BBC Inside Out – the hidden scandal of sexual grooming of young Sikh girls by Muslim men

from where you live we’ve inside it
hello there I’m Matthew Wright welcome back to inside-out London I hope you had a lovely summer and managed to keep your cool during the glorious heatwave whatever the cause for this new series
will be bringing you plenty of in-depth reports from some of the best stories from
around the capital over the summer they’ve been yet more shocking headlines
about gangs of men grooming young girls before subjecting them to horrific
sexual abuse now most to the cases that have been
reported on have involved attacks on vulnerable white girls but they’re not the only
young women being preyed upon and tonight young victims from a different community
going to speak out for the first time they’re breaking their silence in order to secure the justice that they
say has been denied Chris Rogers presents this special
inside-out London investigation I should warn you that some viewers may
find some of the content to this film disturbing
Bradford Rochdale Oxford Telford in all these
recent high-profile cases gangs have men have been convicted of
grooming young and vulnerable white girls but there is another group of victims whos
stories haven’t been told until now – a nine-year-old, a
10-year-old, an eleven year old have been sexually abused that shouldn’t be tolerated in the streets
that we live on behind the doors of Briton’s Sikh
community girls speak for the very first time about how they too have been groomed and
then subjected to horrific sexual abuse by groups of men I can’t sleep at all now as I keep getting
nightmares attempted suicide on my 16th birthday I felt used and abused like a piece
of rubbish he was like sleep witth this guy this is my
friend and it was horriblel I just wished I was dead we hear have being abused can leave Sikh
girls isolated from the own community having
my family and I harassed everyone at some point I
thought my parents attending and smart too and we investigate claims that the
police a failing to protect sick children from a network of child abuse is the
support from the police has been 0 why aren’t we getting the same support as the command jaswinder was only 13 when a man began the process
is grooming he seems like a really sweet guy I
started skipping school just to go out with him then he’d buy me
stuff and pay for my stuff and then he bought me a phone to stay in
contact with him he made me feel like I was the center of attention he spent weeks slowly gaining jaswinder’s
distrust but he had a hidden agenda he took me
out to hotel and then gave me a drink I didn’t know
what happened after that the next morning jaswinder woke up
naked and realized a drink had been spiked the
man she thought she could trust to take an obscene photos have and threatened to show them to her
parents and she agreed to have sex with other men they were like those like those
alcoholics you’d see on the street the blackmail in abuse continued for
over 18 months Jaswinder claims that the man who
forced her into prostitution initially hid true identity he didn’t
say he was see but the way he acted and talk to and
his apparent he had a Gold Khanda(Sikh Emblem) and he had a Kara(Sikh Bracelet) his appearance was just like a Sikh wearing sacred symbols of Sikhism she
claims he had deceived her into thinking he was
from the same religion in fact he was a Muslim
they definitely weren’t see the just someone from a different
culture saying they’re part of yours lying and it’s really terrifying for anyone
this is one of the few times the Jazz win the has actually talked
about what happened to her she says she has very loving parents but
in this Asian community family honor is paramount she’s been warned by her mother against
bringing the subjects up at home and forbidden from telling her father
the full details parents are the last ones to find out if
anything goes wrong I was scared to tell my dad there’s just
some stuff you can’t tell them and I just try to keep myself to myself
and not talk to anyone about it inside out has discovered that there are many other Sikh girls like
Jaswinder with no one to confide in Kulwant is another teenager struggling with the terrible consequences of
sexual exploitation at the age of 16 she was being paid for sex by many older men as a result she self
harms this is the first time i’ve had a look around is it just the arms my legs as well and my stomach these runs my hands I did as I wasn’t
able to cope this man is not a counselor a social worker or police officer but
he’s been trying to help victims and grooming in his community for over a
decade I went from the sequence society and on
me really is to raise awareness on a
