Attitude makes all the difference and here’s why!

the most valuable commodity I know of
his information wouldn’t you agree we live in a world of woods no matter
what something happens to be we have a word for it and some words mean a great
deal to us words such as love happiness success achievement joy ability these
words describe conditions all of us want but there’s one word that controls them
all that is there’s one word that describes a condition that will bring us
all of these things or keep us from getting any one of them it’s been called
the most important word on earth if you’re youngster ask you what this word
is could you tell him and there from all the many thousands of words in the
language you were asked to select the one that would influence your life more
than any other could you pick the right word I call it the magic word and I’ve
talked about it before in our language it’s pronounced attitude
once we’re grown and on our own this word actually controls our environment
our entire world you see if your attitude toward the world is good you’ll
obtain good results if you’re additive this excellent you’ll obtain excellent
results and if your attitude is just so-so
well you’ll live in a world that is not particularly bad nor particularly good
just so-so now if you’re curious about what kind of an attitude you have a
simple test will tell you what your attitudes been up to this point in your
life just answer this question with a yes or no do you feel the world is
treating you well if your answer is a quick yes your attitude is good if your
answer is no your attitude is bad and if you have trouble deciding your attitude
is probably average you see our environment which is another way of
saying how the world it treats us is nothing more than a reflection a
merciless a mirror actually have our own attitude one of the most pitiful aspects
of society is there any large percentage of people who need dismal narrow
darkened lives crying out against what appears to be a cruel world that they
believe has singled them out for an existence of trouble misery
bad luck our attitude will determine whether we tend to be lucky or not
people who expect to be lucky you expect good things to happen to them or off of
the bed actually go through life from one piece of good fortune to another
I know there are cynics who don’t believe all of this but it’s true all
the same and this been proved hundreds of thousands of times it doesn’t mean
you can pick the winner at the track our bet on the right team there are too many
variables of such things but we get from life what we tend to expect from it
we do the things we make up our minds to do we live in the terms or areas we want
to live in and work at the jobs of our choice once we learn the magic of
putting our minds and attitudes to work in our lives the person with the
attitude that he can’t do something will seldom do it the person who believes he
can does perhaps not the first time but his attitude gives him the confidence to
stay with it until it’s been accomplished when I was starting out to
build my business I used to call on advertising agencies in Chicago had a
lot of receptionists and telephone operators and give my greeting and ask
how they felt and I recalled hearing on several occasions in fact most of the
time the response I’m tired I’d say well it’s only ten o’clock in
the morning how can you be tired already no sleep last night
no the receptionist would say I got plenty of sleep I’m just tired in the
mornings these people had tired attitudes they expected to be tired but
if they were leaving on vacation that morning or a special weekend were coming
up chances are they’d get up feeling great nearly every time I started
something of some size and risk I’ve had people tell me not to try you’ll just
lose your shirt they’d say they had loosing attitudes I never gave it a
thought and you’ll find that typical of people who get things done they may
proceed with great caution and care and go to great lengths to avoid making any
unnecessary mistakes but they fully intend to win and when they do with an
attitude of failure were equipped before we start successful people come in all
ages shape sizes and colors but they all have one
thing in common a winning attitude I ran across a quotation by Norman Cousins I
thought you’d find interesting he said the prime fallacy of pessimism
is that no one knows enough to be a pessimist I’m sure a pessimist would
counter with the remark that if that’s true no one knows enough to be an
optimist but this would not change the truth of the former thought the prime
fallacy of pessimism is that no one knows enough to be a pessimist and
regardless of whether this is also true of the optimist we do know that over the
long haul we tend to get what we expect from life because we tend to get what we
really expect from life it makes a lot of sense to choose to be optimistic
rather than pessimistic how many times have you heard someone say or perhaps
have said yourself with my kind of luck such as such as bound to happen
indicating that your luck is generally bad that you expect the worst even when
people find themselves enjoying a sudden stroke of good fortune they’ll often say
well it’s too good to last again indicating that they expect their
fortunes in life to be generally bad now this must be a hangover from times going
back to the dark ages and perhaps before when life was a thousand times more
precarious than it is today as recently as a hundred years ago if
you cut your toe and blood poisoning as it was called said him you could be a
goner the mortality rate for children was
astronomical and almost as high for adults if a person reached his 30th
birthday in called for a real celebration in fact birthday
celebrations for any age took on importance simply because getting from
one to another was no little achievement now couple this with the almost total
ignorance of the times widespread illiteracy and lives governed by
superstition and you can understand when people tended to be slightly on the
pessimistic side but that’s in the past and even then it was the optimists who
were responsible for what little forward movement occurred pessimists aren’t
builders them often stumbling blocks instead of looking for the reason
something can be done or tried they tend to look for reasons why it won’t work
a pessimist is a real reactionary he attempts to go backward he resists
anything new and untried he’s the person who says the bottle is half-empty
