Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic – Season 2019

The night beckons while you dream A life never lives in peace As you stand upon the edge, woven by a single thread And fate may fall down upon you While the devil is knocking, right at your door So all you restless, each night you hear the drums of war Awaken, Awaken The voice begins to call you while you hunger A taste of destiny you’re searching for Awaken, Awaken The fight is at your door, take up the cause Awaken As you stand upon the edge, hanging in the balance And fate may fall down upon you While the devil is knocking So all you restless, each night you hear the drums of war Awaken, Awaken The voice begins to call you while you hunger A taste of destiny you’re searching for Awaken, Awaken Awaken

100 comments on “Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic – Season 2019”

  1. Min Minhyuk says:

    I’m still here. I think everyone can agree that if they make a movie it will be the best thing in existence. The lore and the characters are so interesting. I feel it could be full of action, love, and be a real tear jerker

  2. 4 scoops says:

    çizgi film yapın izlerim aq

  3. Dancho Danchov says:

    holy, their cinematics is what keeps me playing the game

  4. Tomy.p Purran says:


    Yasuo: farm minions when there is tf

  5. DevyXD says:

    riven black eyes :v

  6. Giacomo Rossi says:


  7. João Vitor says:

    Imagine Hype from the audience watching Draven come down with the axes

  8. jonathan JoeZ says:

    Tears in my eyes after wathing this cinematic 🥺

  9. Chicken Sheep says:

    why does Irelia looks weird here?

  10. -Prospekt- says:

    U N A M A N T E Q U I T A

  11. metin arslan says:


  12. Patrick Moukahal says:

    @2:09 HAF

  13. Tulasi Raman says:

    These songs are like watched a high leveled movies love it😍😍

  14. HAHA HA says:

    여기 나오는 진은 ap e선마 진이라서 카밀잡을라고 덫 오지게 깔아놨는데 미니언들이 덫 다 터뜨리고 카밀이 e로 다피해서 죽음을 직감하고 점멸을 빼기보단 간지나게 ctrl4로 죽음을 겸허히 받아들이는 참 원딜의 모습이다.

  15. Zhezoweak ĸr says:

    Imagine this being a movie in a cinema…

    Foc that's so cool

  16. kindred 1000 says:

    So amezing

  17. Kåizou says:

    3:07 This is Amazing

  18. Khada Jhin says:

    Jhin is the best champ forever.

  19. Shacksituu says:

    2:26 I am crying, this is so beautiful

  20. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Atleast draven is fair

  21. MistiiK says:


  22. Kirill says:

    1:48 yeah, let's have some focus trick)

  23. Sophia L says:

    when you need 5 people to shut down inting sion

  24. beyza says:

    ich heule

  25. Jason Zhang says:

    There goes my ADC fighting in melee range again

  26. javier sabogal rojas says:

    Mujer porque le cantas a la guerra no sabes que la "causa" no es tan buena en la guerra violan y matan no solo mujeres sino que ellos también hacen esas cosas sin saber el mal que hacen

  27. Minami Hasaki says:

    Almost a year later, still get shivers down my spine when I see this video.

  28. Joseph Stalin says:

    Sion: rep my team 5v1 noobs

  29. Owlinx says:

    this amazing but the fighting scene's is so slow and boring beside that this is so awesome

  30. Night says:

    So where was Shen

  31. Abu parves says:

    0.56-0.58 that shot is way too swag

  32. DarkArmedDragon10009 says:

    Is everyone ignoring Karma's thicness in this

  33. DtxShawn says:

    did anyone notice when camille like used her ''E'' in the cinematic that its basicly just the same as aot

  34. Mason Tartaglia says:

    I can't stop hearing the meme version when I watch this XD

  35. Mbc23 FR says:

    C'est beau mais c'est tellement nul

  36. Алексей Шведов says:

    Это что, типо просто реклама лиги легенд?

  37. Andy Zhong says:

    riven has been nerfed, its time for me to awaken!

  38. League of Fox says:

    Sion: Team go do baron or something. I'm litterally tanking 5 people

  39. Kalaczek says:

    I'm crying because my internet is lagging and I can't play league 🙁 This is the best game!

  40. Hlouiseart says:

    They need to make a movie like avengers civil war where they all fight each other and then they realise “wait Hol’ up” and gang up to defeat a big bad dude like the smash brawl campaign.

  41. Gamer Smartie says:

    3:06 La mejor parte .

