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Excuse me I’ll pay for information about what happened to Bain! Please, please I’ll pay you, I’ll pay you Take my money! PLEASE! Aww, that didn’t work… Oh, it worked, and I know exactly who betrayed us [Game Theory Intro Music Plays] Hello internet! Welcome to BAIN Theory where I’m unleashing my inner matpat to try and unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of our beloved criminal overlord… BAIN If you aren’t caught up on your payday lore and you don’t want to be spoiled on the plot progression, Yes, you heard that right there is a plot, and it has been progressed, take a brief moment to go play a few of the new heists added into the game. Mainly Alaska Deal, Reservoir Dogs and Brooklyn Bank, in that order, then come back and continue this video okay you’re still here you haven’t done any of that let me give you the rundown! During last year’s Crimefest which was called the Lock and Load event and if you can’t guess from the name, it featured Locke. we are sent to Alaska to help oversee a weapons deal between him and the butcher and wants the extra muscle to ensure that everything goes smoothly but when we arrived however Locke apologizes and we learn that he has betrayed us we then escaped into international waters on the mere swine cargo ship really they went with that name I guess it’s more entertaining than. THIS IS MORETTA! With Locke gone, Bain has a new job for us out in California as we’re heading back. Helping out the Cabot family. Reservoir Dogs heist. Much like the movie, the heist actually starts on the second day. We learn that at the end of day one from a staticky message from Bain… Okay gang, no time for backslapping, get out of there ASA….Something…. Guys, Shit, I’m in trouble, my location is compromised. Gotta get you guys outta there This is what I was afraid of. They’re coming for me. I’m so close to finding…Not much time. They’ll hear me This is crazy, but you need to trust Locke! He is on our side, and whatever you do You need to get to Brooklyn, Locke knows why. F*cK You! F&Ck YOU! Locke will help you find, be careful guys….. That’s it, that’s the last time we hear from Bain Day 2 actually has Locke directing the gang and trying to get them out of the situation. With Bain gone, Locke directs us to hit the Brooklyn Bank and get an item Bain was after and Locke explains and speculates what happened to Bain. Now that you’re all caught up we can start dissecting the audio files micro sites and figure out who it was that betrayed Bain and the payday gang yes fellow heisters! We have ourselves another rat. Or maybe this time I should say, we have a… MERESWINE! [TV AD] Stop it! Get some help. In order to figure out who has betrayed us, we first have to sort through all the information available to The best place to start would be a list of every possible suspect and I’ve compiled a list of every name I could possibly find and I split it into a few key groups Heisters. Contractors. Accomplices. The Cops. Gangs. Weapon Mentions and Unknown Our first clue comes from this audio line from Locke Look, I know you got little incentive to trust me after Alaska, but sending you there was the only credible ruse we had time for, to get you out of DC. People Bain used to think could be trusted were listening and now he’s gone. We knew something was going to happen but not when or what. From this we learn that whoever we are looking for had to be both trusted by Bain and listening in during the Alaskan deal. This means our traitor is part of one of these three groups, and let’s be fair it would be pretty disappointing to learn that Janet Smalls from IT captured Bain. we can reinforce this fact from these lines from Matt Roscoe from the safe house Any one of you could be a traitor you know, have you considered that. As well as these lines from Hoxton’s Prison Nightmare. Thats, Prison Nightmare, playing as Hoxton I could see how that’s confusing my brother has powerful friends You got Hector, but someone else is also lying to you. However, we have to also learn who carried out the attack on Bain, as it is highly unlikely that one person from this list was able to carry out the assault themselves There are quite all the gangs mentioned and fought throughout payday The Cobras. The Mendozas. The Sinaloans. The Overkill MC. The Hondurans, Sosa’s cartel and a bunch of different random Russian mafia and syndicates but the most interesting one is this one that was added recently Kino Kowado? Kino Kowodo? Kino kohwohdoh?! Kino Koeru or its closest English translation Beyond Yesterday Its first mention originates only back in December of last year from the FBI file site In three unique emails, an email address called “Hanging Gardens” at Beyond Yesterday send this cryptic email reading He has plundered your seas, ravaged your coasts, burnt your towns and destroyed the lives of your people