instead of half-full or that the weather is partly cloudy instead of partly sunny
he dwells on his past failures and forgets his successes he’ll come up with
a hundred reasons for not doing something instead of a single good
reason for doing it he likes to say no to people and as a result says no to
life and getting back to that quote of Norman Cousins perhaps the biggest fault
of a pessimist is that he thinks he knows more than he does he doesn’t know
about the power of enthusiasm and a good attitude he won’t move forward until all
the lights ahead turn green and thus never moves because all the lights are
never green at any one time he person has to learn to be a pessimist children
were the most wonderful optimists and think anything at all is possible it
must be in the home that so much of this natural enthusiasm dies or is killed as
George Santana said we must welcome the future remembering that soon it will be
the past and we must respect the past remembering that once it was all that
was humanly possible let me call something to be found in Carl Sandburg’s
account of the Kansas sod-buster who was that burly sod-buster in Kansas
evening that the gatepost who studied the horizon and figured what corn might
do next year tried to calculate why God never made the grasshopper in my two
days of hot winds smother the life out of a stand the Queen and while it was
such a spread between one he got four grain and the price quoted in Chicago in
New York drove up a newcomer in a covered wagon what kind of folks live
around here well stranger what kind of folks was there and the company he come
from well it was mostly a low-down lying thieving gossiping backbiting a lot of
people well I guess stranger that’s about the kind of folks you find around
here and the dusty gray stranger just about blended into the dusty great
cottonwoods in a Crump on the horizon one another
what kind of folks live around here well stranger what kind of folks was there in
the country you came from well there was mostly a decent
hard-working law-abiding friend a lot of people well I guess stranger that’s
about the kind of folks who find I’m here and the second wagon moved off and
blended with the dusty great cottonwoods on the horizon while the early
sod-buster mean to this gatepost and tried to figure out why two days of hot
winds smother the life out of a nice day in the week nor McGuiness tells us that
what carl sandburg is telling us is that the world cooperates with us by
conforming to our expectations of it the classic example of this is of course the
paranoid who suspects that everyone’s against him and therefore relates to
people in such a way that they’re bound to be against it
psychologists have demonstrated that our idea of reality is determined by our
perception of things the way our senses interpret things rather than the way
things really are every law has written that the relationship between men and
the cultural dimension is one in which both men and his environment participate
in molding each other man is now in the position of actually creating the total
world in which he lives in creating this world he is actually determining what
kind of an organism he’ll be Carl Sandburg Dorothy Lee Benjamin Lee Whorf
Edward Hall and Human Services oldest innocence that we create our own space
now what does this mean well as with our behind Stan it means the space is
relative unlike Newtonian physicists I understand
did not conceive of space as an absolute empathy in relation to which things are
organized quite the contrary he defines space as the relationship that exists
among things as a reserve our organization will the tendency for
reality to be a self-fulfilling prophecy rather than an absolute given as been
explained by some modern anthropologist Dorothy Lee that’s a good job of in the
freedom and culture and what all this means for you and me is that our
individual worlds will respond to us in the way in which we see them they will
become for us what we expect of them we are the creators of our own surroundings
to ask what role does attitude play in a person’s success or failure is not like
asking what role does granite play in the him
layers of what role does a good parent play in the room
the answer is attitude is the very foundation for success but the majority
of people in the United States are not successful people in any of the
fundamental categories that make a difference why are these important
categories one recognition successful people give more recognition to others
than do unsuccessful people to self-esteem this comes in part from
recognition and it also comes from the knowledge that one is in charge of his
or her life and that it’s proceeding along his play in the root number three
rewards the rewards of success come in many forms not the least of which is in
the form of money successful people earn more money than unsuccessful people and
enjoy investing and spending it they live in better dwellings drive better
cars they travel more they meet more interesting people and have infinitely
more options successful people don’t have to spend the final years of their
lives which for successful people are usually the best years of their lives in
limited or unfortunate circumstances successful people tend to enjoy life
more and tend to enjoy more of their years number four change the stimulation
of change in our lives is of great importance in fact some experts in such
matters believe change to be the second most important what are the part of
people everywhere right after recognition successful people have much
more stimulation and change in their lives they can go more places do more
things we want people they’re not stuck anywhere
number five service successful people do a better job of serving others than do
unsuccessful people or they would not be successful
their very success gives more options and more freedom to be of
service to others through foundations libraries hospital universities the arts
the successful people of the country served without fanfare by giving their
time and money to charitable organizations of all kinds the saddest
days of our lives are those days in which we can find nothing to be
enthusiastic about and he even say that a person’s enthusiasm is in direct
proportion and the importance of one of these he’s looking forward to that’s
there are all sorts of degrees of enthusiasm people tend to be mildly
enthusiastic on Friday is simply because it’s the last day of the week and
