This video is about
BAD CREDIT LOANS GUARANTEED APPROVAL. Hello I’m Roger Groh we’re here today to
talk about guaranteed personal loan approval to try
to borrow money recently they’re going to look at what you have
today in terms of liquid assets they’re going to look at your job take a look at your future to
determine that it they give you cash are they going to get
back to see interest that you owe them now it sometimes a guarantee a another group or person is
necessary for you to make the bay feel comfortable that
they will give you the money that is called a guarantee one another
party comes in in Ashley cosine Sano with you that way the bank knows that if you cannot pay
them this other person or group may now frequently you see that happening on
cars and in corporations that happens quite a bit and startups were company really doesn’t
have a track record of borrowing money paying it back and they were like a
personal guarantee before they lend money to the
corporation I’m Roger grow and that’s about guarantees for personal
loan approval

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