Don’t try to justify it. Just say you fucked up. – That’s what I’m doing but, – And fade into the couch bro. – [Host] But do you regret what you said? – I regret, I regret what I said because its just not who I am. But also I learned from it. I learned that, you know,
you build your whole life building your character and it takes ten seconds to ruin it
on national television. – Are you willing to apologize for it? – I’ve said I’m sorry. I’ve said I’m sorry for saying that. I said it on Twitter. (laughing) – There was just a lot of things that were said that I didn’t like. That, like that, if a woman
makes more money than you, that’s embarrassing. – What? – Like, a lot of things-
– What? – No its not. That’s called being a sugar mama. That’s awesome. (audience laughs) – You’ve tried calling me a racist. You’ve tried calling me a slut shamer. Like, what else you gonna drop? What else you gonna drop? What other shit? – The bombs that are true. – What part are you
going to play to justify- – As long as its true- – [Host] Okay, okay.

100 comments on “Ashley Explains Why She Took All the Money 💸 | The Challenge: Final Reckoning | MTV”

  1. Crayz Naner says:

    You’re going to tell me, we watched the entire season .. just for people to be brought in & won the whole thing. What about the people who were there for the entire time ?!! The challenge is bullshit now.

  2. Matt Yeager says:

    I'm sorry but the 1st thing Ashley did when she got into the house was have sex with the male slut Kyle, if that's not the definition of slut, idk what is. Ashley is a slut. And she is just useing slut shaming the justify being a shitty human being with zero Morals, much like Kyle.

  3. Snatch yo weave says:

    Who tf has cable anymore?

  4. Nando garcia says:

    Shiity season

  5. Rachel Brown says:

    Ashley is no angel, but (I guess in a way, I understand) Hunter's darker side has definitely shown through this season. I was one of the people who thought he was this bubbly go-lucky guy, lol.

  6. Andrew says:

    Richest Challenger of all-time. Stay mad haters while the Queen counts her money lmao

  7. Cat Walker says:

    I would have knocked her flat, I cant stand her anyways always been a pos

  8. Will Steel says:

    Hilarious that Ashley tried calling Hunter a racist, when on Real World, Ashley literally told a black man that "her family could buy and sell his family." Yea she is disgusting and MTV chose a racist to give a million dollars. What a joke

  9. E W says:

    Hunter just all salty

  10. Bia Bia says:

    Ashley is racist lets not forget what you told that man

  11. Pamela Shangase says:

    Ashley did the right thing. Hunter is an ass.

  12. Kassie Diana says:

    cue video of you in fact calling her a stupid fucking slut

  13. PoMar Rodriguez says:

    Ashley is a money hungry idiot! I didn't like her on The Real World and I certainly don't like her now. Don't worry Hunter karma is a [email protected]!&$; she will get her's

  14. Azzagard says:

    She took all the money because we all live in a materialistic world. Surprise surprise.

  15. Bossy Tweed says:

    I didn’t watch this season at all. Did I miss out?

  16. az desert says:

    Joss should of kicked pauly"s ass.

  17. Israel Gomez says:

    Ashley and hunter may have been horrible partners to each other, but Ashley never threatened hunters family. That is just wrong and uncalled for.

  18. Logic Solutions says:

    Never make a hoe a housewife.

  19. Caramel Honey G says:

    Damnit hunter should rearrange her face, then no one would want to be with that manipulative thottiana

  20. Melania Guidry says:

    She is just trying to be like Bananas 🍌

  21. itsyagirlTasha says:

    im sick of seeing this crybaby ass bitch on tv what she did to Hunter was wrong he basically helped her win that money and you're just gonna take it all?! Selfish arrogant BITCH I hope karma bites her in the ass

  22. Dawn of The walkers says:

    This show is turning more sjw by the minute

  23. Svonne Pitts says:

    Like she hasn't been called a slut before. 😂😂 ashley is an ass, she was probably gonna do that anyway, because hunter is an ass too. She was just looking for a reason. 😂

  24. Niy Williams says:

    All I care about is cara and her hair

  25. Alisha420 says:

    I would have took the money too they were not friends they never got along why would she split it with him??? She won yes he may
    of came in first with her but he also came in second yes its fucked up but that's the game. All is fair in love war & challenges/Big brother😂
    If he wanted the money so bad he should have came in first and he would have been able to choose which I'm pretty sure he would have done the same just my opinion. I wasn't raised that everybody is a winner if you want it you fight for it if you are not first you're last and second is always the hardest and the biggest defeat LIFE SORRY

  26. Maximus Keene says:

    what hunter said was wrong but let's not forget that ashley told a black guy that her family could buy and sell his family.

