alright guys New York City I just love being here I really like all the places in the world I feel so at home here the energy the vibrancy the people the just overall enthusiasm of life and the vibrancy that I feel here is unbelievable so here for a week a lot of really cool things happening I just wanna first of all thanks to Brina for sabrina is very talented one behind the camera during this week here in New York for those of you in Washington a single living you know that 1p has been doing all of our work including the last two months 1p couldn’t travel cuz imma be so so so you know we got we got an awesome talented videographer here in New York Oh Sabrina thanks so much for being here yuck and just excited to share this stuff with you guys give a big week coming up a lot of client meetings got a presentation tomorrow at I’m sorry Wednesday at Manhattan Marymount College really talking to students about personal branding about the future of work about why it’s so important to start branding yourself now for the job that you wanted a business you want to start lining up some media interviews Univision or their tune and New York one have both reached out interested in doing some some features about the work that we’re doing very humbled about that so we’re going to try to line selectively up today and then just a lot of client meetings meeting today in fact we’re on our way out to Queens here in a second jackson height we will give you kind of a view about what Jackson High specific Felicity that are not watching from New York very Colombian Ecuadorian Mexican neighborhood very cool vibe there as well and meeting with a vs dental who George is a friend of mine also a client we’re helping them along with their social media what happens in love with their relationship building business development stuff they’re rocking a role in expanding like crazy great to remember you know the point of me doing this show for you guys and obviously this is going to be which wall here in New York are my conferences reply means you’re going to be in English but will translate all of it for subtitles if there is a real reason that I’m doing this show and it’s kind of fun like I’m getting used to having a camera in my face a lot of the day it’s because I am the best right now with adding you an immense am much value that can immense value and I just can only meet with so many people every day right like I can only meet with one person or a team of 10 or a conference of a thousand but at the end of the day unless you’re in that meeting with me or unless you’re at that conference you don’t really get to hear about the stuff that I’m sharing so I want you to be able to watch this consume this content of anywhere in the world that you live for free and that’s important to me because it’s just scaling that previously was unavailable you know previously we couldn’t let you in a meeting previously unless you’re at the conference you didn’t hear it thanks for checking it out thanks for watching a lot of fun stuff coming up so great to be back in Manhattan takes check it out [Music] and in 18 months from now I just think you could have so many speaking opportunities where that be at colleges or at conferences or organizations that or at the bar association you know that I think that you will be able to really significantly cut back on the law stuff that I know that you’re trying to cut back on anyway so let me know when you’re serious about that and this is the kind of stuff that I can definitely work with you cool all right awesome yes talk soon see them off like really important and I just think that that that that that so many people are missing big opportunities like just because you have a job or just because you have like a nine to fivers because you started your own company doesn’t mean that you can’t actually be on turning yourself into multiple sources of income I mean there’s just so many ways influence people I think that if you have something you love to do and you’re really good at it and you don’t mind being in front of a camera or you don’t mind being a part of people I encourage every single one of you watching to think about how can i pick my expertise that i’m doing now my knowledge my experience and how can i turn that into a speaking career and I by the way I don’t mean speaking career like you have to do what I do it like travel six months a year and like leave your job I just mean ass finger how can you have you share that information with more people everyone is you all need a personal brand I don’t care what you’re doing you need a personal brand otherwise you’re replaceable I don’t want you to be replaceable so that’s the message and let’s go to Queens [Music] the only thing interesting to me about why you about you as a real estate agent is why you want to sell real estate and if we cannot get that in a one-minute video then it’s like you have an extensive network give a lot of people to reach out to why are we not making you a one-minute video where you can send that to every single one of the five thousand people that you created through your finance world and tell them that’s what I’m doing now that’s why I’m doing it help me find new clients that’s all you need right now that stuff that is the first step you need the one-minute commercial trust me and you got the story you got the background and you have new york city we’re in new york city like this place is the most epic place to shoot b roll trust me will rock you a woman a video [Applause] one two three three two one two three four do you believe in magic for me this place grand central the most magical place in New York City I easily my favorite place in New York law is coming here to love the story love life love the scenery it’s a massive place but it’s super quiet so any chance I get to come here so we’re going to jump on this demonstrator head up queen but we could get extra little walk to make sure we can come if you live in a magic grandpa you want you want finish your steak Sabrina to two fishes were perfect got to eat for their on our way brother will you number seven train right now we’ll be there in eighteen point five minutes no not 19 18.5 18.5 minutes [Music] it’s just it’s stuff like that that makes it the best city in the world this is where I am this is where we’re going all of these will got all of these little stops in between oh fun stuff that’s the puzzle so pure here here to here here to give its top of the world wherever you want to end up what really matters is how much you enjoyed