Athiratha (2018) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Chethan Kumar, Latha Hegde, Kabir Duhan

Let’s figt TB, Tobacco. As a player I would want every
Indian to be healthy. Tobacco is injurious
for your health. All kind of tobacco is dangerous. If you want to remain healthy. Then stay away from tobacco..
-I do. You should also stay
away from it. Come, let’s stand as a
barrier for tobacco. Cigarette smoking results in
cancer. It’s life threatening. Drinking alcohol is injurious
to health. RK Duggal Studio presents Athiratha Hello! -Hey! -I heard you did a
sting operation of the minister.. ..and made a video of
his entertainment. And you want to telecast
it on your channel? Don’t you love your life? Hey! Do you think I am a bubble? That you will threaten me
and I will get scared. I know how to tackle people
like you. -Hey! -Hey! If you call me again wherever
you are, whoever you are. The way you are. -I will enter
your house and hit you so.. ..much that you will
have no hair left. Disconnect the call, loafer. My dear colleagues. I want to give a good news. Sir, are you resigning? Me and resign? Hey! I can punch the ground and.. ..get water out even at this age. Oh! If you sweat then take
bath in that water. Forget the rest. Tell us the good
news. -Don’t call me sir. Call me Manmatha. -Okay. What
is it? Tell us, Manmatha. Shut up! You are a office boy. And this news is for my staff..
-Shup up! Don’t talk. Okay. Let’s come to the point. There are total 27
tv channels in.. ..our state along
with our channel. I saw the TRP rating
of last year. So our channel was
on 27th position. But along with your
encouragement. Working day and night.
With no sleep at night. I have got this channel..
Look where? On the 26th position. Thank you all. But,
do you know what is my target? To take our channel to
number one position. What do we have to do for that? Without taking holidays during
the festival season. Or without sleeping in office. If you work with me with
full concentration. Then our ranking will
reach number.. from number 26th position. Do you understand? Okay.
Okay. One minute. One minute. I can see all 4 G sims here. Where are those two 3 G sims? Sir, whom are you talking about? The senior reporter of
our channel. Akash. And out of focus, who is always
in a hurry, Hanumanth. They have gone for a
special coverage.. our channel is
doing very bad. Hey!
I am the CEO of this channel. And when I have no work. Then what are they covering
going out? Chill! Chill! Chill! Chill! Chill! Chill! Oh! Camera one. Rolling. Director Mahesh Babu. Hanumanth, are you ready? Yes. I am ready. Go! -In Silicon city, Bangalore.
-In a high five pub. The new generation which
lives a colourful life. In the name of fun and
late night party. They are enjoying openly
in front of people. This pub belongs to a
powerful Minister. The police doesn’t
have the courage.. take up a stern action here. This is an exclusive video
about it. Through Spy Tv. Along with Camera man Hanumanth,
Akash, Spy Tv. Dude, everyone make a joke
of Spy channel always. Now look how the TRP rises. Yes. Ah! Oh no! No. Looks like someone
found our camera. Nothing must go wrong. Stop starring. Let’s go. Oh! Did you find the camera? Hey! Is this your key?
-Hey, thank you! By the way this is
my BMW car key. On road 92 billions..
-Did I ask you? Hey! Hey! Excuse me.
Can I have one tequila, please! One Shakila, please! Don’t insult us. That is not Shakila but Tequila. No matter which brand it is. The kick is similar, right? If not tequila then Shakila
is fine. Do you get it? You both.. I.. -I will tell you. -I
work for an MNC company. I am a team leader at Wipro. Salary is 1,20,000. Barta expert. -What? Do you work in the same company?
-Actually. Forget the cold drink. You are a hot drink. Give me your details. I have completed the course
of Journalism from US. So, I want to join as a reporter
in some channel currently. Oh! -Oh! There are many illegal activities
going on in this club. I came here to find
out about that. That is why I took
up such a get-up. Oh! -Oh! Illegal activities. Okay. What work do you do? I am a reporter at KBC. -Wow!
You work for KBC channel? -Yes. Excuse me. One champagne, please! Are you really a reporter
at KBC channel? But I don’t feel it
on seeing you. You mean to say he works
in some local channel. He is impressing you by
saying KBC channel. No.
No. I didn’t mean to say that. Dude, did you find out
what is my range? Look at that girl. She looks like
she is from a rich family. Forget getting her phone number.. She won’t even tell her name. My name is Aditi. 98846475622. This is my number. Save it! Bye! Hello! -I, Vijay Gopal, am here
with you with today’s news. The headlines..
-Run quickly. Run quickly. Sir, courier. What are you doing? Run..
-The C.M has ordered. Run. Run. -Wait!
Wait! -To increase the security. Run. Run. Run..
-The police are at every place. Take left. Left. -Hey!
-Someone go and take the courier. Why are you watching your
own news? Go and take it. Left. Left. What are you doing?
Right. Right. Right. -These people. Sir, Akash. -He is my son. Sign it here. Thank you sir. -Yes. Go straight. Straight. Yes. I am going mother..
-Whose courier is it? It is for your son..
-He has an interview for KBC. What? My darling son. This is God’s grace. Give me the money. What are you
doing? -What are you doing? Take this, son.
Go. And party with your friends. Alright mother..
-Right. -Hey! Give it here. Listen, your son has only
got an interview letter. You make it feel as though
he got a job. You are jealous as he got
a better job than yours. Don’t talk nonsense. He has done computer science. With 85% marks. The certificate that he got
is hung on the wall. His other friends are earning
salary worth 60,000 to 70,000. And he gets only 10,000. It is not important how
much salary one gets. It is important what
work one does. Hey, come here. Come here. Do you know who these people are? This is your grandfather. He was the editor of
Eklaksh magazine. Before he reached his destination
he was dead. He is my father. It means your grandfather. He was a news reader at Akash
Vani for 15 years. And he died after working
for Akashvani. I, your father has been
reading news.. ..for 27 years in a news channel. Whom are you reading for? You
haven’t progressed after that. You know it. You know everything. Even after knowing this you
are talking such things. He must leave all these things.
He must find a good job. I am saying it for his welfare. You can talk to him, right? I am telling you so many things..
-Hey! Hey! And you are not serious at all. You want this job. -Dad! Dad!
Leave it. -What are you doing? Remember one thing. Your life will ruin doing KBC. Hey! Where are you going? -Wait! Wait! -I will talk to him. Calm down. Calm down. Hey dude, were you scolded enough
so early in the morning? Ride the bike. Listen dear. My name is Srinivas. Vijay Gopal,
who reads the news on television. Can you tell me where
is his house? We don’t know..
-Let’s go. -Listen dear. I had come here many years ago. His house was somewhere here.
But I am a bit confused. His nose is like you. Sharp. Sir, this is the house..