terrible subject sexual grooming it is a very heartbreaking subject when you listen to
some other stuff that goes on on the streets of Britain know him
saying help set up the Sikh awareness society
back in the 90’s after growing concern within his
community that young children we’ve been sexually abused just how big a problem is the sexual
grooming girls within see community it is a
massive from just imagine you get a 24-hour helpline which to be
honest never stops ringing the more we dig into it the more we find currently we are dealing with nineteen cases
all the the way from North to to the south and in Leeds and
Bradford Birmingham in Southall who the plight of girls like cool ones and Jaswinder is the reason behind my
hands mission to visit every single one of the UK’s 300 good walrus 4.4 America today is that one of the biggest in Leeds you
have to be brave you have to talk to the subject but
nobody’s going to Taco in simple terms sexual exploitation is
when someone takes advantage of you sexually for their
benefit as a strong turnout but this is
uncomfortable listening from 06 the sexual grooming up girls can
be a taboo subject in this community one of my hands biggest battles is
persuading families to reach out for help its women really personal issues most
fun just don’t wanna talk about 20 really need to be able to somehow deal
to engage people I think parents do you need to be a bit more approachable when you’ve had it so strict here we
supposed to go to these girls will be from he parents that day cool all them in bed causes
such as a taboo subject we need to have an
internal ok whatever we fight we might not like the
findings but we can have a solution to them and
if we get the solution we can save hundreds girls 0 0 see communities a very on a based with
deeply-held traditional religious views that go back for centuries as part of the code of honor that seeks
live by virginity before marriage is held sacred this can make life very
difficult for groom see girls and their families in order to ensure
that they can get married into maintain dignity in the community many
parents feel they have to live by a code secrecy never revealing the piece of
their children in fact the stigma around sexual abuse can be so detrimental to a Sikh girls
future the victims are often sent away from the
family home sometimes permanently 12 months ago a 16-year-old was sent
6,000 miles to america to start a new life security is tight
for a range safety I have to be vetted before kilometer so
there anything I know about the girl that have come here to me
its is this is what makes talk assuming I don’t know the name to
address the instructions that are being given soon drive see this remote town in California wait for calm eventually I get a call Bobby hi yet
this is Chris up okay see them alright thanks I’m told to head to a
small remote town work to meet with the contact areas you
take me to to the house okay britt implants is
thanks at this point whereas to turn off our cameras to avoid
revealing the location my first impression that the girl will call the pre’s she’s like any other
teenager be it living thousands of miles from home a couple you something back from Britain
woman’s eyes acquittals and for use dictionary my story for john is a come on you must have a guest over which
I was in america no it doesn’t it’s nothing I called September maze new
phone on the eyes stuff and youth said to let the temple yeah it’s lovely what else do you miss
about I’m one other income baked beans a being me they don’t have big plans here what was the main reason for coming I
think for me personally was that everyone you what everyone knew about the priest
back in London was that when she was fifteen she’d been
groomed and then blackmailed into having sex
with several older men over many months it started at and other
key thing which is back sakina keeping it’s a
festival where you walk and its just two celebrate who we are as seeks and this
guy punched me and he asked me for my number and he was
there and I 18 19 and he was saying I’ve gotta icy gray step which is identity and he
was wearing a bandana he was a call day we should meet up and I met up with him would take at a
friends say over the next few weeks he showered the
priest with lots of attention and gives while slowly ostracizing from my family
and friends all the classical marks a grooming but
for a vulnerable teenage girl it was love he told me that I was
special and I was just so happy be falling for him our but then things
changed he case me and thank he would touch me
and make me did have like sexual contact and I feel so guilty fo’s so bad and when he knew that I was backing of he showed me pictures he had pictures of
us that kissing like someone was taking pictures from
