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(gentle music) – She loved to craft and create. – [Announcer] Jennifer Cole
lost her daughter Avery in an ATV accident over
last Memorial Day weekend. – Our community was incredibly kind to us. – [Announcer] The Cole family started Avery’s Dream Foundation. – We just wanna help people. – [Announcer] Inspired by a school project where Avery decided she would
grow up to be a humanitarian. – I want everyone to have a
warm house and food to eat. – We use that poster that she
put together as our bible. – [Announcer] They started
with putting in a buddy bench at her school and others
to help lonely kids. – [Jennifer] We got this
wonderful feedback from kids and from some parents and the teachers. – [Announcer] And, it has
expanded now to things like days of service, car wash
fundraisers, and a drive for the Utah Refuge Connection. – We’re just looking for
soap products, toilet paper, diapers, those kinds of things. – [Announcer] The projects
help her family grieve. – [Jennifer] Having things to honor Avery, rather than just be mad that she’s gone, is really helpful. – [Announcer] And also
keep her legacy alive. – My direction in life now,
to just spend my time trying to do the things that she wants to do. – [Announcer] Avery is with
them every step of the way. – [Jennifer] I can feel her
when we’re doing these things. – [Announcer] Tony Rasmussen
from Mountain America Credit Union is here
with some support, too. – [Tony] $500 from our
Pay it Forward program, and we’re just here to say thank you and amazing work. Please keep it up. – Okay.
– [Jennifer] Thank you. You’re sneaky (laughs).

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  1. Mandy, Leah, and Syd Vlog says:

    Avery was my best friend and I will do anything to help you and her legacy live on.

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