Bank CEO Charged Over Plan To Trade Manafort Loans For Trump Admin. Job | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

84 comments on “Bank CEO Charged Over Plan To Trade Manafort Loans For Trump Admin. Job | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC”

  1. Ian J says:

    Who is surprised?

  2. bob jenkins says:

    Innocent till proven guilty

  3. 32shumble says:

    And how many of the other cabinet posts were sold to the highest bidder?

  4. Philip Clarke says:

    Trump and Manafort flooding the swamp.

  5. Diana Hulstine says:


  6. TRAP ROCKSTAR says:

    Paying for a stain on your record, lol! ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  7. Alessia C***** says:

    Thank god the best people that hang around this administration. ๐Ÿ‘€

  8. Gary Brockie says:

    What did Manafort have on Trump so that he could try this?

  9. Willy van der Hijden says:

    Corruption all over this WH!!!

  10. Nope Nope says:

    His last name though…

  11. Sue G says:

    So thatโ€™s all you have to do to BUY a position in WH? Trump sells positions! Disgusting and that explains why most of his appointments are unqualified!!

  12. catalinacurio says:

    Jeeze, does it ever end, just how corrupt are these trump associated people! ๐Ÿ˜”

  13. BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus says:

    We keep hearing about the campaign and transition. Pence was in the middle of both. Why is he not being questioned about his role in any of this? Common sense dictates he was totally aware of, if not actively participating in, everything that is being investigated. Pence is not the innocent Christian he wants us to believe he is.

  14. V says:

    The campaign felon Manafort is the perfect example of a trumpturd.

  15. KOMPI ART says:

    Who is surprised?

  16. Stillone G. says:

    Follow the money all the way to the whitehouse.

  17. Tixe 100 says:

    They run this administration like a backward, corrupt Southern town in the 1800โ€™s.
    The swamp has become a small, polluted sea where the weather is often really bad. Ask the banker. Or trump.

  18. Hey Now says:


  19. Ross says:

    There have been more criminal indictments and scandals involving or surrounding this POTUS than any time in U.S. history. Seriously, the first step to making America great again is to get rid of this president and end the permeation of corruption.

  20. Dale B says:

    Nice going Mr. Calk. I don't remember Army Officer Training nor Pilot School including a block on Bribery. Memorial Day around the corner and you have to celebrate it with an indictment. Hold Paul Manafort's jail cell door. Another Trump associate is checking in.

  21. Tex Hunter says:

    It really wasn't a bribe. It wasn't his money. The defense rests!

  22. Eric Schmidt says:

    "I have the best people".

  23. Phyllis Arrington says:

    so what's the news?

  24. Kevin Parsons says:

    hey Steven when you go to prison and they put you on and is in the shower guess what they're going to make you put in your mouth it rhymes with your last name

  25. 7 7 says:

    Most corrupt deush bag president ever

  26. BACHSPHASE TV says:

    I wonder how much Trump paid for his position…

  27. Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones says:

    Positions, citizenship, nuclear secrets, everything is for sale with this corrupt Administration. Total sellout selling out America

  28. Richard Sweeney says:

    Oh boy..late nite will have a blast with this manโ€™s name ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  29. Nicholas Santos says:

    Classic pay to play maneuvers, swampy business as usual in DC

  30. Alex Bitcoin says:

    He certainly 'Calk-ed' that up, didn't he now?

  31. Drake Fire says:

    Republicans are criminals. This just confirms it.

  32. spice tea says:

    Who is ever going to repay the bank (people were effected by Paul's fake loan).

  33. the chomp says:

    a corrupt bank ceo? i dont believe it, next youll tell me all congressmen arnt honest hard working people!

  34. Doug Grinbergs says:

    From Wikipedia: "sent Manafort a resume and a request to be nominated Secretary of the Army, adding that he would also be willing to serve as chief of the departments of Treasury, Commerce, Housing or Urban Development, and Defense, or as ambassador to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Australia, China, United Nations, the European Union, Portugal, the Vatican, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, or Singapore."

  35. Michael Draheim says:

    Lock them up,,, that's the only way to drain trump's swamp.

  36. Kameronismyname says:

    R.i.p gg bois

  37. Mr_Rockito says:

    "Only the best…" will go down as the final epitaph of Baby Donnie's failed administration…

  38. Cool Hand Mark says:

    I'd love to click on Hallie Jackson's button down there…

  39. Truck Taxi says:

    No quid pro quo if there's no pro quo

  40. Emperor Charlemagne says:

    I genuinely cannot wait. MSNBC, youโ€™re not going to have a good day

  41. Kaa Pii says:

    This happens in both parties… Hillary did it daily for contributions to her" foundation" ๐Ÿ™„

  42. Don Foster says:

    Wow! Crooked as they come! That makes him the ideal fit for the Trump Administration.

  43. sharon olsen says:

    It's about time !

  44. pat leyland says:

    Seems like largest group of lowlife criminals ever rounded up realy ,yesterday was mitch caught being paid off an mnuchin lying to congress an carson showing he to stupid for his job humm wonder how he got it o well another day another indictment coming ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. James Lewis says:

    Prove it.

  46. The Truth1 says:

    I'm quite sure Mitch McConnell knows something.

  47. Marius M says:

    pig. 30 years. nice.

  48. Dee Dee says:

    Corrupt administration! Sounding like the campaign, transition team and the trump administration where/are corrupt.

