Audible Review: How Audible Works and Why it’s the Best (2019)

in today’s video I’m going over my
audible review and I’m going over the five reasons why I think they’re the
best place to go online for audiobooks now I’ve been using audible for about
four years now and I love it because I’ve got a family of five and it is
really hard to just find the time to be able to read but listening to audiobooks
really helps me to multitask because I can listen to books while I’m on my
commute or I can listen to books while I’m cleaning the house and that way I
can actually read books while I’m doing this stuff that has to get done anyways
now if you just stumbled across this channel I’m Jason with honest finance
and I make a lot of videos on different topics that’ll give your life and your
finances more value so if you are interested in this type of content feel
free to subscribe or at least give this particular video alike now I’m not going
to elaborate much on why we all need to read more but according to the research
the average self-made millionaire reads more than two books a month and trust me
if there was no such thing as an audiobook I’d probably only read about
one book a year now why do I prefer audible over all the other platforms
well like I said earlier I’m gonna go over the five reasons why I prefer to
use audible over the other guys and then you guys can make your own decision as
to whether or not you actually want to use audible now the first reason I love
audible is because it’s mainly a subscription service but it’s got a
little bit of a twist in the way that they do things now I’ll explain here how
audible works because it’s super simple and it’s really unique they’re owned by
Amazon so all you have to do is open up an account using your existing Amazon
account and then they’ll give you book credits every month that you can redeem
for any book and they’re ginormous library now if you’ve got a subscription
for music like iTunes or Spotify then you already know what happens when you unsubscribe which is the fact that you don’t get to keep anything but audible
doesn’t work like that because once you redeem a credit you get to keep the book
forever even if you cancel with them and this is just freaking awesome because
every single book that I own with audible is mine to keep forever
and they’re all backed up by they’re ginormous Cloud audible starts at about
15 bucks a month and that’ll get you one credit per month on that plan
and that is really good because if you look at just one Harry Potter audiobook
those are over 30 bucks now the $15 plan is only worth it if
you’re just into one book a month but if you want more than that they’ve got
other options that are an even better value you can pay an upfront yearly fee
of 230 bucks and they’ll give you 24 credits which ends up being less than 10
bucks or you can pay an upfront hundred and
fifty bucks and they’ll give you twelve books for that option so if you’ve got
the cash upfront these options are the best because they’ll give you all the
credits at once and you don’t have to wait for them to roll out every single
month so if you want to get all your books right now and you want to get the
best value for Mata bowl then I would definitely go with the yearly fee they
also have another monthly plan that’s only 23 bucks a month that’ll give you
two credits and that’s the one that I like because two books is plenty for me
and sometimes I’ll unsubscribe just so that I can take a break and catch up on
my reading because audible doesn’t have a contract you can just cancel anytime
with them and then you can resize up whenever you’re ready to and everything
will be as it was and seriously when you consider how much audiobooks cost on
their own audible is a very good source to get your audiobooks at a really good
value and the really cool thing with audible is that if you’re a new
subscriber with them they’ll actually give you two free audiobooks just for
signing up I put a link in the description so if you want to try them
after the video then go ahead and just click the link now if you do get the two
free books and then you decide that you don’t want to be with audible anymore
you still get to keep those two books because they’re yours forever you’ll
always have access to the books you’ve redeemed even if you’re not subscribed
now the second reason I use audible is because their books are actually cheaper
for subscribers if you want to just buy a book on its own without using a credit
usually the credits are worth using on a book but if I find one it’s only like
five bucks then it’s obviously not worth wasting a credit on it so I’ll just buy
it on its own or sometimes they might really want a book right now but I don’t
have any credits so in that case I’ll just buy a book but it’s always a better
value if your subscriber anybody can buy a book on audible which is always gonna
have really competitive prices but the prices are always going to be the best
if you’re a subscriber they also have a newer feature which allows members to
get two of their original series books and then sometimes they’ll throw in a
random pre-selected book that you can just get for free the original series
stuff is cool because they have a lot of content to choose from but me personally
