Be the Change – Mt Gambier, South Australia

(bright violin music) – [Bank Manager] How are you going? – [Customer] I’m good, how are you? – So, I’ll just get your accounts up. It looks like you’ve
built up a lot of change from banking with us. Would you like to see the change? – Yeah. – Yeah? Cool. I’ll just pop out, I won’t be a minute. Is that okay? – Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
– Right. (uplifting music, building up) (knocking on door) – Elaine, can I just grab
you out here for a sec? – Yeah.
– Thank you. – What’s happened? What’s this for? – [Everyone] Thank you! (people clapping) – [Elaine] What’s it for? – Thank you for banking with us. This is to show where your money goes. – This is fantastic.
– Thank you for banking with Bendigo Bank. Your banking allows Bendigo
Bank to support Foodbank in their school breakfast programme. Kids are having social
interaction in the morning and their learning’s improving,
so that is a big thank you. – That’s fantastic. – So, thank you for that. – Bendigo Bank have bought
Australia Red Cross a bus, a 10-seater bus that we can take
– Oh, wow! – isolated people on trips
around the South East. – I’d like to introduce
you to some members and competitors from our club. This is Bella, Snoopy, Amari and Tali. – [Elaine] Oh, they’re beautiful. – Bella would like to say thank you. – [Child] Thank you. – On behalf of the Limestone
Coast Symphony Orchestra, we would just like to thank you. We rely on community support to exist, so thank you very much.
(clapping) – The Sunset Community
Kitchen cook meals for people, just to help them out with
their financial difficulties, and Bendigo Bank have recently
given us an amount of money that enabled us to instal
a fabulous new stove, and we’re so very grateful. So thank you very much for
banking with Bendigo Bank. – And thank you for what
you do for the community. – Thank you. (clapping and laughter) – I can’t believe this. It’s wonderful. I just can’t believe it. – [Sunset Community
lady] In the community, there are a lot of struggling people and, to have a donation or some help, and a back up from something
like the Bendigo Bank, it’s fantastic for the community. – [Narrator] No matter where
you are around Australia, see the change your banking can make. – [Everyone] Thank you! – [Narrator] Bendigo Bank. Be the change. (bright violin music)

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