they’ve got a free weekend coming up people tend to be more enthusiastic
about going home after work at night than they are about leaving for work in
the morning but the most fortunate people on earth are those who live most
of their lives in a state of energizing enthusiasm and you know what the key to
enthusiasm is while there are two keys really one comes from learning the other
comes from accomplishment learning new things tends to keep our enthusiasm high
perhaps this explains the natural enthusiasm of children if you paid much
attention to children you’ve noticed that they’re naturally enthusiastic and
they’re naturally happy the reason adults $10 are out of there enthusiasm
for living is that they usually stop learning as soon as school’s over they
take the stand consciously or unconsciously that they know enough any
learning they do from that point on they do pass away through the natural passage
of time and experience or again pass away to the media newspapers radio and
television if new learning comes to them it does so largely through no efforts or
at least minimal efforts on their part learning little that is new or
interesting their lives become repetitious and settle down in the world
worn grooves they see the same people and go through the same motions every
day and gradually or quickly all are most of the enthusiasm fades from their
lives but secondly easily ties in with the first the second key being
accomplishment it’s pretty hard to accomplish something neat without first
learning something new even if the accomplishment is limited to improving
one’s golf game or making furniture in the basement but we’re enthusiastic when
we’re working on a project we want to complete or master the key word there is
want it has to be something we want very much
to do as opposed to those duties and projects we must do whether we like them
or not did you ever get a good look at a dog’s
face when he’s chasing a rabbit it’s the happiest most alert expression you’ll
ever see in your life he’s got something wonderfully worthwhile to do and he’s
having the time of his life trying to do it yet I didn’t know it was the same dog
you saw snoozing and twitching on the back porch before the rabbit came into
the picture he couldn’t even keep his eyes open then
it’s the same with people the rabbit may be different for each of us but it’s our
job to flush it out the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek word M Theo’s which
means the God within and the happiest most interesting people are those who
have found the secret of maintaining their enthusiasm that God with him I’d
like to read something to you that was written back in the year 1917 it was
written by Bruce Barton who lived ahead one of the world’s largest advertising
agencies who also won a seat in the United States House of Representatives
the fact that destroy was written in 1917 is not important it’s as true today
as it was then Bruce Barton wrote a little while ago I was in charge of a
large organization of salesmen my chief sent me to a Midwestern City to appoint
a manager for that territory there were two candidates we had their records in
detail but we had never met either of them I would select them over for my
judgment and appoint the better man I met one in Cincinnati the other in st.
Louis the man in Cincinnati said to me what does his position play I told him
that’s more than I’m getting here he said and I should like the job every man
wants to better himself when he can the st. Louis man did not wait for me to
arrive in the city he found out what train I was coming on
rolled out on the line and surprised me by walking down the aisle of my car he
began to talk he told me about himself his training and his selling experience
he drawn up plans in detail for the development of our territory he told me
how many men he expected to have working by the end of the year and just how he
thought he could increase our volume of business I had to hire
in order to get a chance to go to bed that night and then his enthusiasm he
forgot to ask me and I forgot to tell him what the salary would be the first
man that wanted a better job which is commendable enough but I had the man who
was enthusiastic about the opportunity Napoleon’s
adversaries is to speak of him as the 100,000 man meaning that his spirit
infused into an army was equal to an additional 100,000 troops they
criticized his tactics they accused him of disregarding all the rules of
successful warfare yet he won and they’ve lost because his enthusiasm
carried his soldiers to impossible achievements encourage your children to
express their enthusiasm and delight let them believe that the world is full of
wonderful things and they themselves full of splendid possibilities they can
learn self repression in later years but enthusiasm once lost is lost forever men
are nothing said Montaigne until they were excited and Montaigne was right
well that’s the story that Bruce Barton wrote in 1917 but you could haul about a
hundred years from now and his lesson would be just as valuable we should
never lose our zest for living our excitement and enthusiasm our curiosity
and our desire to know the person of death is certainly blind to the world
it’s miracles and possibilities and his own possibilities and when we put a
damper on a child’s enthusiasm were repressing one of his most obtainable
emotions you know the world is as exciting today as it was when we were
children that trouble lies in the fact that we tend to lose our children’s eyes
and because of it our enthusiasm for life the idea of service is
all-encompassing we cannot overestimate the idea of
service is everything all of our income tangible and psychic psychic income is
the joy we know from the kind of work we do it’s the home we live in that’s the
wonderful family we have it’s they everything about our lives
that you can’t nail against a wall it’s all the joy of living really the most
important part of living is the psychic part of living
but all of our rewards all of our income tangible and psychic will come from
making the best use of what we are as learning growing thinking imagining
productive creatures in the service of others it’s not to standstill it’s not
to think I’m good enough now I’ve got enough education I don’t need to learn
anymore quite often as it’s been pointed out Americans have the vaccination
theory of Education they say I got a degree now I don’t need to study anymore