-Thank you. Vijay Gopal has run away
with a 18 year old girl. Don’t take his name in this area. If anyone finds out the people
here will beat you up. -Is it? Take care. Vijay, it was okay if the
woman was 30 years old. You ran away with a
18 year old girl. Oh God! Truly it’s the dark ages. No. No. Not me. -Hey! Vijay, that.. that.. you.. He is my son. Your son? -Yes. Come in. I will tell you. I thought what your
son said was true. Come in.
I will tell you. -He is amazing. And Sunil 728. Complete his interview
and edit it. Okay. -Okay. Hi darling! -Hi Aditi! Hello! Hello Akash..
-Hey, speak to her. Speak to her. Aditi, tell me. -Akash, I want
to meet you in private. Will you meet me?
-Yes? In private? Tell me the truth.
How did things come to this? We spoke the whole night
and things came to this. Yes. Tell me Aditi. -Where are
you at the moment? -At KBC channel. Wow! You are at KBC channel. You must be surrounded by
great journalist there. You are so lucky, Akash. Lucky. Lucky. Where are you? -I will tell you.
But when you come with me. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay..
-Just a second. Hold the line. What is she saying? She wants me to pick
me up in private. Oh! -Oh! -That’s good. You are very lucky. The girl is asking
you to meet her. Hello! -Oh! -Akash. Aditi,
which address did you say it was? It’s a small tv channel.
You know. Will you come in time? Tell me about the main road. I will come at the main door within
5 minutes. -Where are you now? I am at Spy Tv. Spy tv. I am there.. Spy tv? -Yes. Where are you now? I told you I am at Spy tv. Oh! What are you doing here? No.
I mean what are you doing there? I have come here to join as
a reporter at this channel. Hello ma’am. -What? What work do you have? Whom do
you want to meet? -Hey, Lingu. I wanted to meet the CEO of
the channel. Mr. Manmath. You can’t meet him now. -He is
very busy. -Come later. Go. -Hello! Tell him that Aditi is
here to meet him. Not only Aditi,
but if Aishwarya, Madhuri.. ..or Deepika comes you
can’t meet him now. No one can meet him without
appointment. Loudspeaker Lingu. He is a master in dialouges..
-Send her back. It’s important. Please! If it’s important then.. Okay. If it’s really very important.. ..I will take you to
our chief reporter. Please come. He is sending her to my chamber.. What do I do? -Oh God! Help me! What do we do now? Hanumanth,
if she sees us here now. -Yes. Then our story will end. -Let’s
go out from here quickly. -Okay. Come. Quickly. Hey, what the hell is going on? Nothing is going on. Zip your pant. And do your
work. Got it? -Let’s go. He works with his zip open. What work is he doing?
-I am upset doing the work daily. Hey, what are you doing here? We were playing a game.
Will you play? You are worth that. Let’s go. Come on.
Come on. -Fools! -Let’s go. I take care of all the work
in this office. -Oh! Hello! Excuse me. -Yes. -Where
is the chief reporter? The chief reporter must be
in his cabin. -Is he free? He is fully free. -Okay. -Go
and meet him. -Come with me. Oh my God! -It is dangerous
if we stay here. -Yes. Let’s escape. -Yes. Hey! Where is he? Hi! -You are so smart to look. You are punctual in your timing. You came in 5 minutes just as
you promised. -Okay. Come. Let me take you to my senior..
-No. No. No. -No. I have some work. Come on. Come on. -Shall I go?
-Come on. -My dear colleagues. I will introduce you to an
important person today. She will work as a reporter
in our channel from today. Welcome our new reporter,
Miss Aditi. Thank you! Thank you! -I am not
doing anything from so many days. She will also do the same..
-There is another surprise. Aditi is none other than my
elder brother’s daughter. Oh no! Hey, move out from there. Oh! Thank you! Uncle. -Yes. -I also want to
surprise you. -What is it? Wait! Hey Akash. -Let me go. Hello! -Hi! -She is calling you..
-Forget it. Hey Akash, come. Come on, Akash. Go. -I am going. Akash, hurry up. This is Akash. He is a senior reporter at KBC. What? We must learn how a
reporter should be. She will ruin my reputation. So, everybody put your hands
together for Akash. Oh! Oh! His secret is out
in front of everyone. What happened?
Why are you laughing? This is like stock clearance. Buy one get one free. Even then he is such a piece. He doesn’t work for
any other channel.. ..but he works for our channel. And he is laughing on his lie. He is so happy. What have you done?
-Uncle, please! You made a fool out of me. Oh no! Aditi! -Aditi! It’s true I lied to you. But it is not a lie
that I love you. Remember one thing. Your life will ruin doing KBC. You fooled me saying KBC. Oh no. The desire I have to
join KBC channel. Even my father had
the same desire. He tried a lot. But he couldn’t join it. He lost. But I won’t accept defeat. I will try till I win. KBC. May I come in, sir? -Please come. Have a seat! -Thank you sir. Mr. Akash, this opening is about
the investigating journalism. And is all about how
deep we investigate. And how well you present
the case. We have a case for you
channelized it’s a case of a lady. Her name is Catherine. She was found falling from her
8th floor City Tower apartment. The door was locked from inside. There were no traces any visitors
on the security cameras. You have to investigate if
this is murder or suicide. And as a journalist how will
you present this case? Sir, once more please. What? One more time. This is not a movie that you have
to tell us the synopsis. This is an interview, man. You don’t know English..
-That is why you are scared. A lady called Catherine
fell down.. ..from the 8th floor
to her death. Main door is locked from inside. There is no clue in the
security camera.. to who had come to her
house. -As a journalist.. have to find out if
it’s a murder or suicide. How are you going
to present this.. honest investigating news? Such people are expert
in only one news. Which heroine delivered a child?
Which hero got divorced? And who went with whom.
That’s all. That’s why I don’t suggest
this guy reporting. Excuse me, sir. Catherine, the victim here
has been found dead. After falling from the 8th floor
of a City Tower apartment. The city police declared
this is a suicide. The victim here, Catherine. As you see as especially
painted her nails. All the fie toes of the right
foot has been painted. While on the left foot 3 of her
toe nail has been painted. While two are unpainted. And as you can see the nail paint
bottle has been left open. On her living room table. Nobody will paint their toe nails
before killing themselves. Reports also state. That there were no traces of
visitors in the apartment. But, as you can see. There are 2 cups of coffee
on the table. This shows that the victim was
not alone. But had company. And since the door was locked
from the inside. This reveals that the
guest was a friend. Or more than a friend.
But not an intruder. The security camera footage
has been erased. And there were absolutely
no signs of struggle. Which brings us to the conclusion.
-That this is not a suicide. But a very well planned murder. This is Akash from KBC news. English is just a language.
