Authorized Users? || Will This Lower Their Credit Score? || Instantly Boost Your Credit Score

(upbeat music) – How does an authorized user work? So people have hit me with this question, Will my credit affect their credit? What? Hold on, what does that mean? Okay, let me break it down. So let’s say somebody with good credit, let’s say your grandfather
has good credit. He wants to put you on
as an authorized user to boost your score,
known as piggy backing. They’re going to boost your score. But you have bad credit. Is that going to affect my
grandfather’s credit score? No, his score is in tact,
he’s going to put you on one of his good credit
cards, you’re going to get some of that old credit
history from that credit card. You’re going to get some
of that credit utilization, maybe he’s got $10,000
limit there and he doesn’t use any of it because he pays
it off every month on time. He pays it all down, he pays it all down, he’s got 10 grand there, but now you’ve got 10 grand in credit. Now, with the authorized user, you may not get a credit card, your grandfather might not
give you a credit card. He might not want you to
be able to utilize that. But it’s not important
because he’s giving you the gift of good credit. So will it work? Yeah. It might take 30 days to report or 60 days or something to bring you up. And he can do it on all of his cards. Maybe he’s got good credit
all the way through, back from when he
started when he was young and had good credit and
now he can bring you up. So that’s something that
you can do while you’re getting the negatives off. You can do that during
your dispute process, you can be put on as an authorized user. And you can have good credit,
even if you’ve had bad delinquents in the past just
by piggy backing that way. Just by being put on
as an authorized user. And I know sometimes it’s
tough to find somebody with good credit around you
that’s willing to do that. There are programs out there,
they talk about trade lines, seasoned trade lines, two year old, these corporate accounts
that you can pay for and get on there. Hey, be my guest. Take a look, look into it. It might be worth for your time. But for free, you have a family member who can do it for you, save you a bunch of time and money. All right, that’s how you do it. Thanks for watching, give
a thumbs up, subscribe. And if you want us to repair your credit, check out the link below, Or if you want to do it
yourself, Link below. Thanks guys. (upbeat music)

27 comments on “Authorized Users? || Will This Lower Their Credit Score? || Instantly Boost Your Credit Score”

  1. Edwin Anthony says:

    What about if a parent puts you on a Authorized Credit then messes it up. Will the authorized user be affected?

  2. Gwen Cradle says:

    🙌🏾🙌🏾it works trust me!!!

  3. Deonne Taylor says:

    Equifax sent me my credit report, stating if I need to dispute something to dispute it online. Should I send out the second letter or should I give them the full 30 days?

  4. Tee Lagway says:

    I am a new subscriber and I am getting ready to order your do it yourself ebooks and letters I heard good things from my friends that have your ebooks and letters.

  5. Tiffany Smith says:

    Will your score drop if they take you off after 3 months or will it remain the same…? Once its up

  6. Javier Seo Services says:

    Hi one question at what age can you add a authorized user I have 2 children? thanks..

  7. 01GUYANESE says:

    I have a question? If I add a authorize user to my credit, whos credit scores is above 650 but below 700 in afford to raise they credit score. Would it affect mines if they also apply for a new line of credit?

  8. The Tactical Agenda says:

    Question : if my limit is 5000. And my safe zone is 1750(. 35 percent). Should I add my girlfriend so that she can start building credit. Or will I risk going over 35 percent in we both are involved. How can I have her on my account while maintaining below 35 percent

  9. Josh Matthew says:

    If your credit score sucks its for a good reason. Pay your bills on time its that easy.

  10. Brian Thompson says:

    thank you

  11. D M says:

    Thanks, you explained it so simple and plain and got your point across

  12. Mirrorman Beats says:

    My mom just added me on her amex and discover card my score went up like crazy 200+points

  13. Lorraine Grant says:

    You can buy a house of your choice if your credit score is low it can be fix

  14. queensofspades decs says:

    Brandon I have question for you not sure if you could help but. What about if I know someone who has a primary home mortgage and I want them to add me what's the process ? Would address have to match mine ? Please help

  15. RVS BEST says:

    Hi Brandon, I have a bankruptcy 5 years ago and had lots of hard credit cannot apply for credit card, I want my good credit back for life, so I went to credit pros to have it remove ( 3 months now) would this be ok to ask someone to authorize me to the same bank where I had a debt of my bankruptcy? Asking for help thank you.

  16. Investor Wayne says:

    what about removing an Authorized user? after getting the boost from being added would removing them lower their score back down?

  17. Thao jenny Duong says:

    If my boyfriend add me as authorized users , the credit card will issue the credit card for me too ? But do i have to use that credit card to purchase to boost up credit report?? Or can he still uses his credit card normal as before? And still help my credit report??

  18. Gloria Garcia says:

    Hello I’m just wondering my dad added me to his accounts as an authorized but it doesn’t ask for my social so will the credit bureaus find me with my name, address, and birthdate . I also called the accounts and they say I can’t add my social so I’m confused please help

  19. Jayeneca Bailey says:

    what if my husband has a seasoned credit card with a descent limit. Only issue is that he has 1 l30 day late payment over 2.5 years ago. Will putting me on as an authorized user be beneficial for me even with that 1 late?

  20. Queen Nyjah says:

    What if that person owes capital one and u put them on as an user on ur capital one Acct

  21. meplus3 says:

    Will they mail a cc for the authorized user?

  22. Deici L says:

    When calling to be an authorized user will the credit card company ask for the social security #?

  23. togba zulu says:

    Great content! Very precise at to the point 🔥

  24. Julio Lozano says:

    One question real quick Brandon if I don’t have the same bank as her can she still add me to all her credit cards?

  25. SelfAwareness333 says:

    Do you have to activate the card before it’s reported on your credit report.

  26. Xjazzair M says:

    Thank you. You've answered some many questions. Just Thank You.

  27. Chelsy Carter says:

    Short, sweet, simple, & straight to the point! My type of video

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