I’m already educated that’s usually at the point they stop serving learning
education is a lifelong process we should come to the end of our days still
learning interesting and exciting and wonderful things one of the most
astonishing things to me is how anyone in this world can ever be bored when
there are so many amazing and wonderful and exciting and interesting things to
do and to think about and books to read and things to see I just can’t
understand it but that’s what happens to people who stop learning too soon but
the idea of service is that all of our income of any kind
comes to us from making the best use of what we are as learning growing thinking
imagining productive creatures in the service of others the homemaker for
example who serves her husband and her children she serves the Friends of hers
that she knows her neighbors through just knowing after the joy of knowing
and from the joy she gives them she serves her local church perhaps than her
community and other ways and the PTA and she serves him in multiple ways maybe
she won’t serve that many but the quality of her service is what kills and
that’s where the joy of her life will come from the quality of her service you
know they say it isn’t the amount of time we spend with our children that’s
important it’s the quality of that time but in service doing what you want to do
in service the reason you want to do a certain thing is because your genetic
phile is pointing you in that direction your genes are telling you that is
exactly what you do best and maybe better than anybody else or maybe you’re
in the in the top five or 10% category of all the people in the world who do
this particular thing that’s wonderful and you can make a real contribution in
this field each of us has something that he or she is especially good at and
that’s what we should find and throw ourselves into it’s in the service of
others let’s talk about responsibility it isn’t necessarily responsibility but
I think most people are born with a natural impulse to be of service I think
we want to serve you see a little girl acting out like her mother putting
dishes on the table or putting them away in our vacuuming or dressing her doll or
bathing at she’s being of service that’s that’s what we’re basically for the most
important I think for an individual is to find what he or she wants to do I
think that’s the most important thing and then to understand that his or her
rewards will be determined by the extent of the service rendered so let me give
you that quote again what I call the idea of service all of our income this
is the thing to remember by everyone a youngster older person it applies to
everybody all of our income tangible and psychic will come from making the best
use of what we are as learning growing thinking imagining productive creatures
in the service of others how would you answer the question why are you here go
ahead ask the question ask why am I here you know dr. Albert Einstein was asked
to answer that question and he did do you know what he said well I’ll get to
it in a moment you know it’s been said that if the universe is an accident
we are accidents but if there’s meaning in the universe then there’s meaning in
us also and since it is believed that dr. Einstein understood more about the
laws in the universe than any person who ever
lived up until his time let’s go to him for some answers he believed there was
some sort of meaning in the way things are he was sure of it he said the more I
study physics the more I’m drawn toward metaphysics the word metaphysics simply
means beyond physics the study of what is beyond measure the invisible forces
had worked given back to Einstein if you haven’t done so you’d enjoy reading
Einstein the life and times by Ronald W Clarke Albert Einstein was so remarkable
a man that it was as the theater lives on this planet through some mistake in
celestial navigation and as a result devoted his life to solving the problems
of time of space so that the mistake would not be repeated dr. Einstein
belong to no formal religion or sect yet he was a deeply religious man in the
cosmic sense he believed that such magnificence and costs were ordered the
great cyclotron of the universe as Ronald Clark person could not have been
an accident and he addressed himself to the purpose
of life he answered the question why am I here as well as it has been answered I
believe when he said man is here for the sake of other men only so he is the word
man under this classical sense the idiomatic man meaning human beings of
both sexes of course so he said that we are here for the sake of others only is
that the way you would have answered it do you believe that you are here solely
to serve others and through serving others are being served and enjoying
life as result we are here for the sake of serving others only and to the extent
that we serve others will we know the joy of living
Damini that’ll sound silly and square but that’s what it comes down to
nevertheless and sometimes it takes a long time to learn the truth of it
mediums never learn it and grow old and careless discontent wondering what was
wrong with their lives our rewards in life will always be in direct proportion
to our contribution this is the law that stems as the supporting structure of all
economics and of our personal well-being and
incidentally most people either don’t know about this wonderful rule to think
that somehow it applies only to the other guy most people believe we should
have speed limit science too but that therefore other people who don’t know
how to drive as well as they do let’s get back to the law of rewards equaling
contributions the laws of operation all the time whether or not we know about it
or go along with it it’s like an apothecary scale you know the kind with
the cross-arm on top from which depend two bulls on chains a delicate and
honest mechanism let’s label one of the molds rewards and the other one
contributions must people concentrate on the bull marked rewards that is they
want things more money a better home education for the kids travel retirement
so on all rewards they’re humming for the rewards but the rewards aren’t
materializing since that forgetting the bull marked contributions in other words
they’re concentrating on the wrong ball they’re like the man who’s sat in front
of the stove and said give me eat and then I’ll give you wood he can sit there
until he froze to death stoves don’t work that way and neither