It is not knowledge. But Hindi is history. Other languages are welcome. But love your mother tongue,
Hindi. Respect it. Thank you sir. He’s very…
-Mr. Akash. You are selected. Thank you! Thank you! Congratulations! I am so happy for you. Congratulations!
-Congratulations! -Side. Side. Side. Akash, congratulations. -Thank
you sir. -You got a job at KBC. This is a proud moment for us..
-Congratulations. Congratulations! Get aside. After you join KBC do highlight
our channel. -Yes sir. Okay. Then. -Congratulations!
-Congratulations! Congratulations!
-Congratulations! -Congratulations! Congratulations..
-Congrats! -You are amazing. I am sorry. I slapped you without
knowing you. Anyone in your place would
have done the same thing. After this, will you come here? I don’t know. Why? I simply asked. Anyway, congrats! Hey! Why are you looking
in this manner? I won’t be able to meet you
daily at office anymore. That is why I am looking at you. Do girls stare? Why? Can only boys stare at
girls? -Can’t the girls stare? What did you look at? Your beard which is not shaved..
-Is it? Sharp nose. Short haircut. And your beautiful eyes
that speak a lot. Oh! -You impress people even
if there is no interest. You don’t have 6 packs. But your
personality is very good. Pretty girls fall in love with
less handsome boys. -Prove it! Usually no girl listens
to boys so easily. But when I met you for
the first time. You didn’t know who I was. You still believed
whatever I said. Do you know why? -Why? As you are interested in me. You gave me your phone number
before I asked for it. Do you know what that means?
-What does it mean? The one which you feel on seeing. What is it? -Love. Hey! -Sir..
-Pick him up. -Okay sir. -Sir. Sir, what have I done? -Sir.. Come from here.
-Tell me my mistake. Hello sir. Why are you arresting
him? -Tell me this. -Listen. He is a fraud who did forgery
in his degree certificate. Will you arrest him for that? No. We will bless him like you. Hey!
Boys like him who fall in love. This age is of complaining
against him. Do girls like you want
such loafers? Aren’t you ashamed? Hey! Take him away..
-Come on sit in. -Go in. Go and sit in. Come on. Come on. Yes..
-Sir, listen to me. Sir. Sir. Listen to me. -Come on. Come on. Sir, please. -Who is Taufik
Anees? -Please sir. -It’s me, sir. Okay. It’s you. Take him away. -What happened
sir? I didn’t do anything. You will find out..
-Leave me. -Come on. The one you are talking
about is not here. These are our employees. I think you are mistaken, sir..
-Sir, it’s him in the picture. You have done lot of fraud. Sir! Sir, what have I done?
-Come with us. You do wrong work and sit here
like a gentleman. -Sir. Sir. Take him away. -Sir, what’s
happening? -This is Santosh. What is your name? -Santosh! You. Come on. -Sir. Sir, what happened?
I didn’t do anything. -Come on. Take him. -Sir,
leave me. -Sir, please let me go. Come on. Come on. -Sir, I didn’t
do anything. -Who is Charan here? Who is Charan? -It’s me, sir. Come on. -Sir. -Come on..
-Come on. Come on. Sir. Sir. Sir. Let me go. Let me go. Until you are not beaten up. No sir. -Till then you won’t
come to your senses. Sir! Sir! -Shut up! Sir! Who are you? My name is Akash. What? -I have nothing to do
with the forgery case. And? -I am a channel reporter.. Which channel? -Spy tv. -What? Spy tv, sir. -Spy tv? Yes. He is from Spy tv..
-Let him do what he wants to do. Don’t react to him. Are reporters God? Do they come from heaven? You do sting operation
to grow your TRP.. placing camera’s
here and there. You show it in your channel
and ruin our reputation. And you show that you do
the work of policemen. And keep ruining our reputations. Now look how I change this
fun to punishment. Why are you hitting him? How can you hit him without a
reason? Tell me. -Who are you? I am lawyer Shankar. This is my I.D.
Card. -Oh! And who is he? Sir, I am his father. Why did you arrest him? What mistake did he do? Education loan forgery. These 5 people did a fraud
cheated the bank. They took education loan. In Oxford and Cambridge
University. They said they will study ME,
MH and PhD. They submitted fake documents
to the bank. And that too separately. But at the same time they
cheated 5 banks. Not one or two billion. They cheated the bank with
more than 13 million. Sir, I didn’t do any forgery. I didn’t do any cheating, sir This is a lie. Hey, come here. When the officer is speaking
why are you talking? Look, what proof do you have
that they did such a fraud? Hey! Bring that file. These are the documents submitted
by these 5 people. They look original.
But they are duplicate documents. Fake college certificate. Fake visa. Fake adhar card..
-Fake degree certificate. Fake marksheet. -Fake votere
Id. Passport. Ration card. Driving licence.
They have all fake documents. They cheated 5 banks. My I.D proof. My picture. The signature is also mine. That is why we have arrested you. He posted fake address
in every bank. So that we can’t trace him. But 3 days ago after his
verification was asked. We got this information
from KBC channel. And after investigating.
We could find him. We got all the documents
for the last.. ..year from all the
police station. Only then we caught them. Sir! Based on these documents. Don’t come to any conclusion,
please! Sir!
Whether one is educated or not. Whether he is dead or alive. Whether he has the right
to vote or not. These documents are the
one who decides it. Writer. Make an FIR and imprison
them all. -Okay sir. Sir! Sir, please..
-Come on. -Sir, this case. -Look. I can’t do anything now..
-It’s a court case. The court will decide..
-Please sir. Please sir. Shall we go? -I beg of you, sir..
-Sir, please. You can say anything you
want in the court. Sir, my son’s future will
be ruined. -Leave me. Sir. -Shut up!
-Sir, told you to go away. Do you push my father? Now look what I do to you..
-Come here. Hey! He hit the police man. Show him the strength
of the police man. Sir, I request you.
Don’t hit him. Move. Move. -Leave him. My son’s future will be ruined. Leave my son, please. All the accused together.. ..prepared a fake doucment
and took.. ..a loan from bank based on it. It is a crime as per law. All these accused who took 13
millions from the bank.. ..the court orders them
to deposit this.. within 10 days
at the court. Under IPC section 120 B. 417. And 420. They are
punished for 7 years. Such incident shouldn’t
be repeated again. That is why the certificates of
these accused stand cancel. In some time our name and
picture will be on tv. People will think
we are criminals. No matter how much we tell people
no one will listen to us. Sir, can I call up my mother?
-Why? Will you give me your phone,
please? Hey! Sit quitely.
Don’t talk nonsense. He wants to make a call. Sir, my father is being operated. My mother will be waiting
for me thinking.. ..that I will get the money..