I’ve never really been interested in any of the topics that they offer but
whenever they’ve had their pre-selected books those are pretty cool and I’ve
used that feature before one time they had the Tim Curry version of A Christmas
Carol which was an awesome audiobook that they offered because my family
loves listening to it over the holidays but a couple months ago they offered
Emma but that didn’t interest me at all even though it was still a free book
obviously some of their pre-selected books are going to be better than others
but that’s all just a matter of opinion based on the type of reading that you
like to do but if you’re the type that likes to read just about anything then
having these features on audible is worth it because it’s just more free
content and another cool feature for subscribers is that sometimes audible
will actually give you huge discounts on a bunch of bestseller books so for just
being a subscriber you’ll get your monthly credits you’ll get your free
content and you’ll sometimes get the huge discounts on bestsellers now the
next reason I use audible is because if you find a book that you don’t like you
can return it now I just barely got the book called the power of habit and I
wasn’t really digging it because the beginning of the book just kept going on
and on about smoking and about rat studies so I returned it now it’s really
cool that audible lets you do this because whenever I buy a movie and I
don’t like it I can’t just return it like you can on
audible but you’ve got to understand that audible offers this feature for
honest book readers and that their policies do change all the time you have
to pretty much talk to a rep every time that you want to return a book but as
long as you’re not abusing the system you can return about three a year but
don’t hold my words accountable because like I said the policies change all the
time but in my experience if I’ve wanted to return a book I can do that with
audible now the next reason I prefer to use audible is because their app is
actually really good for mobile reading I’ve got some audio books that I bought
on iTunes and the cool thing about the audible app is that you can actually
download the book straight from itunes into the audible app so that all your
books are just in one place I’ve also noticed when you listen to books over
Bluetooth in your car if you push the track forward or the track back button
it only moves at thirty Seconds which is a really good thing I’m saying this is a
good thing because if I use iTunes in my car and I hit the track back button it
actually starts the entire chapter over which is really annoying and if you do
want to listen to books at different speeds you can just do that right
through the app so that you can cruise through your books a lot faster now if
you want to be extra safe while you’re driving you can put it into car mode
which will make everything as simple as possible the app is also really good at
remembering where you left off in a book so if you switch back and forth between
a whole bunch of different books it’s gonna remember that so that the next
time you start reading it just starts where you want it to and just so you’re
aware the books are downloadable so you don’t have to rely on the Internet
order to read your books and I also mention that their wish list is really
handy too because if you find any book that you want you just throw it into the
wish list and then you can access it anywhere and find them really easily now
the last reason that I use audible is because they let you preview books
before you buy them and they’ve got the largest selection of audiobooks that
I’ve ever seen being able to preview a book before you
buy it is a big deal because if the narrator sucks then you can just look
for another one now all the competitors let you preview
ebooks as well but the big difference with audible is that they’ve got such a
huge library of books that you can actually look for the same book with
different narrators to find the one that you want
I mean seriously there hasn’t been a single time where I couldn’t find the
book that I was looking for through audible now just remember that if you’re
a new subscriber to audible they’ll give you two free ebooks just for signing up
once again I put the link in the description so if you want to click it
and get your free ebooks then go ahead and do that that’s how I first started
using audible because when I first signed up I just got one free book but I
quickly realized that it was something that I wanted to keep in my life it’s
really hard to argue that audible isn’t worth at least trying because you’re
gonna get the two free ebooks and you’re gonna get 30 days worth of all the other
perks as well now that is my personal review of audible but I want to know
what features you guys like so let me know in the comments if I forgot
anything or if you agree with anything that I said once again I’m Jason with
honest finance and I make a lot of videos on different topics that’ll give
your life and your finances more value so if you are interested in this type of
content feel free to subscribe or at least give this video a like that’s all

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