does life or economics we can actually forget about the bowl mark rewards all
we have to do is concentrate on the bowl marked contributions life and basic
economics will automatically take care of the rewards it’s a fact that most
people have this backward now what do we mean by contribution and to whom do we
contribute you can define contribution as the time you devote to whatever it is
you do and the degree of excellence you put into it and your contribution is to
mankind and mankind can be defined as the people you serve so you can break it
all down to a simple equation your rewards will be determined by the way
you do your job multiplied by the number of people you serve in our exploding
economy today if a person isn’t happy with his rewards he should take a good
long look at his contributions this may seem like a hard cruel way of looking at
things but laws are good or bad only in the way we look at them if you feel
you’re being held back in life or that you’re not getting
for the things you shared to paraphrase the late John F Kennedy ask not what you
can get but what you can do what you can contribute to the causes and people it
is given you to serve your rewards believe me we’ll always take care of
themselves here are a few thoughts that you can make your own thoughts if you do
make them your own that will guarantee your success all the years of your life
now that’s quite a statement but it’s true not to begin let’s understand that
growth and increase are a part of mankind in all of nature its inherent in
each of us to desire more this isn’t wrong it’s perfectly natural in the way
it should be this is true of all of us the members of our families our friends
and associates our customers you should want to get rich in every department of
your life but what do I mean by rich getting rich for you is getting what you
want very much for some it means a bigger income or a large sum of capital
that’s fine you can get it without hurting or even competing with any other
person in fact you can thereby increase the general well-being of everyone with
whom you come in contact unfortunately the uninformed to believe
that you can get ahead in the world only at the expense of someone else this
isn’t true no one can become rich in any way without serving others
anyone who adds to prosperity must prosper in turn getting rich for you may
mean obtaining more love greater peace of mind owning the home of your dreams
or accomplishing something else you’ve set your heart upon in short getting
rich is getting whatever it is you want very much it’s as simple as that now the
first step is to understand completely that it’s right for you to want what you
want all human activities are based on the desire for increase people seeking
more food more clothes more knowledge more pleasure more life the next step is
to understand that you need not compete with or deprive anyone don’t compete
create in this way you add to the general well-being without taking
anything away from anyone remember to give to every person more than you take
from him now at first this may sound absurd so let’s dig into a little in
order for a business or a person to expand
remember expansion is the natural desire mankind we must give more in use value
than we charge a building male doesn’t cost much yet its uses great and goes on
for years this cassette didn’t cost much yet if you can get ideas from it that
can bring you more than you now have its use value will greatly exceed its cost
how much does it cost to give love respect and consideration of those near
you very little just a little extra effort yet love respect and
consideration are priceless to the person receiving them this is the key
give more than you receive and everything you do in this way you’re
building a great credit for yourself that must come to you in some form
sooner or later you are taking out less than you’re putting in and by so doing
you’re building a tidal wave of future prosperity this is the law of increase
it’s understood and followed on deviating lis by every successful
businessperson artist professional and worker by every successful mother and
father and friend it’s the most striking attribute of all successful people
companies and institutions now let’s go back to the idea of creating instead of
competing you’re the point from which all increase must stem not your company
your spouse your parents your friends you’re the creative center of your
universe increase must come from you personally find ways to do the things
you do that reflect you and your own unique talents and abilities if you do
this no other person in the world can operate exactly as you do you will not
be competing with anyone you’ll be creating from within yourself as you
find new and better ways of giving more in use value than your ACD and money
more and more people will turn to you you’ll find your circle of friends
increasing if you’re in business you’ll find it continually growing expanding do
this in a quiet and unobtrusive manner you don’t have to shout about how much
you’re doing for others they’ll recognize it and be drawn to you one of
the most interesting things about such increase is that totally unexpected and
wonderful things will begin to occur in your life people you don’t know exactly
what you need will make their appearance at the right time in the right place
everything will begin to dovetail and your life will take on new meaning and
direction and bring you far greater rewards let the impression of growth of
increase mark everything you do if you do these things keep constantly before
you the vision of what it is you intend to accomplish don’t worry about it don’t
fret about it just know you’re going to accomplish it and following these rules
you can’t fail dr. Albert Schweitzer once said I don’t know what your destiny
will be but one thing I do know the only ones among you who will be really happy
are those who have sought and found how to serve people who have not found a
meaningful way to serve tend to be at odds with themselves in their worlds the
so-called empty nest years of millions of middle-aged women women with a great
deal of talent my body with a great deal to give and no place to put it they put
around the empty house during the simple automatic chore as well literally aching
for something more meaningful to do a way of serving that will bring them a
contentment and fulfillment I’m happy to stay here and for we feel nervous and