  27. Catherine Tellez says:

    It would of been great if whoever won and chose to keep the money all to themselves. Plot twist, they don't get anything and all the money goes to their partner from the show. Consequence for being a traitor. Hunter definitely deserved that money more than she did.

  28. Shane Cambra says:

    Oh shit my boy ziggler

  29. Cain k Carter says:

    Terrible season, glad it’s over

  30. All cops are nazis OGCIADC says:

    Devon is ghetto trash

  31. StefanSW says:

    SHIT SEASON. And the worst and easiest final ever. Wtf has this show turned into..
    PS idk how that bitch got better time then Hunter, how tf did they came to that conclusion, somebody explain?

  32. Maggie Rowley says:

    Wait is this out? I couldn’t find it SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER

  33. xkid.darkskin says:

    Devin is soft 😂

  34. All cops are nazis OGCIADC says:

    If mtv was really against violence then they would classify self defense as violence.

    MTV shouldn’t punish people for defending themselves. If a person is in my face aggressively telling me hoe I’m about to get my ass whooped. I’m not giving that person one chance I’m striking first and hard.

    MTV should only punish the aggressor. This will keep people from provoking people to defend themselves.

  35. Mercy Ortega says:

    I keept yelling at the tv when watching this! this show is trash but I'm so into it! lol

  36. ohhireneexo says:

    He’s like this isn’t who I am….. screams his head off seconds later😅🤣

  37. Bad Hombre says:


  38. daisyjasmin23 says:

    Can they please stop bringing her back 😒🤦🏻‍♀️

  39. fizzychizzy says:

    Johnny was basically HATED for what he did to Sarah. Ashley is no better. Thereafter, all the new people that came on the show including Devin used that move to say that Johnny was a piece of shit. How do they justify Ashley doing the same…

    There is no way to justify taking the money. To justify it is to also make an excuse for Johnny, too.

    Ashley literally said that she could buy and sell a person of African American descent on TV. Racist? See…now I know that she was trying to justify that damn decision by saying anything. Hunter's closest people on this show are TWO BLACK GUYS (Cory and Nelson). Just say you wanted the money and let it be. Say that women can pull the same power moves that a man did (Johnny) and have little remorse for it and move on. Equality of the sexes and all that jazz. Don't try to make yourself look better after it.

  40. Yohanna says:

    Ashley is a slut tho

  41. Yohanna says:

    Ashley would’ve never won if it wasn’t for hunter she is literally trash

  42. Manny says:

    Slut shaming? Hunter said she is a slut and she is. Nothing wrong with being a slut. Enjoy your sexuality. It so sad to see her make excuses for not sharing the money. I don't blame her. I would have taken the money but i would not make any excuses. The rules for this challenge are very clear: you can take it all. Hunter should just have performed better and then he would be able to make to choice to share. Paulie wouldn't have shared the money and i agree with him. i would never have shared the money.
    Also Hunter is very strong but he is one of the dumbest guy ever. He is a sucker and sucker get played.

  43. takanoritoriyama says:


  44. shukri nur says:

    Marie was saying that she thought that producers rigged it cause slyvia and joss were gonna split it and they wanted drama so they helped Ashley and hunter win

  45. WanderingOldSoul says:

    Ashley is the prettiest girl in the trailer park which is why she thinks she is so cute babbling and screaming EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON. She didn't deserve the win because she did literally NOTHING until the final. Hunter carried her the entire time which is why he was so rude to her because she was practically useless as a teammate. Jokes on her though when this decision will lead to NO ONE trusting her as long as she is on the Challenge. Her future teammates will make sure she is never given this position in power again because she is a selfish, conceited, racist cunt.

