Bad Credit Credit Cards, I Tell How I got Several Credit Cards for Bad Credit After Bankruptcy

credit cards for bad credit not bad
people .com the reason why we chose that was we understand
that people may have Bad Credit because they ran
into issues that caused them to have bad credit doesn’t mean they’re necessarily
bad people and that’s why we’re create the website that way is to help people
that have had credit problems maybe have bad
horrible credit now and they’re trying to do something
about it try to fix it and trying to find a way to start by getting bad
credit credit cards now a little bit about myself and a real
estate company that went bankrupt into bankruptcy I had over ten homes that
were foreclosed on and one of them being my own home that’s very bad for your
credit by the way had two autos that were repoed uh… not real good for your credit
either and we had several credit cards that were included in the bankruptcy! My
credit at the time was great We had an american express card
that had No Limit basically, charge as much as
you want and pay off at the end of the month. We could sign for credit
and get money right then. on a signature loan. Needless to say after the
bankruptcy i didn’t know if I’d be able to get credit for years now what we did was we started applying for
different credit in different areas you know there’s nothing more
embarrassing than being denied right there in a store for the store credit card maybe
you’ve been there maybe not but that’s very embarrassing um… but in the real estate business
we learned a little bit about credit repair because we help people fix their
credit to be able to qualify for houses so we
knew some things about credit repair and what we did was start applying for
these different credit cards for bad credit we used a little bit of the knowledge that we knew and we
went out there and was able to find a hand full of bad credit credit cards that created programs especially
for people that have bad credit take a look here there’s
some of the credit cards for bad credit that I was able to get at the time,
right after the bankruptcy. I’m going to send you over to my website
and i tell you about each one of these credit cards bad credit are and exactly at what you would need to do
you want to go apply for those right now online for a bad credit credit card… it’s just that simple you can apply
online maybe you’ve never tried that before maybe you have maybe you were
denied before but I’m gonna show you How to get a credit card with bad credit and especially for bad credit I have a link right on
my website for for the easiest credit card to get with bad credit
click right on there and go to the credit card website
apply right there online. Trust me if was approved for these
I’m pretty certain that your situation is not worse than mine also another thing over at our website is you will have a chance to get our free home study course for
lack of a better word on how you can repair your credit. Like I said in my real
Estate Business we learned a lot about that and I created this home study course for
people to actually use that to repair their credit because I mean believe it or not we waste tons of money
when we have a bad credit credit card, on high-interest. so if you have to go get high interest
loan for an auto after my bankruptcy the only place I
could get a car loan, which my cars got repoed so I had to go get another car and I didnt have cash at the time so I had to go to a buy here pay here car lot and paid well over twenty percent
interest on it until we got our credit fixed far enough to where we could
actually get loan from a credit union believe it or not we were able within a couple of short years go to a credit union and get a car loan… car financed, but you might have to start with a credit card for bad credit so it’s very exciting how powerful
that credit repair courses is. Head over to my website now and we will help
you get those credit cards and get your credit repaired to get your life
back! Thanks for listening

31 comments on “Bad Credit Credit Cards, I Tell How I got Several Credit Cards for Bad Credit After Bankruptcy”

  1. Rod Paletta says:

    Do people get paid to refere these credit cards?

  2. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    I can only speak for myself… My website is an affiliate site so when people sign up for a credit card I get paid by the credit card company. Some people may be turned off by that but when people come to my site I show them the best credit cards for bad credit and give them advice on what I used to rebuild my credit. So you could go directly to the credit card company and apply for the credit card or you could come over to my site and sign up… I do my best to provide value at my site

  3. Modfather 3 says:

    thanks for the info

  4. LastDayStudios says:

    Can i buy online with these credit cards?

  5. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    yea, it is a real credit card that is accepted at all places that take Visa and Mastercard.

  6. TheMyke0 says:

    The one card listed on your site wants a $95.00 "one time" processing fee AND $75 for the first year (So Basically if you get approved you start with a balance of $170) then $45 a year after. No thank you! With their fees, it would be smarter to do a secured card and pay a deposit of $200. Better than wasting $170 on the fees just to obtain the card!

