Assemblymember Limón Measure Helps Californians Avoid Falling into a Cycle of Debt

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in
2007 I was the oldest one out of her 2 children so I had a younger sister in elementary school
on because of her breast cancer she lost her job. So I found myself with 2 part time jobs and
also being a full time student at SF state. We fell back on our rent we found ourselves
in a situation where we had to choose whether to pay PG&E the cellphone buy food or pay
the rent they gave me the money made it very easily on one of them actually did get my
bank information but they assured me that nothing was going to be taken out. With that loan I did defaults went 2 weeks
back on it after that they did go ahead and withdraw all the money from the bank which
made my bank account go into an overdraft.

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