depressed from where not being of service is what gives meaning to our
leisure and gives us a feeling of being needed and important every person should
ask himself how can I best marshal my human resources and apply them to a
field in which I have interest in a way which will maximize my service if I can
do that everything else is very likely to fall into place
millions who find their lives more and you’ll find themselves depressed at odds
with themselves and others who find themselves suffering from a restless
discontent called the malice of our times should seek ways of being of
service I read recently about a psychological test in which you’re
supposed to complete 20 statements beginning with the words I am that is on
a sheet of paper you rate write down the number one and behind it right I am and
complete the sentence you might begin by writing I am a human creature then
online to you again begin this table I am and make a statement about yourself
you do that 20 times and before you reach 20 you’re making some pretty
revealing comments you’re digging for information about yourself that you’re
doing what Socrates suggested we do when he said that an unexamined life is not
worth living or words to that effect and with this method if in case you’re
looking for somebody I’m sorry in case you do not now I have a very interesting
and viable method of service with this method you might find a clue as to the
field a way in which you can make the greatest possible contribution for by so
doing you’re gonna read the greatest possible rewards I don’t think there’s
any question but that dr. Schweitzer was correct in his statement serving each
other is that what happiness and fulfillment that you took away the
people that we serve are Hazzard become meaningless people other people have
everything in the world we can possibly want and then we’ll gladly share it with
us if we will serve them to their satisfaction the real purpose of our
journey through life is to find out how best we can serve if you ever notice
that when someone calls you on the phone you immediately form a mental picture of
the person you get not only a mental picture of his face and figure oars but
a feeling was regarding his or her personality and that feeling you get is
either good or bad that is the person affects you either presently or
unpleasantly there’s hardly ever a perfectly neutral feeling and see the
favorable or unfavorable and this carry of a step further you project a picture
in the minds of the people with whom you come in contact and again whether it’s
on the phone or in person that picture is either favorable or unfavorable
you’re projecting these pictures all day long your children your marriage partner
and the people who serve you your associates your boss everyone all day
every day so how is your picture how do you appear
to people passing by on the street do you appear happy unhappy bored
disinterested worried successful or unsuccessful the picture you project the
way in which you communicate to every person you come in contact with during
the day is a reflection of your total
personality the picture you project is determined by how you feel inside the
people who project the best pictures are those who know how to be grateful their
gratitude for what they have for what they are kind of radiates about them
they don’t worry about what’s missing but a grateful for what’s there
they don’t concentrate on the shortcomings of their marriage partner
or their children they’re grateful just to have them they look upon problems as
things to be solved and are grateful for the capacity and wisdom to overcome them
these are the people who run deep more than any other factor gratitude projects
the kind of picture that is irresistible it attracts men women dogs and cats it
also attracts a condition mistakenly called good luck these people are easy
to recognize there’s a calm sort of level look to their eyes and smiling
comes as naturally to them as breathing they don’t complain about what’s to be
done they simply do it and do it well and they’ll start looking around for
something else to do they radiate ability and good shear like an
old-fashioned stove radiates heat on a cold morning they project a great
picture and the world projects it back to them every minute of
every waking hour of every day of your life you’re projecting a picture of
yourself and your personality and you can tell how it looks to the world by
looking at what you’re getting back one of the truly great things that accrued
to the old-time craftsman into the few still remaining was the joy that came
from the meaning of doing the feeling of value that pervades the present whole
being when he does something of which he’s proud the woman who knits or does
needlepoint the painter the writer the cabinet maker the really good cook the
what when a woman who creates something of value and I think that said the
personal creation of value you know what I mean if you do you know that it’s the
largest part of a person’s income his psyche can come so important to living
in good healthy adjustment the distinguished social critic Lewis
Mumford is written that the fact is that with all of our super abundance of
of energy food materials products there’s been no commensurate improvement
in the quality of our daily existence he said the great mass of comfortable
well-fed people in our civilization live lives of emotional apathy and mental
torpor of dull passivity and in feeble desire lives that belie the real
potentialities of modern culture he’s also pointed out that the fault
lies in forcing something that is capable of producing goods in great
numbers to produce more and more more on top of more more every month every year
until quality and beauty must be destroyed in the process and tell us so
much that we no longer appreciated Mumford’s concerned I think every
thinking person will agree with his concern he’s concerned with balance and
self-discipline but the sort of person who will do intelligently and well
whatever he turns his head to because he understands the meaning of doing the
meaning of value not only that to what she turns his hand but in his life as
well there’s meaning in doing something while anything really you know there are
no so-called good jobs and bad jobs every job holes will end up the road to
greatness if it’s spent well if it can give us the meaning and satisfaction
that come from doing a job as well as we can learn to do it it’s wonderful these