  7. Rob ingle says:

    thank you

  8. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    I agree, if you have an extra $200-$400 cash in your pocket then you can get a secured card and be further ahead… but in my opinion the unsecured card that has $170 in upfront fees would be good if a person didn't have any cash to put toward the deposit on a secured card. I personally have applied for cards that had these large fees only because I didn't have a lot of extra cash but I knew that I needed to start establishing good credit lines and it was worth paying the fees. hope that helps

  9. Gyva02 says:


  10. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    Your right, secured credit cards do work the same way but secured credit cards report to the the credit bureau… that means when you use the credit card responsibly it builds your credit. Once you have built your credit using a couple secured cards you can then be approved for Unsecured cards (that don't require a deposit) and in most cases with higher limits. That is what I did to start rebuilding my credit after bankruptcy. -Joe

  11. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    I know its a long video but if you watch all of it and my other vids then you will see that what I did was NOT just go get more debt but to obtain credit lines that I used responsibly to create a new track record after bankruptcy. The sooner you start creating new responsible credit trade lines the quicker you can rebuild your credit score so you can finance the debt that is important in life like a car, home ect…

  12. Erik Felix says:

    How long do I need to use a secured credit card once I get one? Will I always need to use it? And if I stop using it will my credit fall?

  13. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    I can only tell you what I have experienced… I had a couple of these credit cards that I was able to get when I had bad credit and have used them to build my credit for about 3 years. My credit has improved so I decided to cancel these two cards that charged me a monthly fee of $7 or $8 dollars. I have not had any decrease in my credit score since doing this. Keep in mind I had a total of 7 credit cards now I have 5… I would not have done it if I only had 2 or 3 credit cards. -Joe

  14. william leshitski says:

    my credit score goes from 649 to 690 depending on experian,trans union or equifax. why does my score vary? I use my cards a lot, but pay them off each month. or. I pay most of the balance off. would my score improve if I paid off every card in full each month? I was also told that where you shop affects your score, is that true?

  15. Thomas Vargo says:

    Good Video!

    You could also use a free consumer organization such as "Bad Credit MD" to help you get approved for a credit card.

  16. David Pent Channel says:

    I got a new car loan but no card? rrrrr

  17. says:

    nice! thanks for sharing. i want to share some other video resources to check out the channel /BadCreditResources

  18. MVP Credit Repair says:

    Great Info – Repair your Credit Get all Negatives removed

  19. Briana BlessedQueen Adams says:

    Hi I don't see a list of cards when I'm on your website

  20. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    Did they give you a reason why they would not upgrade you to a regular unsecured card? Are there other negative thing on your credit that is holding you back? Without knowing your entire situation it would be hard to guess what the problems is… I would probably try to apply for an unsecured card from another company to see if I could get approved for a different card.

  21. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    I now have the list of cards posted on the front page of my site… I used to have them on another page of the site. Sorry for the confusion

  22. Credit Cards For Bad Credit says:

    Hey visit my site and take a look at the cards I have listed there. Let me know if any of the cards that I recommend is the same card that you are speaking about. Thanks -Joe

  23. Gallitopcr8 says:

    Hy cant u just say it..I dont want to go to a website

  24. Davon Dainty says:

    I have extremely bad credits and I finish college and i want to rebuild my credit. What advice can you a college student? 

  25. Marco te Kloeze says:

    Good information, thanks! 

  26. Joe Graves says:

    Thanks for the upload !!!

  27. markpapucho says:

    i tried to apply for the credit one card and it says that wisconsin is out of their service area. any suggestions?

  28. Mark Jacob says:

    also, as your repairing your credit with new credit cards, be on time and every six months call the card company and ask for a credit line long as you missed no payments..this is important because the more available credit you have the more it shows banks trust to give you them increases…remember credits all about trust vs risk

  29. working shlub says:

    do not get a credit card…FICO number is a myth

  30. Eric Armada says:

    This guy is a moron and anyone who buys this load of shit is too!! Only a moron would run a business and his personal life on credit , go bankrupt then do it all over again! Staying out of debt is the key to financial freedom . If you focus on worshiping credit all you'll have is debt , not wealth.

  31. Jamin/Veda Weidner says:

    I went to your website just today October 4th 2017 and was denied for every card I applied for! Apparently 590 fica score is not good enough for any unsecured card! The only negative hits on my score are the attorney general. Yes child support . I'm 43 years old and never have I had a credit card. Not one EVER! I graduated from UNLV with not one but two degrees. I owned my own retail store for over 10 years and I always paid cash for everything. I've bought 6 vehicles two of which I bought bran new off the show room floor. I bought a house and I've paid cash for all of it. But after my divorce I needed some credit for the first time in my life and have been rejected every time. My 18 year old son has never has a job . He's still in school and has 3 unsecured credit cards. All of them I pay for ! What kinda crazy shit is this? I tell ya …. this world and it's upside down banking makes no sense!

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