Bacardi House Party Ad With New Song [52 Sellout Week 28]

Welcome to week 28 of 52 Sellout! I can’t believe that it’s 28 weeks later! I totally should have done a zombie thing for this week! Instead I have an experiment that involves this commercial: It’s a Bacardi commercial that you may have seen, and it features a song that’s actually really good. It’s from the mid-60s, it’s an obscure song that apparently they only pressed 100 copies of, and it was very sought-after by record collectors, and then it found its way into this commercial I really enjoyed the music the first hundred, two hundred times I heard it, but my problems with the commercials are thus: a.) they play this commercial all the frickin’ time b.) they cut the commercial down from 53 seconds to 30 seconds and then again from 30 seconds to 15 seconds c.) the 15-second version gets played so often I’ve actually seen it played twice in the same commercial break! It’s like when someone has a song stuck in their head and they only know one verse, you know? So they just keep singing that over and over and over again It’s like living with someone with Tourette’s. Also, this just doesn’t look fun to me. They’re hanging out in a house that’s on the back of a truck barreling down the road, that’s not safe! You might see a party, I see a disaster waiting to happen! So, to purge this awfulness from the universe I decided to do this: I took the 15-second version of the commercial and slowed it down to a quarter speed so it’s a full minute long again. Then I put in my own song that I wrote, a bluesy dirge called “Roll On Death House” Let’s see what happens. [guitar player] 1, 2, 3, go, 2, 3 [attempting a Tom Waitsy voice]
Roll on, death house Careen to the end There’ll be no survivors So bring all your friends We’re having a party There’s booze in the tub There’ll be no hangovers ’Cause you won’t wake up Roll on, death house You’re all out of luck Do you even know Who’s driving this truck? Roll on, death house You’re happy inside Soon you’ll be hitting The end of your ride So roll on death house roll on Woosh. woosh.

8 comments on “Bacardi House Party Ad With New Song [52 Sellout Week 28]”

  1. Sam Scott says:

    every time I see a video from you I assume you have a well populated comments section and loads of active subs, because it seems like everyone else with your level of coolness of content has loads.

    it sucks lol. you need more ;p

  2. Chris Alexander says:

    I sped this up to 3/8 speed and played it in reverse. as it turns out it's just Pachelbel again.

  3. Stephanus Surjaputra says:

    I like your version better. As far as why they cut it down to 15 seconds and then play it twice is because it's still cheaper than having a 30 second commercial play once :).

  4. Telogor says:

    That was great.

  5. Jack Wood says:

    I just have to add my comments to this very cool video. I agree, I don't really care for the 15 second version either, but then, I'm not footing the bill. Thanks for a very clever and creative take on the commercial that has changed my life…Jack Wood Grand Rapids, Michigan

  6. panda_pubg moblie says:


  7. shourya shukla says:

    We don't want you

  8. akshat says:

    What Did I just see🤣🤣🤣🤣

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