days when we find a person who doesn’t unusually good job a waitress a service
station attendant a mechanic a salesperson clapping a plumber or the
craftsman an attorney doctor whomever we run into them from time to time and we
never fail to notice and be aware of them to be grateful to them since people
always seem happier more cheerful never much better self-image they seem to find
joy and delight in their work in their days they seem to understand that there
is meaning in doing in doing what they do as well as they can they take a few
extra pains that converts what would otherwise be an ordinary job into
something special they stand out like fresh oasis in a dismal desert of
uninteresting the sameness and they find that the meaning they find in doing
brings meaning into their lives they’re happier people because when you know
them perhaps you’re one of them there’s so congratulations
an exclusive club James B Conant when he was president of Harvard University
commented that each honest calling each walk of life has its own elite its own
aristocracy based upon excellence of performance that’s beautiful people in
every field of human endeavor will agree with that remark Aristotle said
excellence is an art won by training and habituation we do not act rightly
because we have virtue or excellence but we rather have those because we’ve acted
rightly we are what we repeatedly do excellence them is not an act but a
habit by judging the excellence or the lack of it of our work we can tell if
we’re in the right calling if it’s of paramount importance to us to strive for
excellence in what we do chances are were in the kind of work for
which were best fitted or at least one of the fields for which were qualified
one of the problems of the businessperson is that after developing
and profiting from a good idea he will tend to stay with it in unchanging form
too long for some things that’ll work but for most things that won’t they need
updating on a regular annual basis we need to ask ourselves at regular
intervals a number of times each year how can we make it better more efficient
how can we bring it up to the best of present even future standards people
will cling to an idea as though it’s the best if not the only idea they’ll ever
get and when we’re creating or building something are we anticipating the future
a good example of foresight is found in the main streets of towns and cities
don’t bother Mormons when they moved West they were riding horses and driving
wagons then but they built broad beautiful streets that easily
accommodate the heavy automobile traffic of today we tend to cling too long to
past successes systems and methods if it’s working well today look at it with
the future in mind we’re seeing an accelerating rate of change
unprecedented in history and because so many businesses are still
living in the past there are yawning opportunities on practically every side
how many businesses in your town haven’t made a single change in 20 years in some
cases that may work for example a fine old restaurant that’s perhaps better now
than ever because of its age and strict adherence to quality but the business
people of a community oh it to their customers and the community to keep
abreast of excellence to put part of their profits back into the business to
accommodate changing times and tastes as James B Conahan said each honest calling
each walk of life has its own elite its own aristocracy based upon excellence of
performance and that applies to every field of human endeavor we can develop
habits of excellence in everything we do we need to think in terms of excellence
we should demand it in what we buy and produce it in what we do there’s an old
adage in the publishing and printing industry that goes something like this
the quality of your proofreading will be appreciated long after your speed
there’s been forgotten and the same principle applies to practically
everything we do in life once we finished a piece of work whether it’s a
book a symphony a manufactured product or even a sales presentation or a speech
the only thing that really counts is the quality and integrity of the completed
product very few people who see hear or experience the finished work will lower
even care how rapidly it was put together the things we treasure in life
are most often those things that were not produced in a hurry and we can see a
return to the old ways of quality first and speed second in many of the better
products being marketed today in this era of increasing pressures and tensions
that often seems that we tend to put an unjustified premium on how quickly a
given job can be accomplished and it’s a good idea to pause once in a while to
remind ourselves that in the final analysis it’s the quality of our work
that’s most important not how fast we were able to turn it out some of the
better furniture houses will keep you waiting months maybe a year for the
furniture you order they don’t like to keep you waiting but they
compromise with quality so if you want that particular item you wait there’s a
tremendous opportunity in virtually every field for the person of dedication
who has the willingness to work to succeed by turning on a truly quality
product there’s a man of my acquaintance who earns all the extra money he can use
by working as a handyman yes back orders stacked a foot high he
charges a good rate for his work but his work is really first-rate this excellent
no matter what you might need done around the house painting or repairing
of any kind he can do it and do it beautifully as a result he decides on
his own income he can live where he pleases and work away places he’s got it
man there’s nothing in the world that I can think of that cannot be made better
that cannot be improved on when you find a way to improve on whatever it is
there’ll be people waiting to buy it quality in a person or a product or a
service is sucked by everyone you ever need to think of what you’d most enjoy
doing and find a way to do it better to put in more quality and you just might
have everything else you want – a friend of mine passed along to me an old
out-of-print book entitled that the magic of a name it’s about the
beginnings of the rolls-royce automobile written by Harold Nichols and first
published in 1938 it makes interesting reading but the points that underlies
the story is the fact that the originator of the rolls-royce automobile
Henry Royce was an indefatigable perfectionist he didn’t invent the
