Benghazi Video | 2016 Republican National Convention

9 comments on “Benghazi Video | 2016 Republican National Convention”

  1. KawikaProductions says:

    CNN cut away right when the Republican National Convention started playing this video.

  2. Stymie Snerdly says:

    Great production! Don't let up. Keep the pressure on all the way to the finish line.

  3. Mhambi Musonda says:


  4. THESocialJusticeWarrior says:

    Disgusting use of tragedy for political gain. A snuff-film that the GOP is masturbating to.

  5. jay walker says:

    this is criminal what happened in libya to destroy this country and iraq syria are criminal acts of violence against humanity war crimes

  6. Frank UnderTaker says:


  7. f e l i p e n a v a r r o says:

    You fuckers should have never done anything to Libya.

  8. AE Conn says:

    Oh god…. if they didn't want this crap to happen, then the Republicans should stop promoting militarism. Kids shouldn't want to be in the military when they grow up. The "service" should not be such an honorable career. Don't get me wrong… I have some level of respect for those who'll put their lives on the line for some foolish reason… fools should be pitied. But I have MORE respect for people like Firemen, people like Policemen, people in the coast guard. People who are putting their lives on the line to SAVE people, not to hurt people.

  9. ذاكرة بنغازي says:

    usa shit
    destroy country
    criminal acts
    violence against humanity
    war crimes

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