far away and I pictures Ave his hands tied houses and he said that if you making I was a parent I didn’t know what to say and the only thing I could say 10
mistake you’re not to seek K you know why parents alike you know that
my parents would kill me think you know they do this an that’s when he told me that he was in a
CK and I just no to I did not he was was think I over the
coming months in a priest was prostituted to countless men every time she was
promised the explicit photos of her would be destroyed if she slept with one
more customer she claims her judgment was impaired by
the steady stream with drugs agreement fed her I would wake up drug dinner for string
sound mean I remember kinds where I would make up
in a bit like five people everything man and here do you think it is something that you
will ever be able to move on from and get over from I’m not sure coming here is definitely made a
difference the family just wants to try to sort of
and or try to forget what’s happened and
move on with their life and they know that a girl which is
tarnished with this kinda thing will never actually get married so we do help in taking that child away given a break to the family because that
child the family knows that she is in safe
hands I foresee fear knowing that I’m away
from all the hair and the horror and I know that those
people us so far away from me and I know that
they can get hold of me there know I am to after almost a year in the
pre 2 settled into her new life living with surrogate seek parents she
spends a time painting studying and teaching at the temple she
says coming here has been a fresh start but a counselor
was dealt with many victims have grooming in a clinic cessna Pretz new life may be causing her
more we have cases where children have
actually be removed from the home environment when they’ve
talked about the fact that being sexually exploited now the problem here is number one it’s
not the child’s fall secondly by removing them from the home
it gives a very strong message which is you are the problem and in less time do you think you are
not response here tensely in SNET’s ebola Kevin love and support
you can possibly get long-standing issues will be enormous my parents angry with what happened to
me for they were accusing me you couldn’t stay
away from a you couldn’t do anything why we doing it
this in a fast-paced I still believe that sometimes they
named Mimi you think you’ll ever be able to get
back to London depending on where life takes me
hopefully I will be able to go back coming here it’s almost like I’m just I’ve got a
second chance to live my life again a dozen other British see girls his
parents have sent them out of the country and out of harm’s way sending your daughter abroad might seem
extreme but I’ve discovered that many seek parents believe their children are
in danger here in the UK they believe that their
children have been targeted by gangs %uh Muslim
agreements it’s an accusation that is deeply
controversial the two faith groups have a history
religious conflicts in the Sikh community has been a target of child abuse is since polling 1999 over the last five years it’s become a
growing problem as much as people don’t like it to be
said they are being targeted by Muslim youth on some other cases that we coming
across young girls have been targeted in part playing on swings who are grooming you can read the names
for yourselves same kinda people keep cropping up for the majority of the time on talking
about 98 percent to find a are of Pakistan our region and long for Islamic faith when you’re getting 56 calls a week from concerned parents it just is a
massive problem shaky bring him at the British Muslim
Council believes there is little evidence to suggest organized gangs are specifically
targeting see girls we have been in contact with some of the community’s who have been
affected lines particular RC communities I personally have meetings discussions with we have to base all
these allegations on evidence if it’s just going to be
allegations which cannot be substantiated then the good be tension between even though Muslim men have been
convicted in recent cases he believes that profiling groomers by
their religion is a mistake the Muslim Council Britain’s position
absolutely clear tax child sexual exploitation group is most despicable for crime and it should be treated as a
crime plain and simple we acknowledge that
recent cases that have come 29 in sent is that past people a disproportionately large number
of would be long to faith office it is very wrong society to blame time the act a report on child sexual exploitation by
the Children’s Commissioner for England reveal that those who commit the crime
is grooming come from diverse backgrounds a number of representatives from the