  46. Doug Eason says:

    how trite… let's all pick on each other's shortcomings lol good luck with it (reality tv sucks the entire universe' dick)

  47. Chad Simpson says:

    MTV the past few years has gone full blown identity politics on all their shows.
    Ashely’s excuse on why she took the money are not reasons, they are political talking points.
    Hunters a misogynist
    Hunter is racist.
    Hunter is a bully.
    MTV is stupid for thinking we didn’t watch the season and they could convince us that Ashely’s reasons are legitimate.

    Fire whomever is pushing this garbage and ruining the only reality show I enjoy.

    How about you make the final challenge an actual challenge again.
    These last few seasons have been an embarrassment, cutting the heavy physical and mental part out of the final challenge for equality of outcomes sake.
    Stop already please.

  48. YNGMEECH says:

    Hunter deserves it. Lmaoo. Hunter needs to be educated on how to properly treat people, especially. Women.

  49. Michael Richardi says:

    Ashley is a punk. Welcome to the bananas club of being the worst.

  50. Unique08 says:

    Hunter said he didn’t say those things then when the tape was played back he didn’t even apologize. I believe he is a red neck racist.

  51. Brandon James says:

    Where’s the 1 hour montage of Ashley’s temper tantrums and blaming hunter for losing challenges when it was her fault

  52. Guru says:

    B!tch is a fighting word. Shane needs to recognize he can’t antagonize women in that way especially if it turns into a fight and he’s a man. Ashley has lots of money, but no morals, manners, or respect. Money definitely cannot buy you character. Faith should recognize Cara Maria doesn’t care for her in a spiteful way, she was just hurting over Kyle—nothing personal Faith. Veronica does not need to be on another challenge series, MTV played CT in having a chance at a milly. Devin acts like an angry gay man “I’m going to beat that azz?” really? His clapbacks all sound sexually charged, and because they’re directed at Johnny, hence him sounding like an angry gay man. He also has a psychotic stare which makes him seem borderline crazy, even him following around Jhonny during the series so he can be in his head…dude has some serious issues.

  53. Guru says:

    I don’t understand how Ashley won, when Hunter scarfed down all that nasty food for them. Timing and effort overall for every challenge, Hunter pulled his weight and should of won the money. MTV is showing the wrong stance for people to win: sneaky, conniving, and backstabbing. Starting to dislike this show.

  54. ManofStryfe says:

    I haven't watched the reunion yet but after seeing this clip somethings odd. It seems to me that absolutely everyone is agreeing with Ashley but when Bananas did the same thing they roasted him on that reunion. Guess it goes to show you that when a woman does something like this or worse they'll always have support and never be put in a negative light and the guy is always a piece of shit no matter what.

  55. siya mimi says:

    I know a rigged season when I see one

  56. Eddy127 says:

    Paulie dumb for not picking hunter and Ashley

  57. Eddy127 says:

    Hunter should of never acted that way you with a partner act at your best or it will come bite you

  58. Eddy127 says:

    That move was more savage than bananas, cause I honestly thought she was gonna split it all those things she said about didnt know they happen because this season was long asf and I didnt even remember until they rolled the tape lol

  59. Lynzeep says:

    The fact that she won pisses me off just for the fact that she’s gonna think she “did something”, like sweetie Banana’s did it first 🙄

  60. adu1991 says:

    This is all I've got to say about "The Challenge: Final Reckoning"……
    This is so underwhelming, that(in my opinion), it'll go down as being one of the worst seasons in MTV history.

    I actually feel like I've wasted my time watching this show, lol.

  61. daunte channel says:

    Ashley just bananas same why how he stole the money from sarah on rival 3 and havent won since and ashley is going to feel the curse next season

  62. 2019 says:

    Mtv is full of racists who's surprised

  63. Nadia ssuarez says:

    Why us Angela wearing Susan's outfit from bgc17 reunion

  64. stephen karmichael says:

    kevin is a little bitch! he follows john around the house trolling. then john talks shit about him and his dead dad and kevin goes and cry. dude is a bitch

  65. stephen karmichael says:

    ashley beat hunter in a competition??? hahahah hunter needs to hide under a rock!