-Where do your parents live? Shimoga. Does your parent know
you are arrested? No sir. Please give me your phone..
-Shut up or.. Give him the phone. Hello! -Hello mother..
-Anish, where are you? How is dad? He is waiting for you.
What about the money? Did you get a loan from office? No mother. I couldn’t collect
the money for the operation. What is this?
Why are you saying it suddenly? Tell me. The police has arrested
me on the.. ..basis of making
fake certificate. And taking a loan from the bank. The court has cancelled
all my certificates. My career is ruined. What are you saying? I don’t understand anything..
-Ma’am. The doctor is asking for you..
-Give me a minute. Anish, hold on for a minute. Sir! -Tell me. What happened? What are you doing? You haven’t
deposited the money yet? How long will you extend
the operation? If this continues you will
lose your husband. Oh god! I will pay it very soon. My son has gone to
bring the money. Look ma’am, you have to pay the
money by tomorrow morning. Or the senior doctor has asked
us to give him a discharge. We can’t do anything after that. If there is no money
then why do.. come to a private hospital. There are government hospitals
for such things. Anish! -You’ll educated me
with so much hard work. It is all useless. I couldn’t do anything
for you’ll. Don’t say that, son. Come here. Who is calling up? Anish. -Tell him to come soon. I want to see him. Why are you crying? They took an education loan
by cheating the bank. Move back. Move back. -Sir. Sir. We can’t tell you anything..
-Sir, tell us. Please! We haven’t done anything. We don’t know anything. Who all are involved? I didn’t do anything.
I am innocent. They made duplicate of
all the documents. They had planned a fraud. Anish, what happened?
Tell me something. It is okay if you don’t
get the money. But come back. Anish, speak up. Say something. Hello!
Anish, what is wrong with you? Anish, speak up. Speak. Anish. Hello! Speak to your mother.
Anish. Anish. -What happened? Anish, are you listening?
-Anish, say something. -Hello! Hello control room.
Hello control room. An accident took place
at Ring road. Accused Anish. Spot dead. Anish! Anish! My son Anish! Hey guys,
the certificate that we prepared. One of the boy is
dead among them. I don’t know what will
happen to us. I am very scared. What? If there is anyone
who fears and.. ..alive then it will
be a problem. It is important to uproot them. Hey! Clean up the mess. For a few days stop taking
education loan. But why should we
stop taking loan? We will face loss if
we stop it suddenly. Do what I tell you. Alright boss. While taking the 5 accused who
took education loan to prison. Anish, a boy committed suicide
by jumping off the police van. The rest 4 accused have been
granted bail by the court. And order has been passed
to do an inquiry on them. Shankar! -Yes Keep this. These are the house documents. Sell all the things along with
the house and pay to the court. This house is not important
for us, right? We will go away and
live our life. Don’t talk nonsense. Will the problem end
if you pay the.. ..deposit by selling everything? Did you educate him for this? All his certificates are
cancelled by the court. At this moment he is uneducated..
-Who will give him a job? Just think about this. Mr. Akash, you have to submit all
the documents within a week. You know this is an international
news channel. No work is done here
without any records. Especially your degree
certificate. Akash! I have collected some
details of this case. Take it. You 5 are not the only people
involved in this case. Two years ago 2 people from
Mangalore. 2 people from Mysore. And 3 people from Manipal. I can’t say how many more
will be trapped by this. The thing to be noted
down here is.. ..that every candidate
who is trapped is.. ..from a different village and
place. -They don’t know each other. There is no link with each other. There is only one commong thing
between these people. That is. Fake certificates. The education loan is taken
after preparing.. ..the same kind of
fake certificate. There is a big gang
involved in this. It is important to catch them. Akash,
don’t be quiet like a common man. Think like a reporter who
finds the problem. What happened? Hmm. The picture on the original
certificate. And the picture on the fake
documents at the police station.. ..both the pictures are same. If that is so then the
certificate and.. ..picture from your college
is leaked. -Impossible. It is not possible
for such a thing.. happen in a government
college. -Someone has done this. That is why this incident
has taken place. We need to find that out. Shankar,
I had used this certificate.. ..and picture at another
place too. Where? Listen! -What? What time does this open
in the morning? Sir, it is closed from many days. No one comes here. Brother, I am still questioning..
-And you broke the lock. I am in the uniform. -What will
anyone think if they see this? This is locked from many days. No one came here.
This is what aunt says. But look at this lock. It’s new. Look here. There is no dust here. It means someone keeps
visiting this place. There is something fishy
going on inside. Hanumanth, listen..
-Open the shutter. What is this? It’s dark here. Hey! The switch board is here. Don’t leave any place. Search in every corner. Oh no!
-Akash, we searched everywhere. We can’t get a small clue too. I had told you the certificate
is leaked from college. And not from any other place. Engineering. MBA. Mcom. Bsc. These are fake certificates. Dude. -Yes. -Look here. This is a certificate of MBBS. Oh my God! There is someone
else’s certificate in your name. Looks very original. Look here. Look here. There are seals kept here. Lord University.
Manipal University. Hampi University. Mysore University. Belgaum University. Darwad University. What is this? The seals of
all university is here. But only university certificate
is enough to take a bank loan. More documents are needed
along with that. But there are only University
certificates here. I don’t understand. The way we are thinking
that these people.. ..are cheating the bank
and taking loans. They are selling fake
certificates to others. Why did they leave these
certificates.. which they sell
it to others? As these certificates
are damaged. Look here.
Small printing mistakes. This is not an ordinary gang.
It’s a big scam. If my guess is correct. Then in the name of consultancy. Taking the originals and details
of students who come here. They are making fake certificates
by matching them. What do you mean?
-Your name is Hanumanth. There are about 48 Universities
in our state including.. ..private and government
universities. About 200 colleges come under
these 48 universities. In so many colleges one
student in the name.. ..of Hanumanth must have
studied definitely. Robbing the orginal certificates
and documents with his name. They prepare 1000 fake
certificates with the same name. Look at these two certificates. It has the same name. The same registration number.
Same degree. But the picture is different. What is the benefit of selling
them as original certificate? Nobody will be caught in background
verification. -Very simple. The seller is safe.
The buyer is safe. Correct. Oh God! God knows how many people
do this job in the country. Akash, we need to bring out
this gang in the open soon. There are pictures on
every certificate. We can catch them easily
because of that. We can’t do anything
only with a picture. As no one knows what work they
do and where they are placed. Who are they? Where they live? And what work do they do?
We don’t know about that. But let those people
live anywhere. We don’t need to search for them. In fact they will come
in search of us. How? In the inquiry of the police
they got information that.. ..the people who made fake
certificates are.. ..working in government
and private sector. If you find them anywhere. Then please share their
information at the police station. These people are somewhere
around you. The name is Venkatesh.