Sikh community came to talk to me about that very real and serious concerns about some love that girls being targeted by Muslim men are evidence was very very via that this is not a crime committed
by one it’s me one faith against another this crime is happening across or our
communities or of faith groups I’m and within every
ethnic group but what to the groomers themselves say do they specifically target see girls one man who claims he turned his back on
agreement gang and is in hiding agreed to talk I rice
is it for in a car with five thousand miles up with your pretty much
guaranteed to get 60 from 11 to 16 year old girl me two people pretend to be /c people
would send to be /c just to get laid basically y si girls
why they gave us it goes a bit safer y si girls well but I think I see go
nicely tell our parents obviously what she’s up to or that the
parents alleged reported if they were to find out which so many families too ashamed to
report abuse it seems a Seco makes an easy victim for
the groom is the fact of the matter is it doesn’t
matter whether you’re from the Sikh community from a Muslim with his community if you’re wearing
child abuse in your not reporting it to the authorities then you’re doing the
wrong thing you’re a law ending it to get worse you’re allowing it to
fester majority appearance all they want to do shut up shop as if nothing else happened
but over the years now slowly Sloan people coming forward people coming forward and talk your means and ranges their real names one of the few see parents who’ve been
brave enough to report the abuse injured by their child to the police they believe their
daughter has been the target of a group groomers for the past six years we only were
aware of things going wrong when something drastic would happen like
a fourteenth birthday we bought her a mobile phone and she was
then taking pictures and these pictures were being sent out
to third parties sexual pics yeah I’m when we started
going for her phone and things like that the numbers were on her phone she had lotta lotta numbers
on her phone on the female names but when you down the numbers you can
distinctively tell that they were older males some other men they believe Jovin was
being groomed by were in their forties and fifties in
desperation Gurmeet sold the house a move the family
out of London it’s quite interesting move to move 120
miles up north to get away from these let Peyton were it didn’t work why they how other details and they wanted to
pursue it all the way by doing some research online government
discovered that a group of men in London past
irving’s details on to another group based in the West Midlands it all starts
in London and in the West Midlands you’ve got
three perpetrators were all linked so that we were talking about a network
right through love this guy meets in Ranji claim they’ve struggled to get the
police to take the case seriously nobody seems to be interested
in investigating it further how many times do you think the call the
police over the last 3-4 years they’ve been incidents where we have
rung several times a day to get information to update and they’ve just had a blast
the attitude wrenches and Gurmeet recently took their case to the Police
Complaints Commission West Midlands Police say investigations
into been situation are ongoing the confidence to talk to
the police and the authorities is at a very low
level why they know investigating these cases
the main problem why did not investigating I that there is the fear factor of you
know bring in that the Muslim Sikh issue in the community
tensions and everything like that I don’t think they understand extend to
the problem and and the cultural backgrounds and the
religious the sensitivities are the situations in Southeast Asian communities I have
seen historically were victims are not well served because
I’ve police sensitivity about engaging a
community whose tradition is all about owner and
GM so that sensitivity sometimes can be overplayed and I think in those
cases where it is police and other such the authorities
pause have for too long I do think there is
quite a way to go I’m in terms of police forces
around the country truly waking up to the fact that there
are ethnic minority nixon’s of sexual abuse with many in the Sikh community believing the
police are unwilling all able to help solve grooming cases
mailman has undertaken something radical he’s
been tracking down the groomers himself Seco in this society does conduct its own investigation to
see if it is a sexual case and if it is we tell the
parents steps that they to take recently mohand
works on the first ever case involving a Sikh victim of
sexual grooming to have been successfully taken two