every single stop along the way I I was saying thirty-fourth Street my very first trip to New York City when I was like 22 million years old and literally the second I got off the train at 34 3 I thought to myself oh my god happy but my loss rule that I would see the reason I came in your first purchase mr. Lawson and a law school was actually at mainstream from last compliment 7 train that we’re on an alley and I remember riding out from Manhattan out to main street at the flushing and I remember that it was so cool for me that the train was above ground the first thing that I’ve ever been to a trade on a train equip program and then when I arrived to the law school I remember I had three questions that I wanted to answer and I remember going into financial aid office and or even start asking the questions that I prepared i had noted behind the woman and it was Debbie behind your head there was my favorite quote the whole world by ralph waldo emerson which that you know one life is easier because you have lived to know youth speeded and i remember Sally definitely I don’t even ask you any of the question that I wanted to ask you where can I sign up for the fall class Sabrina’s there what’s up what’s up Sabrina simply almost 20,000 views in a weekend original all day let people decide was the job to decide what’s the your jobs inside what’s good so many people never stopped and they think what they’re writing for what they’re producing or what they’re saying or what they’re doing is that good enough here’s the thing it’s not your decision just let us out there and what other people decide New York are you doing happen of logic tonight yeah we’re in Columbia like are we in Columbia in New York [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] common trick we partnered up ok all the optometrist you work with [Music] here we are and what other ideas look why don’t you just start with I mean with it with the tent with a ten enclosure that you have why don’t you just start why don’t you just ask them listen we’re about to do this campaign and we want to know what would be the best way for you to add value tricky I’m going sofa just ask start by asking them what they wanted me if you have these ten relationships that are ready to have between 200,000 and five million followers on Facebook it just makes a lot more sense to me say you know your community better than week that’s also kind of humble way of presenting to them we’re going to do this thing right the thing that you have in your mind is clear we’re going to do this campaign and let me get away up front thousand depending on their partnerships to get with interest or whatever that number might change but what does the FBI d of the campaign is thing which is here we want to do we want to include you we’ve identified you as 10 of our greatest connections that have a great reach and how can we work with that we give you 100 toothbrushes if you think that we should do a competition within your community like what do you want to do what do we have to do to get you on board ultimately you want these people to be twisted right so that I think that would be the steps first of it so the steps in my mind are like number one let’s get you guys some material together all right let’s get the vision of the Commission look who it millions are both kits competition the number of two persons withouts the reason you’re doing more cell phones and toothbrushes in the world right and then prepare would take that for a dream then that to your 10 towards 30 in filters and you say here’s a worker what do we have to do to get you that’s waiting for us to work in that subscribers you right now initially early one I want this two-person American everybody’s fine yeah why not this is brilliance these guys are totally cutting edge when it comes to service I just want everyone that’s watching this episode right now to realize that if you’re in a service industry you should watch very closely what this company does because there’s a leader of the dental world and it can be applied anywhere in a service issue these guys are thinking immensely about value all the time values their community value to the community buys their community it’s a really really amazing comfort they’re good Wow listen nunez dental serving smiles what a pleasure about to give out four of these for the first four people that hit me up that’s all you need that’s all you need you need the name you need your unique because the influencer to say your name and to put your name in hashtag and whatever else they say doesn’t matter all right good meeting really really good meeting that there’s unfortunately their stuff I can’t share about that meeting that is real exciting but for what you will see from that meeting there’s a lot of really cool things happening just tremendous amount of opportunity right now with interim influencers you know and when I say instrumental in serves its people that haven’t following that you can have them give you a shout out in this case we’re putting the other campaign for them for a toothbrush donation campaign more people right now have cell phones toothbrushes so that’s exciting so instrumental is right now is everything I mean it’s a huge market where you can literally pay someone who has a following on Instagram promote some of that you’re doing in this case is free to friction toothbrush campaign and some kinky things to pay them you know I I doubt that the influencers that these guys are going to use will charge for a shout out because a good at the feel-good campaign super campaign going throughout the campaign so utilize internal is just to try to sell them if you’re trying to move a product returns with a service you makea a lot of people out there that will it’s a form of publicity its advertising but at least you can know that what happens if you follow your make more sales so really exciting meeting lots of stuff happening I’m doing a lot of cool work with them and just love works with Episode II it’s been a good day put a fun day off now to do some arms offline stuff from working on what I show you guys just part of my life I do a lot of writing and messaging you work for their company that I can’t share with you and a lot of phone calls that I can’t share with you but i promise i’m sharing everything that I can and it was a really fun really fun first day back a lot of great work essentially a leading premium sporting great meetings all day and the function key mom [Music]

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