  49. hopydaddy says:

    What happened to draining the swamp???

  50. Not a Robot says:

    0:50 "A list of positions in the Trump administration that Calk wanted." ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
    You are welcome!

  51. J B says:

    Iโ€™ll be surprised heโ€™ll get convicted! Heโ€™s someone in a high place and the systems and the money protect him in this world! Heโ€™ll get 6 months to a year of probation and keep his job too!

  52. Nathan Halicki says:

    Humm. Is this not more PROOF that Trump is NOT corrupt and that he knows how to play & meme corrupt idiots…<cough> Democrats <cough>.

  53. Nathan Halicki says:

    Fake News bcs they ignore this…
    Bidens Son gets BILLION$$$ from China bank!

  54. House Majority says:

    Well well pay for play

  55. BeachBum says:

    All of chump's cabinet achieved their positions thru similar corrupt practices, whether paying homage to moron, donations, or outright purchasing appointments. It's about time they started going down for their/chump's behaviour.

  56. jee jee says:

    Clearly clintons fault

  57. JAY HUITING says:

    So what did he think he was going to make off that appointment? No wonder there is no money for infrastructure

  58. Stoney Curtis says:

    The corruption of the Trump campaign and it's associates is endless…
    America deserves better than Trump, vote him out in 2020, our democratic republic depends on it.

  59. Jason Blade says:

    Even if it is case closed and total exoneration… there is still witches being hunted… lmao trump admin is the most corrupt admin ever!

  60. Tessmage Tessera says:

    Trump's cabinet is for sale! Just grease Kaiser trump's palm and you, too, can be a government big shot..!!!

  61. Ethel MirMann says:

    Trump wants us to believe he is the richest most moneyed man in the world but had to borrow 11.2 million from a tiny bank in Florida. The loan was used to finance the purchase of 1125 South Ocean Avenue, a mansion located next door to Trumpโ€™s Mar-a-Lago club and owned by the presidentโ€™s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, a former federal judge. Maryanne resigned her judgeship in February of this year to avoid a judicial ethics investigation into the familyโ€™s finances once the NYT's expose was published revealing the truth of Trump's wealth and tax avoidance schemes. And then shortly after the loan was granted a miracle happen. The CEO of Professional Bank was appointed by trump to the Federal Reserve. The fact that a sitting president is seeking out loans from a bank raises conflict of interest questions. Barack Obama once refused to refinance his home as president despite the possibility of massive financial savings because he was concerned about appearances.

  62. Junior Harry says:

    Hi Hallie.๐Ÿ‘‹.
    Exceptional reporting, Hallie.๐Ÿ‘โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.
    Keep on digging, Hallie.๐Ÿ‘.
    ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰Patience democrats, patience.๐Ÿ‘.

  63. Vijay Jagpaul says:

    Are these the same white people who brought us the glorious gospel of christianity?

  64. neovirtuality says:

    A stinky dark polluted swamp is too pretty to describe this gangster-level corruption. This is the Trump administration! Elected by Russia obviously.

  65. Lily Jade says:

    More indictments re: trump admin folks! More more more like 1974 again! Yes, history does repeat itself with Justice!

  66. Stevie Bee says:

    Looks like the swamp is still being drained.

  67. Everblue Freediving says:

    Trump's people.

  68. Stewart Professional Services says:

    $16 million is nice. It is not Ostrich jacket money, but a nice morsel between foreign clients

  69. 100perdido says:

    Only the best people need apply.

  70. Hvalpikk says:

    Good, better build more prisons to hold all the crooked CEOs including Steve Munching

  71. Mechyuda says:

    Stephen Calk (the dickhead) is guilty of being a rich moron. America has various laws for legal bribery (eg, book deals, investment deals, job opportunities, paid speeches, and campaign donations). Instead, Stephen Calk decided to illegally bribe Paul Manafort (who is also guilty of financial fraud & other conspiracies). Anyhow, Hallie Jackson is so pretty. I want to see the rest of her body.

  72. lam dao says:

    GOOD! This is called a BRIBE! And this is corruption.

  73. indispensable PC says:

    "Case closed" BWUAHAHAHA! Mueller investigation continues to bring in criminal indictments from beyond the grave. The web of corruption seems to extend from Trump for miles in every direction.

  74. Tom Jones says:

    looks like that swamp is getting drained with chump as fraud in chief. Tremendous, such a great job.

  75. Channel Fiend says:

    The Southern District of New York keeps giving us more gifts. Gotta love it!!!

  76. Gloria Clayton says:

    Whitehouse is full of theives and trump supporters are theives.

  77. Gloria Clayton says:

    All of trump buddies are going to prison.

  78. ramos1258 says:

    But but but but but Hillary

  79. Frankie Dawn says:

    Lol, like the military wouldn't find out.

  80. brian mcintyre says:

    Another day another Trump scandal

  81. sclogse1 says:

    This always reeked of the Russians playing the hand. Get Manafort in deep, then play him. And get inside the U.S. military at the same time. This could be major, if you don't mind the pun…

  82. Chatty Cathy says:

    I hope ALL the feckless criminals under tRump are paying attention!!!! Ur going to jail…IS it worth it????

  83. christian navarro says:

    Hallie Jacksonโค๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜˜

  84. NessOnett8 says:

    And zero people were surprised by this

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