calls although the perpetrators civil now been sentenced his work is not done the remains in
close contact with the victim to guide her through the healing process
I can’t even say my phone name now I can’t get myself to say my full name
now why’s that them because a person she’s disappeared nobody knows where she is subconsciously
like in the back of my head I’m thinking about them I can remember
everything relieving them them same scenes again in your head
Jesus wanna completely move away from that that young lady
doesn’t exist anymore I just don’t want to be me anymore
mohand got involved in call once case because he felt the police was slow on
the uptake appears have already approached the police prior to us get involved now if the police had done their job there
would be no need for the family to approach us determined to prove the cool ones was
being abused know him sing launched his own private investigation over several weeks he revisited all the
locations where the abuse occurred and track down witnesses ultimately be provided the police with key evidence
that led to an investigation and helped convict the abuses the three
men had denied 22 counts of sexual offenses against a
child at that trial this morning a-changin’
Kylie the three admitted five counts if paying for sex with a child the three men together with three others
who pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing will be sentenced at the end of the
month all the information the names the car registration numbers the places where they took a that was
compiled into a little a couple the forms and we had a meeting
with a police and social services of
Leicester and we gave them that information and that’s when the invents they started
to investigate do you accept that it was the Sikh
community was a Segway a society that brought this case to you yes said that she wants a
sequence of 220 this Leicestershire County Council says
UK Department he then came to the place somewhere epstein investigation the day they told us that around the
concerns there have been complaints from the Sikh community but there was a
slow uptake in this investigation is that fair I don’t think it is fair I’m I think
these investigations a challenging sonamy show committees we didn’t just
why we went slow on the uptake within 24 hours being told popped into
concerns people have dedicated investigation team together and we try
to secure evidence try to weigh the successive this case has raised
hopes that other Sikh victim’s will come forward to but the parents rented in cammies at
alza is a long way from mass she’s still under the control her
alleged grimace their pain is compelled them to try and
save other children opened up their home as a safe haven the
purpose of us providing a halfway house is to
allow other family saw stuck in our situation some way for the children which is safe
because nine out of ten times the alternative is that the children go back to the
perpetrators is rewarding in the sense that we’re trying to do something
positive the girls have no one to confide in the
child living thousands of miles away from her family the parents seeking their daughter love
them have spoken in this film for one reason
to stop the abuse I don’t think they should be allowed to
get away with it I wanted to stop I wanted to stop hurting children for this double denies asians offering
help and advice please visit our website that’s bbc2
photo UK forward slash action line where you can
call the BBC action like for recorded information the numbers over 8,000 56 exporting for lines are open 24 hours calls from most
landlines for free but some networks mobile operators will
charge well that’s new for this evening before
we go let’s have a quick look at what’s coming up on that success how London’s top plastic
surgeon’s a rebuilding the faces vietnam’s damaged children LF heard a
whole just that tie flick that maybe this one somebody that can help our
child it’s heartbreaking but also then the system kinda starts to
what the wealthy londoners help nap or
neighbors fight off the loan sharks it’s a sort of knowledge that you’re
benefiting ordinary people ralph fat cat bankers it
severely good idea to have community bank its
Island by its members so you know I and the
fact and why we still in love with the humble
typewriter their money being used for these electronic devices we just us you
have things happen to be on Twitter 3 something and then
suddenly a bell rings always beautiful to me his never answers
to work tomorrow 0 and that’s it from this week’s
inside-out London missed earlier tonight show. catch up on
the I player addresses bbc2 could UK forward slash inside out then
click on Monday thanks so much for watching see again next week of 0 0