He is 40 year old. Education Bsc, agriculture. He got the degree from
Bangalore university. Hello! -Listen, they are showing
your picture on television. My picture is on the television? They are also showing
your certificate too. My certificate? Name is Govind Raj. Age 40 years. In 2006 he took MBBS degree.. ..from KMC University. This man is Narsimha.
He is 34 years old. He has studied MA from
Manas Gangotri Mysore. Name is Wasim Khan. Age 38 years. He studied Mcom in 2008 from
Bangalore university. The other is Sharad Rao..
-How many in total? -Ram. Age. All the students. -50 years. He became a lawyer from
YMC University. Brother, there is no raid
done by the police yet. And no one is arrested. This is fake news. Will this fake news affect us? Is there any similarity
among these 52 people? There is no similarity. They work in different
departments. And no one knows each other. We run 38 consultancy
in the whole state. I feel the fake certificate
is leaked.. ..from one of the branches. Vicky. All the certificates matches
with Srirampura branch. Right. So all the fake certificates
are.. ..leaked from Srirampura branch. Just a moment, brother. Not 52. But 51. -51? Only one certificate
doesn’t match. Which certificate? This man is Shankar. He studied MA LLB from Bangalore
University in 2002. Hello! -Hello Akash. Did you
ask my certificate for this? What if there is a problem?
-Nothing will happen. I will catch that person
who is involved.. this because of you. You are my triump card..
-Look, I am very scared. Don’t fear. I am there for you. Be ready. The name is Shankar. -Age 36. He studied LLB in 2002 from
Bangalore University. There is someone else
involved in this. If we have to find out then
we need to kidnap him. Bring him. Akash, I am standing near the
office you told me to stand at. What do I have to do now? Listen carefully. They will
kidnap you in some time. What? Kidnap? What are you saying? If you are kidnapped only then
I can find out who they are. But they won’t kidnap you
till they know who I am. They will just follow you. -I am
very scared listening to you. Hey! How do you know about this,
Akash? The building at your left. Just look who is talking
on the phone from there. There is a bike at 10 feet
distance at your right. Someone is absorbing you. Look! Opposite you.
At the distance of 40 feet. Someone is looking at you while
speaking on the phone. You didn’t understand. But these people are following
you since yesterday. -But? Where are you? Tell me. At a distance of 70
feet I am sitting.. a red car to your left. Brother, he is talking to
someone on the phone. We shall wait..
-One thing is for sure. This man will surely
come here for him. If you want our plan
to be successful. Then it is important that
you get kidnapped. You must have made a master
plan for that too. Tell me that plan too. Someone is drinking
tea with a grey.. ..shirt right in front of you. Yes. Right. Go to him. And talk to him till
I ask you to stop talking. What do I talk to that stranger? Hi! -How are you?
I met you after a long time. I am fine.
But who are you? -Brother. Brother,
he is meeting him as though he.. ..hasn’t met him for
the first time. He is talking as though
they know each other. I doubt it. Wait till I tell you to wait. You got engaged.
Married. And had children. And you didn’t call me for
the naming ceremony too. Will you call me for divorce? What are you saying?
I am still not married. Is that so?
Sorry! It’s my mistake. Show him your visiting card. Do you know the address
of this lawyere? Brother, he is giving him some
paper? -I am new to this place. Then check it in google. If you want to see in google
then you can do it yourself. Why are you irritating me? Why are you getting angry?
So what if you don’t know. Anyway, I know. You didn’t
understand. -I am that lawyer. Look there. That is my office. I handle civil case here. And those 2 people standing
there. They handle my work. He is showing the man our
men and talking to him. It is confirmed that
he is the same guy. Tell me. Put that card in his pocket..
-Keep this card. -Hey! Okay. Move. -Okay bye!
-Brother, he is leaving. Hey! Go and catch that boy. Hey! Hey! -What is happening? Why are you hitting me? Leave me. You act smart..
-I am not at fault. What are you doing? Leave me. No. Call up. -Come on. -No. Leave it. -Brother. He is a courier fellow. What did you say? A courier boy? Hey!
He is playing a game with us. Kill him. Not him.
It’s him. -Let’s go. -Come on. Let’s go. Akash! Our plan is working out. They are coming to kidnap me.
I am ready. -Let them come. There is a small change
in their plan. They are not coming to
kidnap you. -Then? They are coming to kill you. What are you saying? They are coming to me.
What do I do? Akash, do something. Do something quickly. Run. Akash! -Go. I will join you. Go. Go. Go quickly. Come on. Akash, look what happened?
-I told you not to do it. He can lose his life. What will you do? Drive faster. Faster. Hey, get him down. Hello!
-Brother, we kidnapped him. One boy came in while we
were kidnapping him. We tricked him and
got Shankar here. You idiot.
You haven’t kidnapped him. He got himself kidnapped by you. You should have kidnapped the
other one. Not this one. Actually he wants the evidence. And he will come here
in search of you. Before he comes kill this man. He shouldn’t find any evidence..
-Got it? -Alright brother. Hey!
Burn him with all the evidence. Come on. Hey! Look who’s there? Hey! Akash, you came on time. If you would be late then I..
Did you get it? The secret of fake certificate..
-The secret of fake certificate. The police has found out the
accused. -The company. They prepare fake certificate
and sell it to people. They are taking a good
price too for it. A consultancy is making fake
certificates and selling it. Information of fake certificate
makers has been found. The police found out who
those people are. Crime branch officials have
arrested and also.. ..ceased all 36 branches
of DOT consultant. The police found out about
this consultancy. And their office has been sealed. This consultancy under
the pretext.. ..of giving a job in
an IT company.. ..prepared fake certificates
of students. And those fake certificate
was used for fraud. Such students are sent abroad. Fake certificates are made in
the name of other students. This cheating was done in
the name of students. They have combined forces
to fight this fraud. We want justice. We want
justice.. -We want justice. Many students who have
been cheated.. the name of education loan. Yes. Tell me. I did engineering. The police arrested
me for forgery. My degree was cancelled. At this time I work as a
labourer. -Sir, you tell us. Not only me. There are many like
me who have been cheated. Bring forth the person who is
involved in this. -We want justice. At the Dot consultancy branch
of Srirampuram.. ..the corpse of many people was
found who were under doubt. We found out that they are
from another state. Many people gave fake
certificates to.. ..Bank as they wanted
to study abroad. They took education loan
and cheated the bank. The investigation is going
on at the moment. The main accused is arrested who
is involved in this case. It is not like what we thought. There is a big gang behind this. Oh God! Now I feel peaceful. Akash,
you can work at KBC channel. Now your problemis solved right? No uncle.
The problem will now start. What? Shankar, don’t go out
till I ask you to go. And don’t use the phone. Look Akash, I have just come out
from the clutches of death. Why are you again sending
me in it? -No. Don’t worry.