automobile he just wasn’t happy with it he thought
it was too noisy for one thing and too heavy and inefficient and so it happened
that in Manchester England on April 1st 1904 there came into being a motor car
unlike any other that had been seen or heard before
as Harold Nicholls for it saved for a gentle foot foot foot foot from its
exhaust pipe it made no noise at all there was no clatter from the engine no
grinding from the gears and back axle and this comparative silence in the days
when the noise of a motor car had been likened with deadly accuracy to an
avalanche of tea trays was something to marvel at in the
at the wheel of this miraculous machine sat a bearded figure of some 40 years of
age whose piercing eyes were lit with a gleam of triumphant concentration
it was Henry Royce later Sir Henry the perfectionist the trade name rolls-royce
went on to become synonymous with anything excellent or outstanding the
Spitfires of the Battle of Britain in 1940 which had rules laws engines were a
big factor in winning that war in fact there’s a beautiful stained glass
memorial window at the rolls-royce aircraft engine plant commemorating the
pilots of the Royal Air Force and it reads who in the Battle of Britain
turned the work of our hands into the salvation of our country at the point I
want to make is that to become successful and outstanding at something
we don’t have to come up with something new we need only find ways of doing it
better if you think about it it’s the key element in virtually all success
stories Hilton Hotels Holiday Inns Kentucky Fried Chicken McDonald’s
hamburgers the list is endless if you want to succeed at something just
do it better Henry Royce was so wrapped up in the
business of producing a superior automobile he would forget to eat for
days at a time and sleep on a bench in the foundry a boy was hired to follow
him around with a glass of milk and some bread so he wouldn’t get sick from
malnutrition he once heard a mechanic make this statement okay that’s good
enough and they almost had to tie him down nothing was good enough for him and
his name and the name of his salesman distributor partner C s Rawls is a
symbol of quality it’s the same in every field advertising disease India growing
giveth the kind of study and all our dedication that Royce gave me his cars
and your name will someday stand like some of those I mentioned earlier I
remember reading a few years ago about a Canadian farmers
this Stradivarius violin before I think somewhere in the neighborhood of $60,000
they’re worth much more than that now he sold it back to the same New York City
beaver he bought it from many years before and for the same price the farmer
sold his precious violin by the world’s most famous violin craftsman because as
he put it I’m getting old and I have no children to leave it to by getting it
back into the hands of the dealer he knew that it would get into the hands of
someone who would treasure it as he had Antonio Stradivari the Italian violin
maker lived from 1644 to 1737 that’s 93 years a remarkable life span at a time
when the average life expectancy was perhaps about 30 he lived for his work
and his work has lived on after him ever since he worked alone although later in
life his sons helped him his tools were rather primitive by our standards but
that was not important he put himself and his genius into his work and his
instruments sang with a power and poignancy a purity that in the hems of a
fine violinist delighted all who heard them when he was finished with an
instrument and he was sure that it was up to his personal standards he signed
his name to it and still today nearly 250 years later his name is famous the
world over and his fine instruments still are delighting millions throughout
history there have been many with similar standards of excellence in many
fields William Shakespeare Leonardo da Vinci craftsman such as furniture maker
Thomas Chippendale silversmith Paul Revere everything they did was done
exceptionally well not because there was any pressure other than their own
insistence on excellence beyond the reach of others of their time a good
violinist can give you the names of other violin makers who are great and
whose instruments are cherished and it’s the same in all fields
there are many thousands of craftsmen and women who will let turn on shoddy or
even ordinary work and glad to sign their names to their work
the respect for excellence never changes it still demands the highest price it
still revered wherever we find it and the people performing the work have
gained for themselves two precious assets one they’ve gained the kind of
security that lasts a lifetime of course they never need worry about income
there’s always a ready market for the best and to their work is a source of
satisfaction and joy to them they derive deep satisfaction from being uncommon
people turning out and commonly find products or services would you be
willing to sign your name to what you do I think most of us would our work after
all is a kind of mirror of ourselves this friend got off on the subject that
practically everything we see here and read about during the day is of a
negative nature our morning papers front page tells us the world is on the brink
of destruction we read of an entire family wiped out at a railroad crossing
of embassies being stoned and burned in far corners of the world this is the
function of the newspaper and it does a good job we’re not supposed to be
ostriches with our heads buried in the sand but for the most part the news we
get isn’t calculated this starts the day on exactly an ecstatic note then the
conversation of most people seems to turn on negative subjects I had a cup of
coffee and a one-armed joint in New York City one morning and all I heard were
people complaining about one thing or another their problems and verbally
ripping other people up the back it seems that the conversations of most
people center around their aches and pains or the rotten weather are their
problems at home or with the people with whom they work radio and television
commercials often hinge on fear as a motivating factor for mine do this or
you won’t be one of the games or you’ll smell bad or your car will stall or
you’ll get a blowout or you’ll ruin a meal or your teeth will look funny or
you’ll have bad breath well that’s the way a disproportionate share of our days
seems to go and my friend resigned literally

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