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    Never mind the sikh girls,what about our English girls isn't it time they were protected or has all this Muslim rape,grooming, murder been swept under the carpet already!!!!!!!

  41. Hereward of Liverpool says:

    It was happening back in the 80`s never mind the 90`s and ofcourse the muslim council of Britain would deny it. Foul paedophile rapists. Pakistani muslim men represent 1.5% of the population and within that 1.5% there are paedophile rapists doing 84% of this gang child grooming up and down the country and it is still happening and is rising because the muslim community are doing nothing to stop it. literally 100`s of thousands of violent disgusting paedophile rapists .

  42. Hikari Licht says:

    Do that in India, Bajrang Dal , VHP & RSS and people like me are ready to avenge.

    When we can Lynch Muslims for butchering cows, think what we can do…….

  43. hook blieght says:


  44. Bilbo Baggins says:

    Stop talking about "the xxx community". You are promoting the fragmentation of British society into little "communities". We know that the disasterous immigration policy (or lack of policy) of successive governments has created this fragmented society, but the BBC should not be promoting it!

  45. Dra O says:

    What nasty “religion.” Nasty nasty nasty.

  46. Pingu Thing says:

    Supremacists view others as lower than food stock.

  47. L KS says:

    If we have too many like the woman who passes this off as something that’s going on in all our different communities, we won’t be able to tackle the issue and hope to resolve it. People like her should be challenged to provide the evidence. The documentary also pussy footed around the issue of the police. The public shouldn’t have to do their jobs for them.

  48. Donald Duck says:

    Left wing white women want that! They import all these men from that particular region! Why? I don't know!

  49. Angus Kelly says:

    &crazy guy on a bik

  50. castiger1000 says:

    And it’s still going on in every city and town in the uk

  51. Jinn Jinn says:

    This is why it's been harder for police, because of the taboos and honour and lack of talking about paedophiles it's not the girls it's the MEN, that's why them bastards have been getting away with horrendous abuse. Please please love you beautiful girls more then honour, or them dirty, evil paedophiles will abuse and abuse your babies.

  52. Jinn Jinn says:

    When evil people passive a weakness they will use it and abuse it in every way.

  53. Jinn Jinn says:

    He looks like a warrior 💪👊🤜❤

  54. Modern Spirit says:

    Once the gifts stop flowing it becomes grooming. How can somebody be gang banged for up to 18 months on a regular basis? I don't buy it.

  55. dipak Saini says:

    I guess Pakistani Muslim community responsible sexual abuse non Muslim girl's in UK. I don't understand why UK police don't stop this type of horrible stuff . I guess Islam is cancer

  56. Delboy says says:

    These dirty Muslim paedos should be hung,and the foreigners deported the nasty cunts! And the parents should be there to support their children, unconditionaly

  57. Dianna Reed says:

    I DON'T think it's hidden ANYMORE. This grooming of others by Muslim men is happening ALL OVER Europe and people are speaking up and FIGHTING BACK!!!

  58. Blade Runner says:

    I am a Muslim and i hate these pakistani arsholes. They must be thrown out of U.K.

  59. Abdulla Kamber says:

    sexual abuse comes from all religions cultures and nationalities unfortunately please don't make the about muslim men its unfair and can be very misleading

  60. pinkfrosting0 says:

    Omg didn’t even know this occurred. thankful to know now m

  61. vince snetterton says:

    muslims say they were seduced and that rape doesnt exist. there is no rape in saudi arabia, none

  62. Nachtrevi 82 says:

    enjoy diversity

  63. Wild Haggis says:

    Funny how the bbc reports on other grooming gangs when the bbc it’s self was hub of Pedophilia and still is today

  64. pinkfrosting0 says:

    God bless you and your work Mohan Uncle. You’ll always be protected and successful because of your pure intention

  65. Sunny Logan says:

    It's not Sikh every Indian girl is facing grooming on foreign countries

  66. Sunny Logan says:

    This is the truth of Indian girls they are facing abusing, violence from centuries but due to modernisation it's easy to show thanks BBC. Indian media cannot do this

  67. Chris E says:

    These poor girls – misused then rejected by their families. How important is it for ALL authorities everywhere to teach absolute abstinence before marriage to the girls. They much realize their own EXTREME worth & value and be completely unwilling to see attention from anyone outside their family settings and supervised social events. Bring back chaperones!

  68. Atie Kitkat says:

    As a girl you need to open up your eyes and not trust the first KIND men. Of course they are going to use a young girl with nothing that’s so obvious

  69. Nitin Sharma says:

    GROOMING???? Are we really calling Sexual Abuse & Exploitation, "Grooming" now????

  70. Rejoy Mathew says:

    It is haram to drink in islam,nor they don't look at other women.Peace religion never does anything like that.This is islamophobia.Racism,tell this to that mayor of London.Never seen so many idiots all in Europe.

  71. Nothanks Nopenoname says:

    Men who do this should be hung in public as punishment. Make an example of them. The police should do their damn jobs and stop this. No religion should be allowed to do this shit. None.