This network is very huge. We have just caught one man. There is someone else
involved in this. Without telling us he will
come in search of us. Before he finds out who we are? We need to.. ..recognize him. Who is there? I am asking you. Who is it? The police has checked
this place thoroughly. There is no evidence
who has come here. As per forensic department
there is.. finger prints
on anything here. It’s very clear. If our men were here
then their finger.. ..prints should have been there. If it is not there.
Then it’s very clear. Something is wrong. Search! Stop! Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Stop! Motion capture camera. 180 degree motion censor. 15 frames per second. If we move this will
click automatically. To know who we are this
has been fixed here. He will surely come
here to take this. Akash, you took so much time to
come here. -We were worried. Did you find the pictures?
-Did you find out who they are? Enough..
-There is a limit for everything. Your parents.
Your life. Your future. Is your TRP rating or your
channel’s publicity.. more important than this? These days the one who commits
mistake are let free. No one has the courage to
point a finger at them. It is not so easy to
change everyone. Oh no!
-Uncle, just a moment! -What? We are not doing this
for the TRP rating.. ..and publicity of our channel. If I tell you you
won’t understand. Come in. I will show you. What is here? This is the evidence of the
fake certificate case. Who is he? -Dr. Guru Murthy. MBBS, FRCS, MD, PhD. These degrees are not earned
with hard work. They are certificates
bought with money. He started a clinic eight
years ago in Bangalore. That clinic is a big multi
specialist hospital today. Do you know what is their
turnover in a year? Rs. 700 millions. He has done more than
130 operations. The number of people
who died are 73. Among them were 15 children.
And 25 pregnant ladies. Not only doctors. College professors. Engineers. Police officers.
Health inspectors. Bank officers. Pilots. Software
engineers. Lawyers. People with fake certificate are
working in every department. In a year about 7,00,000 students
complete their education. Among them only 40%
people get a job. The remaining 7% who
don’t get a job. They do small time business
in their lanes. Tell me why? Because of these people. I agree to what you say. But it is not easy to find
them and arrest them. Where there is a will.
There is a way! Such people who are a pain to the
society. Should be uprooted. But before that we need
to catch the.. ..people who supply
fake certificates. We have lost him. And we have no clue. How will we catch him..
-He has left a clue for us. What clue? Fake certificate. I want to take a fake certificate
on my name. One certificate has only
one registration number. That number is not repeated. Without asking the registration
number of this certificate. And without knowing the
difference between.. ..the real and fake certificate. The one who gives us a
perfect certificate. That is our criminal. I won’t leave him. I will end his whole network. Is there a problem? -You are
there to give me the problem. Now let’s go. Hey, what a man are you? You got me to the court
stating that you will.. a broker who makes
fake certificate. You find all the criminals
in the court. All kinds of cases
take place here. And all kinds of criminals
come here. Got it? Is it? -I will take you to
a dangerous criminal. Come with me. Look brother.. ..there are many brokers who
make fake certificates. But I know 7 of them very well. The one you are searching
can be one.. ..of them from the seven people. Or maybe he has a link with
someone among these 7 people. I will give you the address. Go there. Your work will be done. His name is K. D. Nagesh. Correct. The police entered the place at
exactly 3 hours 20 minutes. The police came in at
the consultancy? The one who came returned
in a police jeep. The news got telecast
without an FIR. Seeing this I feel that
man is from the police. No! If he was a policeman then.. ..he would work for promotion.
Or.. He would work for commission. If it was for promotion then
it would flash on tv. And if it was commission then
he would come to us. Something is different. If he is not a policeman. Then how could the news
get telecast at.. ..the every time on
all the channels? Brother, this is not possible
for a common man. Their details is in
such a manner. Name. Govind Raj. Age 40 years. Fake certificates have been given
to.. -Police is inquiring. The police is searching for the
gang of fake certificates. News!
Till now with the help of news. He tried to communicate with us. According to me he can be an
influenced person of the media. Or he must be working
for the media. Maybe he is a reporter. Through him all the reporters
got this news. Which reporter was not
there on that day.. must find that out. -And
who was there. I will find out. Ma’am! -Yes sir. I want to meet K. D. Nageshwar..
-Hold on for a minute. Mr. Nagesh. What is it, ma’am? -Someone
is here to meet you, sir. Tell me, why have you come here? Sir, I want a fake certificate. Hey! Throw them out. -Why sir? Don’t you understand?
Get lost! -Sir. Are you K. D. Nageshwar? I am Nageshwar. You shouldn’t have come here. There are camera’s everywhere..
-It is necessary to be alert. Tell me.
Which certificate do you want? School or degree certificate? We don’t want school certificate. We want an engineering
certificate. Can I get the money in advance? Yes.
You will get the whole amount. Alright. Go on this address. Tell them my name. Your work will be done. There is no building build here. But houses are made through
illegal means. This place belongs to the
railway department. But a building is being built
by clearing this place. Look at this place. Who gave the news of
fake certificate.. your channel
on November 17th? Speak up. Be quick. Speak up! Hello! -Brother, Zubeda of ETv
gave the news to the channels. You want an engineering
certificate? -Yes sir. Which University?
-PTU University. It’s very difficult. You will be caught during
the verification. Along with you I will be caught. I will give you the amount. Alright.
I will give you an address. Your work will be done. Yes Vinay. -The news that you
gave me about the fake certificate. Some people threatened me and
took your name from me. So take care.
Your life is at risk. -Okay Hello Zubeda. Hello! Hello! Oh
no. -Who gave you the news? That news was given by
Suresh from Public tv. Darling,
on whose name do you want? The name is Akash. As per government specification
each certificate. Should be 29.7 cm in length. In this way the breadth
should be 21.9 cm. If we talk about the
paper quality. Then surely it should be printed
on a glossy paper. This paper is not real. Somaiya from NDTV. It is about fake certificate. Fake certificates has
been produced. Which one do you want?
Medical or degree. -Engineering. Okay. Come here. The thickness of the certificate
should be 0.156 millimetre. Each alphabet printed
on the certificate.. ..should be of special
German made ink. And this is not printed
in German made ink. Geeta, what’s the matter? Some people asked me where I got
the news of fake certificate? Hold on. I will give you a call. Brother,
Shruti of Chandra Tv gave.. ..the news to Suvarna channel. Please come. Hello brother. -Hello. Hello Salim. -Hello! -Make a fake
certificate for these people. Yes. You can go. I will
take care. -Alright. Please come. This is the engineering
marksheet. And this is the certificate. Secret symbols are printed
on the certificate. Which we can see only through
ultra violet light. In 2009 the secret symbol that
was used is not in this. Hello! -Hello Shruti.