Mr. Garrett, what is stopping your nemesis worth to you? The email header and the bulk of the message are all lines from the Declaration of Independence and the sender is obviously talking about Bain, Garrett’s nemesis. In the following email, the same user sends a message in the form of an image written in Cuneiform that reads, from the From the hill to the path of the river, to the crossing of the honored dead at rest, you will find a place of reckoning In the final email, that we see is sent by a different user… Enmerkar @ Beyond Yesterday with another encoded message that reads… The Watcher has fallen, his end will be deliverer The Watcher clearly referring to Bain himself from this we can gather that whoever Beyond Yesterday is they have carried out the assault on Bain and whoever betrayed the payday gang has ties with them the other question is why would another organisation carry out such an attack well for starters let’s take a look at all the other gangs we’ve encountered. Now let’s put all the leaders we know next to them Out of all those Hector Ch-chavez? [unsure on pronunciation] Chavez, the Commissar, and Ernesto Sosa, have all been killed by our hands 4 leaders, 5 if you want to account the biker boss from the Overkill MC now imagine another group witnessing this, it’s easy to see why you’d feel nervous and want to do something before the payday gang comes after your organisation We also get this line from lock at the end of Reservoir Dogs day 2… not long ago Bain got new information about this, holy grail dingus he’s after. He wouldn’t tell me what, something about not believing him, but said others are now wanting it too. so we also learned that this group was also after the same Holy Grail Bain was after and that he just got new information on it. A perfect motive for kidnapping Bain. but if Bain knew he was going to be attacked, couldn’t we have just defended him? We’ve saved the safehouse hundreds of times from the police invasions surely we could fight off another criminal organization well these lines from Lokce at the start of day two of Reservoir Dogs shine some light on this. Look, I know you got little incentive to trust me after Alaska, but sending you there was the only credible ruse we had time for, to get you out of DC. Bain said it could happen but I didn’t believe him. Good think I got you out of Washington eh? Can’t believe they managed to pull it off. I never really thought Bain could be that vulnerable. This reveals that whilst this group needs to kidnap Bain for the information he has on the Holy Grail they would have no issues taking on and eliminating the 21 heisters This leads us to believe that Beyond Yesterday is actually a larger organisation than And in all honesty isn’t really that large being based in Washington DC The Federal Bureau of intervention or the FBI has been tasked with taking us down for many years. First with the implementation of cloakers in January 2014 Having dealt with these paramilitary units we earned the right to call ourselves ‘infamous’ The following month the FBI outsourced some units from private security firm Gen SEC This was the Deathwish difficulty update and introduced Gen SEC elite and skull dozers Now fast forward to the infamy 2.0 update in March of 2015 but while dipping your toes and the first levels of infamy is impressive they are just that the first good enough for a spot on some East Coast news network for a while or to be posted on the FBI’s most wanted bulletins. But for true infamy to have your name and deeds live forever you must go further go beyond be more We learn that everything up until this point is good enough for a spot on some East Coast news network from this we can assume that infamy 5 to 25 is our influence spreading across the country Then comes the introduction of Solomon Garrett in September of 2015 and his critically acclaimed Captain Neville winters heading the Payday Task Force from the FBI His sole job is to investigate and bring down Bain and As crime net becomes more powerful and start showing signs of operating outside of Washington DC going to Florida, Russia, Las Vegas, California the issue of containing the Payday Gang is beyond the FBI. This is where the department of homeland surveillance or the DHS comes into play a nice little spin on the real-life department of homeland security Bringing their ‘Force Z’, the ‘ZEAL’ Team to take care of the payday gang this is obviously the introduction of the one down difficulty And of course the ZEAL Team shows that they can’t stop us. But this begs the question, if these guys are taking care of the entire country, it’s in their name don’t forget then why have they only shown up now? The answer is quite simple really… We are not the biggest threat to the country. Beyond Yesterday is… But hey! That’s just a theory! A BAIN THEORY! Thanks for watching!

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