  72. Timothy McDowell says:

    Be At the old Bailey, after Tommy it's your community and your already been told to not take the law into your hands, join up, one mass group will show the Masonic paid lefties or your next and then bang goers any peaceful chance.

  73. bob bagshawe says:

    SIKHS, WE are aware how hard it is to show your Faces, so cover them and join Tommy Robinson. He is not racist in the slightest, we have all faiths coming. Once Tommy and the English movement are gone, they will be on you guys full time, they want interracial war, join us then we are a true British movement.
    Your Dads and Brothers should be at the Front with us.

  74. I am Chegg says:

    woah i recognize the temple in california

  75. camron di rossi says:

    Tommy Robinson is fighting against this ! Sikhs need to stand up with him!!

  76. Ahmet says:

    The so called "Muslims" who do these things aren't Muslim. It is forbidden to do this to anyone in Islam. I hope these men are punished, my heart goes out to all these young girls ❤️

  77. Zappa Wench says:

    Were he and Jeremy Kyle separated at birth? We need a reality show and a DNA test to confirm!

    Not to make light of the subject matter. It is awful, the way these girls have been treated.

  78. Haimanti Bardhan says:

    What the hell wrong with this world…why these crimes are keeping on increasing 🙁

    And what's wrong with these parents even in this era they are accusing their daughters for being assaulted by others?!!! Oh mine!!!

  79. Jag Depplin says:

    It's 2019. This came out in 2013. Why am I hearing about all this now, through Reddit?

  80. D R says:

    What a bunch of hopeless, vile, pigs…people doing this aren't even human beings. Religion is fucking nonsense!

  81. Sa Sa says:

    if there was no stigma about losing your virginity before marriage then victims could come forward, if women were respected if they were unmarried then the predators cant threaten them

  82. Sa Sa says:

    16:45 by his logic if i murder someone and theres no evidence then i havent comitted a crime and i shouldnt go to jail

  83. Sa Sa says:

    22:14 the police dont want to appear racist, the predators say 'they are just targeting me because im asian' and the victims suffer in silence

  84. DannyDanko says:

    Muslims… Everywhere you find muslims you will find this.

  85. Lindzee SouperOCD says:

    Of course it's the fucking Middle Easterners. I know not all of them are like this, but a majority are when the fucking religious text promotes this shit. What boggles my mind the most is how the fuck can these people not think for themselves? Some things ARE objectively bad. Not being able to differentiate between t hings like this shows you need to be put down.

  86. Aussie Roberts says:

    Religion of Peace strikes again. Good work UK letting these animals into your country

  87. faizal salim says:

    What happened to the brave Sikh men. Back In the day they would've carved out the skulls of the perpetrators. Britain or India, never surrender your honour! Some are supposed to be dead!

  88. QTIGrizzly says:

    Can you get Hollywood please

  89. m smith says:

    One would think the Sikhs would arm up with their daggers and go cut a few throats over something like this. Sikhs don't mess around, and they are based AF.

  90. Austin E says:

    Lol"Asian Gang". They are making a documentary about Muslims grooming girls to be raped and are still PC enough in 2013 to call them "Asian". LOL

  91. cosmicprank music says:

    The apologist at 16:55 sickened me.

  92. Mason Weichel says:

    This is fucking disgusting

  93. Douglas Guiotto says:

    The parents NEED TO WAKE THE F… UP

  94. Prince Negi says:

    Salute to that sikh man..this subject is really very uncomfortable to talk about.

  95. Black Ops says:

    Religion of Peace at work.

  96. Peter Alex says:

    So when a Christian person does something should we use their choice of religion in reference to their wrong doing? Just have a think of what the media is trying to achieve by doing this.

  97. burnzy3210 says:

    BBC would be too scared to publish this today

  98. Nitish says:

    This is sick. What are British men doing? What is the British govt doing? Deport these guys. Throw them out.

  99. Opium Addict says:

    Non Muslim girls should stay away from muslims

  100. eightball8008 says:

    what does this have to do with muslims

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