I don’t know who it was. But he was asking about
fake certificate.. on the point of a gun..
-I told him your name. He must be coming to you. Okay. Sir, you get only job order here. You will get the information of
the certificate elsewhere. Shop number 37. Burma Market. This is the shop. Aditi, wait here. Yes sir. -Yes sir. -Are you Saif? Yes. I am Saif. Alingo has sent me from
the employment office. Okay. Abdulla. Brother. -Abdulla,
this is about the government. Take him with you. -Alright sir. Hanumanth, the news that you
gave me on November 17th.. ..he asked me on the point of the
gun who gave me this news? I told him everything out
of fear. -I am sorry. They can come to you anytime. Hanumath,
what are you doing in my cabin? And what certificates are these? What is this?
These have Akash’s picture. You are surely hiding
something from me. Tell me the truth. Speak up! Sir, let her wait here.
We both will go. -Okay. Aditi, wait in the car..
-Excuse me. Please come. Security. Security. Yes sir. Open it. Is the boss in? -He is upstairs..
-Okay. Please come. Will the duplicate certificate
be made? Sure. It will be just like
original certificate. I am very scared. Hanumanth, what do we do now? We need to destroy this evidence
before they come here. I don’t care if anything
happens to me. Nothing must happen to Akash. Security. -Sir. -Don’t let anyone
come in without my knowledge. Alright sir..
-Close the main door right now. Search! Still hot. He is coming here. Brother, Alingo has sent him
from the employment office. He wants a certificate..
-Okay. -Alright. Sit down. Go! I will handle it..
-Alright brother. If it’s from other University
then it cost 30 billion. If it’s V.T then 50 billions..
-Is it okay? Hey! Hey! Sleeping beauty. I am going down and getting
a certificate. Alright brother. Keep an eye on him till then. Don’t sleep. Got it? Or.. Sit here. Hey! Come with me. The one whom you are searching
can be one from these 7 people. Or he has a link with someone
from these 7 people. The certificate here will be
exactly like the original one. Seeing us coming here.
Looks like everyone has run away. Let’s go from here. Oh my God! We got saved. I was very scared. We cannot give the
certificate of.. ..the University he
is asking for. I will give from the
university where.. ..Akash’s name gets matched. I will try it.
If I find it then he’s lucky. These certificates are printed
at different places. Who is there in this picture? I don’t know. Now tell me who is he? Will you tell me or not? Speak up. Who is he? He is very lucky. A boy with the same name studies
in PTU University. Then our work is done. -Right. Wait! Why? What happened? The name is matching. But the date of birth
doesn’t match. Hey! How is it possible?
Check it. There is no chance.
Do you have his picture? Yes. I have it. Take this. I will check his original
certificate. This is his certificate. What do we do now? -We need
to inform the boss quickly. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Hello! -Brother,
one person has come to ask.. ..fake certificate
of PTU University. He has come to take
his original.. ..certificate as fake from here..
-What is his name? -Akash. Akash. Check if his name is on the
education loan list. And forward me his picture. Alright boss. Is there any one by the name of
Akash in the channel list? Boss, his name matches
in the loan list. Boss, Akash. Where is he now? He is here. Don’t wait till I come. Kill him. Oh no! He took the hard disk. He has our details. Sir, we searched him everywhere..
-We didn’t find him anywhere. Aditi! Aditi! Aditi! Aidit! -Excuse me. My friend had come here
to take a certificate. Where is he? -What is his name? Akash! Who are you? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Vicky, it’s him. Aditi, where are you? Akash! Akash! In a hurry to take the hard disk. You forgot something
important here. If you want.. Vicky, what happened?
-He disconnected the call. I feel he has run away
leaving her here. What do we do with her? Leave me. Please! -Cut her into
pieces. -Please leave me. Shut up! Don’t wriggle. Is he your lover? He ran away leaving you. -Coward. Wait! He is coming back. What? Switch off the light. Even his dead body shouldn’t
go out of this mansion. Alright Vicky. -Oh no! -Hey,
go there. -Yes. -Kumar! Kumar! Hey! Hey Kumar. Kumar. What is wrong with you? Akash! Akash! Akash! Akash! Akash! Akash, get up. Akash! Akash! Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Akash! Vicky! Who are selling fake certificates
in the whole of India? In government and
private offices. Who are working on
fake certificates? This hard disk has
all those details. These are the main brokers and
sub-brokers living in the city. The main person is this one.
Sarkar. If we arrest him or the
people linked to him. Then we can catch the whole
racket who makes fake certificate. It’s a big network. Yes sir. All government officers
can be trapped in this. How did we miss this? Okay. Our police department
didn’t know. And such a large network
is going on. There are many people
in our department.. ..working under fake certificate,
sir. -Is it? Sir, there are higher officials
in this list. If this is leaked out then
we can’t do anything. I will speak to the commissioner
in the morning. This breaking news must be
highlighted in every channel. Okay sir..
-Let’s flash it. Okay?- Sure sir. All the people involved
must not be left loose. Everyone must be caught. And this matter should remain
very confidential. Okay sir..
-We should work out together. Okay sir. Chennai. Bangaluru. Hyderabad. Goa. Bellary. Visakhapatnam. Bengaluru. Hello!
-The police has got our list. It will be in the media
by tomorrow morning. This issue shouldn’t go out
of the Police department. If even a name is out
from the list. Then we all will be trapped. If I am trapped.
Then you will also be caught. You have to do something
right now. Uncle, what happened? Look. My son. Remember there will be
a day when I will.. the biggest lawyer in
the country. -Watch it! Akash,
if you wouldn’t come on time. Then today I.. Akash, I am telling the truth.
I am very scared. He is killed. Think like a reporter who
finds the problem. Your parents.
Your life. Your future. Your TRP rating and your
channel’s publicity.. more important, right? Sir, there are many people
working under.. ..fake certificate in
our department too. Hello! -How are your friends? A police man. Another lawyer.. -They were
pleading for their life. Did you see such a thing
in your life? I have seen it. You killed my brothers. In the same way everyone who
lives with you will die. Whatever evidence you collected
against me is with me. Hey! A police man.
Another lawyer. A small channel. Your network is so little. My network is very huge. Someone or the other is present
in all the departments. And they will save me
to save themselves. Catch me if you can. Hi friends. -Every year millions
of students from.. ..our country who study hard.. ..with dreams in their eyes
they leave the college. Behind this dream lies the
sacrifice of their parents. The certificates obtained with
hard work. If someone robs it. Gives it to a person who
is not capable of it. The one who are capable do some
work and earn a living. And many people even give up
their life by committing suicide. The people who become officers
by studying hard. Even they take bribe. This is wrong, isn’t it?
-So nobody is perfect. By saying such things
we encourage.. ..people who take or give bribe. That man works after
taking a bribe. But these people.
