Bad Credit Secured Loans – We can help

If you are watching this video you might be wondering how credit problems might affect
your ability to take out a loan. Let me reassure you. If you own your home or investment property, with a secured loan our lenders are much more accommodating. Secondly, if you have arrears, court judgements and defaults from more than a year ago many lenders will ignore them and still offer their lowest rates. Even if you have recent credit issues there are really competitive products available if we can demonstrate that you have now put the problem behind you. Lastly, if things are so bad that your credit is in a real pickle there are still lenders available. Their rates are not as competitive but are still massively cheaper than a typical guarantor or payday loan. With secured loans every loan is based on the equity available in your property and your ability to afford the repayments but don’t assume that credit problems will stop you borrowing An adviser at Promise will explore the entire market to find a loan which suits you Talk to Promise today

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