  66. stephen karmichael says:

    sylvia head-butt a chick and she does not get kicked off mean while if a guy did that he would be walk-off the show. feminism at is best

  67. Evan In AZ says:

    It’s kinda odd when she accuses him of being a racist when his two best friends are black guys

  68. Ema Paulauskaitė says:

    No explanation is needed. She is just gross. Hunter should get a prize for even agreeing to be her partner.

  69. who? mike jones says:

    i would of drop kicked the shit out of Ashley

  70. Chaz Palanuk says:

    What up!?!?

  71. Vloopy says:

    Can't we have a season thats just all (Real World) cast?! I don't want to know or see any of these new people.

  72. Curly Locs says:

    Ashley literally makes me sick 😷

  73. Malcolm Louis says:

    Ashley you were stupid to take the money 💰 after hunter helped your dumb ass

  74. Take Out The Trash says:

    If my family was threatened I would've done the same thing I don't play about that.

  75. Jose Lopez says:

    hunter fucked up tho

  76. Drippy Purple says:

    She took all his money because she was a broke home LOL

  77. nyc mw says:

    If someone talked about me like that the last thing I would do is give him half a million dollars. Good for her.

  78. sana maki says:

    But she is a slut lmao

  79. Malty Melromarc says:

    Who cares if he said it's embarrassing if a woman makes more money than you that's his opinion what does that have to do with you if you don't like what he said look the other way

  80. Dave Brock says:

    Shes a piece of white trash

  81. Sha bee says:

    I really dislike Ashley. She’s just super trashy and tries so hard to be tough. Also why is Sylvia always crying. Lol

  82. Kev Mon says:

    Ashley took the money because she's a fucking piece of shit. She is one of the filthiest human beings on planet Earth. Maybe next time she's getting plastic surgery she should fix her gigantic forehead

  83. zzajamu says:

    He said that shit

  84. edgar santiago says:

    Let's be real. Ashley took the money cause she wanted it. The name calling was the excuse to justify taking the money.

  85. OmqItzDanielle #Rollin says:

    Can someone please stop bringing her on the show🙄😑

  86. King Khari says:

    Id have slapped fire out of her

  87. paymyRent says:

    I don’t like either one of them so it was hilarious to me. Lol
    He was over there getting hugs like some kind of fallen angel lol. Both trash.


    I see both sides but side more with Ashley , he threatened her family and slut shammed her who does that

  89. Kaleb R says:

    Even if she is a racist (and for the record I’m black and Native American) he was misogynistic the whole season so her response to him was appropriate

  90. Kathy Victoria says:

    I wonder if she’ll be cursed just like bananas 🍌 is lmao

  91. Kaleb R says:

    And the fact that no one on stage backed him up speaks a lot.

  92. Rylee DeClerck says:

    can ashley just never come back. sure hunter called her those things but he owned up to it (although not until the best way). i never heard ashley own up to being racist, instead calling hunter racist wtf.

  93. Murat Yamaç says:

    Chris jericho

  94. Rad Vids says:

    I’m no fan of Ashley but I’m here for her decision if i had a partner like anybody else I would’ve split it but no the way he dissed her for hooking up w kyle I can’t blame her. She legit had the last laugh.

  95. Shar Bear926 says:

    She sucks so bad!!!

  96. Banana Rama says:

    Ashley is crazy but so is Hunter. Hunter's been exposed to be a liar, we see on the tape here he was acting like he didn't say anything to Ashley like that when it's literally right there. Then Nany exposed him this last season for messing around with her and keeping that he had a girlfriend at home secret. Yes Ashley acts like garbage but Hunter acts like he's not garbage when really he is. He's a fuckboy.

  97. Radan Radan says:

    Ashley a bunch of shit … a stupid whore

  98. cody says:

    This is the most disgusting moment in challenge history. Mtv wants to claim theyre against bullying and all that shit, yet this girl is one of the most disrespectful bullies on the planet and she tells hunter hes this and hes that WHEN SHE DOES ALL THE SAME FUCKING THINGS TENFOLD. This shit is a joke and totally fake.

  99. Slipknotpimp 666 says:

    This shit is fake scripted garbage tv!

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