They take bribe. But don’t work. As they don’t know any work. Media means controversy. TRP. Publicity. Not just this. It’s a social responsibility. We have to bring the people who
make fake certificate out. Only we can do this job. But they know who I am. Two innocent people died trying
to bring out the truth. I won’t let anyone else
lose their life. And I can’t sit quite anymore. Sir. I will surely do this work. No Lingo. I don’t want
you to be sacrificed. For this work of mine..
-I am not well educated, sir. But I can surely feel
the pain of others. Whether anyone is
with you or not. I will surely support you. Or people will not
trust in humanity. Okay. Lingo, your name is not Lingo
anymore but Manju. Manjunath. Okay sir..
-He doesn’t exit in this world. But we will give him an
identity.. -You have no degree. But go to him with a
fake certificate. Okay sir..
-The camera in this spy glass.. ..will show me what
you see through it. I will tell you what you have
to do. -Just follow it. Okay sir. Hello brother. Hello! I want a certificate of MBBS..
-What is your name? Manjunath. Do you have a I.D.
Card? -Yes. Here it is. Okay..
-It will cost you a few billions. It’s fine, sir. -Hey, take cash
from him. Check the amount. I have already checked it..
-Everything is fine. Your work will be done.
Go. -Alright sir. Akash,
this road goes to Verma Mansion. Those people have shifted their
office somewhere here. Go. Chimpanzee, sit here. I will tell you if
I need details. Alright sir. -Hey, come with me. Lingo, the watch on your hand. Keep it on the table so
that I can see it. Okay. Now go in.
Search the main server room. Sir, it’s showing file not found. Lingo. -Yes sir. Someone is coming in. -Okay. We got it..
-Okay. Follow what I tell you. All your details are there
in the certificate. Check it. Lingo, we have got the evidence..
-Come out. I will not forget your favour all
my life. -Thank you very much. Alright. Okay. Now go. -Yes sir. Tell us if someone else needs
it.. -Yes sir. -They will get it. Thank you sir..
-Alright sir. -Go now. -Okay sir. Who are you? I know him. I have spoken to him. I told you to stop this work. What is your name? -Don’t get
scared. He will doubt you. Manjunath. What work do you do? -I am a
compounder at Subha Nursing home. How long have you been
working there? Since 8 years. What is the phone number
of your hospital? 28341600. 28341600 Hello Subha Nursing home. How can I help you! Hello! Subha Nursing home..
-May I help you, sir. Is compounder Manjunath there? He is on leave today..
-Do you have some work with him? I want his phone number..
-One second sir. Please hold the line sir. 9884647456. The police of 11 country
are waiting for the Don. But it is impossible to catch
him. -It’s my number sir. When did you plan these things? Hey! Check him. Hey, check outside. Yes boss. Hey, they are coming here. Hanumanth, off the light.
And come behind. -Okay. There is no one here..
-Alright. Come in. Brother, we checked everywhere..
-There is no one here. Let him go. Sir, I am leaving. I was slapped because of him..
-Whereas I was not at fault. Boss, he forgot his specks here..
-Call him. -Hey! Oh no! Boss,
what are you looking in this? You get such specks for
Rs.100 in the market. Come on. This is not a power glass. It’s a spy cam. Lingo.
You left the camera behind. -Hey! Catch him. He shouldn’t go. -Wait! Wait! Lingo, run. Hanumanth, start the car..
-What? Yes. Lingo, come quickly. Wait! Come quickly. Come on. Did you bring the camera? Go for the breaking news. -Okay..
-Guys, please make it fast. The one who is not educated
he can take fake.. ..certificate and become
a doctor or engineer. We have found such
an information. We have the details of
the gang who makes.. ..these fake certificate. -There. The lives of many students
is ruined because.. ..of the fake certificate
issued by this gang. Many students committed suicide. Oh no. -Oh no. What’s happening? Oh no. -Hanumanth, take quickly
at the back side of the channel. What is happening? We can’t see anything. -I don’t
understand what is happening. Let’s do one thing.
Let’s go there. Come on. Lingo, wait. Where is Akash? There.
He’s there. -Where’s Akash? Akash! Akash! Catch this. -Akash,
come quickly. Come quickly. Come on, Akash. Hurry up, Akash. Go inside. Akash, what are you thinking?
Come in. Hey!
If you wanted publicity then.. should have a comedy show. Or do some reality show, right? How will you live if you
compete with Sarkar? Hey! If I come to my terms. Then even if God tells me. I will still take a step. I am a storm which destroys
evil like you. You are planning to
enter my kingdom. It has no entry. There is only exit by encounter. When I pick up the pen
I become a writer. And when I lose my mind.
I am a fighter. Hey! Boss. Akash, hard disk is not getting
detected. Come soon. Get aside. Side. Hey, wait. Oh no. Akash. The one who has no education
can be made a.. or doctor with
fake certificate. We have got such information. We have the details
of the gang who.. ..prepares this fake certificate. No! In the recent case of
fake certificate.. ..many high officials are
under its scanner. The police is investigating. Every one is talking about fake
certificate these days. Workers from all walks of life.. it professors, doctors. Engineers. District officers.
School teachers. Every one is involved in
fake certificate case. The police is investigating
all the.. ..accused involved in this case. The police has found
out about the.. ..gang who made fake certificate. They gave sport certificate,
experience certificate. Caste certificate. Bond papers. They made government
documents too. The evidence has been found. After being framed falsely.. ..he endangered his
to find the truth. And got the truth before all. He will be given a letter
of appreciation for this. Divya, the police personnel
has announced this. Akash has got our channel to number
one position. -Thank you sir. I am so proud of you. Dura Sarkar is the main accused
in the fake certificate case. While trying to destroy
the evidence. He got injured on the head.
That is why he is hospitalized. His spinal cord’s cervical
spine is damaged. No organ of the body
will function. In medical term it is
called quadriplegia. Please inform me if there
is any improvement. I can’t let go such an
enemy of the country. He has destroyed the life
of so many students. Sridhar. -Yes sir. He is a special case. -Okay sir. Give him an injection of Dxton..
-Okay sir. -And monitor him. Sure sir. Okay. Oh! His health is getting bad.. Which injection should
I give him? I don’t understand. Oh God! I must somehow restore
his heart beat. Please God. Help me. What happened to him? Sir! Oh no. What have you done? Don’t you know what precaution
is taken.. ..when the pulse rate goes down.
-Sorry sir. -What sorry? Idiot. Are you really an MBBS doctor? Or you are a doctor with the
help of a fake certificate? Doctors have bad reputation
because of people like you. That is why the reputation of
the hospital is failing. Where did you get
the degree from? Hello.
You are watching world news. This is Akash.
And these are the headlines. An RK Duggal Studio Presentation.

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