  42. Akilian says:

    Не знаю кто это читает, но пофиг!))) Трейлер супер, я просто тащусь и пересматриваю его. Музыка топ, картинка шикарна и вообще сделан действительно с душой что хочется и смотреть и играть. Единственный минус много хочется пересматривать раз трейлер так как он очень крут !!!! =) Один из лучших что я видел за последнее время !!!!! (Аж мурашки пробежали по коже )))


    Graphics for this music video are so good I can imagine a new dawn being remastered and being just as good as this but add the Rise or Legends never die song to it or the bobby remix version of rise yo 😁☝️

  44. André Serra Santos says:


  45. Jan Z says:

    league of legends cinematics look better than vitcher
    meanvhile lol in game still looks like a mobile game

  46. Diego San Martín Albornoz says:

    Yo sigo diciendo que si kennen estaba peleando, shen lo tuvo que haber enviado, despues de todo el pequeño aun es parte de la orden. (No como OTRAS)

  47. Elecpatorana says:


  48. LotsOf Teeth says:

    The best one they have done yet

  49. totopilou 57 says:


  50. Saeed Amirhamzei says:

    Yasuo : give me those coinss

  51. Alex Wolford says:

    Awaken my Masters!

  52. Plan B says:

    I dont play lol. I dont even like lol but this is one of the most epic gametrailers i have ever seen.

  53. Cerberus says:

    Why cant the game be good like this

  54. Cerberus says:

    Do draven and riven secretly love eachover?

  55. The Cringe Bringer says:

    That's one fed Sion.

  56. David lin Xiangjie says:

    Ayuda,help,soy el Chico que más amor le falta y me encuentro en Torrent avinguda,spain.echar un buen ojo por aquí,realmente necesito ayuda.

  57. Madness says:

    I don't even play League of Legends but I always watch the cinematic videos 🙂

  58. ÇAĞRI BEYAZIT says:

    Yuhh Sion yavaş vur karı öldü mq

  59. 장시영 says:

    와…..진 ㅈㄴ 멋있네

  60. Amv World says:


  61. 공충이 says:

    2:55 케넨 야! 하는 거 ㅈㄴ 귀엽네ㅋㅋㅋ

  62. Eugene Gokov says:

    I don't like LOL, but i like this soundtrack

  63. Akalimain uwu says:

    ok who feed sion?

  64. juan.guaita.58 guaita says:

    beautiful cute perfect 🙂

  65. Winston Churchill says:

    Who is here after watching asleep??

  66. yusuf can says:

    jhin is my favor

  67. VoidFX says:

    this cinematic is so beautiful it's disgusting.

  68. JOJOKER says:

    This is a Jojo reference?

  69. Rudy Johanson says:


  70. MPFTT 11 says:


  71. Anderson Dos Santos says:

    Br ?

  72. Weverton Costa Santos says:

    Essa cinematic é simplesmente linda e a música é maravilhosa. Nem jogo o jogo, mas, tão de parabéns !

  73. Orangecatty says:

    This has less views than rise??

  74. Macaron Moon says:

    I shed tears

  75. WHOMST'D says:

    Of course the good ones win. Smh i’m tired of it

  76. Kenia Rodríguez says:


  77. THE Scratchyscratch! says:


  78. mallow boi says:

    imagine yasuo's q being that huge but you still miss

  79. Simple S says:

    0:22 Helmet bro

  80. Miku says:

    formication Wooooooooow

  81. Chai7lb says:

    I have been wanting a movie from them since season 2… when will Riot come out with a movie T.T

  82. mirac emirza says:

    türkler buraya

  83. Navzy says:

    yasuo's ball hair still confuses me

  84. Perceval de Galles says:


  85. ShAdOw SpEaR says:

    Feminist faggotry

  86. Natsuki says:

    Project save riven

  87. Meltdown says:

    Wonder if anyone noticed how happy both Riven and Draven look fighting each other.

  88. Oğuzhan Ç says:

    lol universe better than frickin marvel!
    Make a movie already

  89. Minh Nhật trần says:

    I come from Việt Nam. Good song and I listen to it every day

  90. Enes Kavak says:

    yapılan en iyi reklam budur açık ara net

  91. Daniel Rathbun says:

    Why would they send Camille after Jhin?

    You don’t send a human kill a monster….

  92. Nazareno Szumczuk says:

    Draven looks like Adam Lambert xd

  93. DarkCreeper99 says:

    yasuo in the enemy team

  94. UnrealTinec says:

    Jhin and Camilles parts were the best. Its so epic and I started playing Camille because of these scenes. Now grinding on Jhin!

  95. furkan Gezıcı says:


  96. Sandra Cortina says:

    Ya juego League of LEGES

  97. Zavite_ Fixikov says:

    Сцена девушки прикованной к столбу цепью полностью взята из Книги про ведьмака. Даже внешне они похожи с персонажем

  98. Otaku Eduard says:

    0:53 💗

  99. Katarina Resets says:

    did riven cosplay sylas or something?

  100. MelloJello says:

    The girl power in this video gives me the chills. So happy to see so many lovely female champions represented!

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