Be the Change – Gingin, Western Australia

(happy light music) – Mummy? – Come and sit with me. – There’s so much luck on your account, it looks like you’ve built up a lot of change in banking with us. Would you like to see the change? – Yeah, I have no idea
what you’re talking about, you’re gonna have to show me then. – I’ll be back in a coupla secs. (happy light music) (knocking) – I’ve got your package for you, come out and see the change. (cheers and applause) – How did they get there? – Thank you for banking with Bendigo Bank. They’ve made a huge
difference in our community, Bendigo has also given us a defibrillator. We had an incident in Redfield where a 10 year old boy
had a cardiac arrest, and the defib saved his life. So thank you. – The Gin Gin Junior Football Club. We would like to thank you for providing these new jumpers for us,
and our weekly awards. – No worries, buddy. – Without your support and
everything that goes in with it, I wouldn’t be able to become a trainee. I’m currently doing Tourism at the moment, and I just love it, so
I’d like to thank you. – They have donated $50,000 to
our last two new ambulances. – Without loyal customers like you I wouldn’t have been given the grant to do this traineeship
which pays for half my wages and also pays for my TAFE course. It’s helped me a lot, ‘cos I’ve come from not knowing what
I’m doing with my future, to now knowing I have
something to do with my future, so I’d like to thank
you very much for that. – I had an experience a few years ago, I fell to the bowling green, and I had three blokes doing CPR. I was out for about 27 minutes. The ambulance came along
and gave me the defib, it’s only thanks to you people, all of us, for banking Bendigo Bank. It saved my life. – Absolutely more than welcome. (applause) – It’s amazing, isn’t it? – Thanks to everybody who
is banking with Bendigo. It’s just what it’s
done and how it’s grown, and everyone that’s been
involved, helped out, they’ve reached a long way. – It’s amazing, it feels like this is the true meaning of community, you felt like there was people that loved where they lived, that they give back in any way they can. – It’s truly remarkable what Bendigo Bank can do for a community. – [Narrator] No matter where
you are around Australia, see the change your banking can make. – [All] Thank you! – [Narrator] Bendigo Bank. Be the change. (happy light music)

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