Best $10000 Loans for Bad Credit in 2019

hi everyone this is Randy darling again
and that’s pronounced Randy darling like I just did it’s it’s not Randy darling
anyway so this is our website right now it’s Halloween October 31st 2018 and the
front page changes every season so there you go
boo but anyways today we’re talking about $10,000 loans and we’ve prepared a
page for 2019 and it’s what we would call our best bad credit loans for 2019
but which are 10,000 so anyways let’s get this back to the sitemap okay and
here we have our top ten thousand dollar loans unsecured and secured so let’s
just go through this a little bit shall we
I’ll show you how you can use this verse this still says 2018 we were doing some
work today so obviously it says last updated October 31 that’s fine so as you
see we have a set of criteria for all of these lenders that have been picked for
the top ten thousand dollar loans for the year they have to at least you know
approve at least ten thousand dollar loans they must have a high trust rank
they must serve United States citizens they must have approved good and bad
credit borrowers must be licensed in more than one state they must provide
loans online and they must provide a quality user experience and of course
they have to be SSL secured you know when you see HTTPS meaning it’s a
secured website okay so you can read through this I’m not gonna bother but
I’ll make it short here as far as this is concerned this is a lenders office
map so all of these lenders are leaving polluted here this is just a interactive
map of you know where they exist and you of course you would get a loan thing
directly from these offices right you you would get a loan from one of their
stores or one of their outlets or on their website what have you but just
sort of curiosity some people always want to know where they said offices are
a lot of them hide their head offices and have different names so it’s kind of
interesting tracking that down but that’s something I haven’t seen on any
other website so we thought we’d get that thrown in there
okay so let’s compare lenders lenders who prove bad credit ten thousand dollar
loans so we have net credit is one example now this is not ordered in best
to worst this is just the only lenders we could find that provide ten thousand
dollar loans and they also will lend to bad credit borrowers sometimes okay
sometimes it all depends on your score if you have assets what have you very
few will give it completely unsecured loans with bad credit but you can always
try suppose okay so in that credit this is one and under each one of these
lenders how many do we have here okay top ten net credit is one and there we
have all their information the name of the real company in this case ANOVA
International where their head office is anyways their loan amounts terms funding
times APR percentage rates what-have-you and then if you come down and take a
look at the other one the same idea it’s they’re all different you know it’s not
all a carbon-copy kind of deal they’re all very different
for instance this lomax is 30 grand for one financial
so we’ve done that credit we’ve done one mean financial this is actually ours and
we just use our head office in Rancho Mirage California we find lenders calm
and we have a network both depends about 420 I think right now in the lender
Network someone goes hi Stu hundred thousand not many you know I guess we
should have maybe made that 100k but and if some do go 200k so we thought we put
that in there oh here’s a new one we found even loans even financial I do up
to 100k so you can go cruise through these if you like and maybe you can find
something that they’ll serve your area yeah usually have to check their website
to see exactly which states they serve so this is an important part can you
actually afford a $10,000 loan this is our checklist which we usually have on
these kind of pages and checklists so you can kind of take a look and see oh
can you afford it this is your state Ussery information so you go to a
directory say you live in Kentucky down here you can see the user E and
regulations for each state and you can actually even go and check out the
Department of fashion financial institutions for each state and
complaint process for each state we’ve covered this before and other videos
let’s go back here to where we were so that’s one know your state’s usery
then get your credit score classification you just want to know if
you’re good bad or ugly or otherwise so we’ve got obviously 300 640 bad credit
that’s typically what people on this page will be in that situation so if you
look at this this is an EPR estimator tool for bad credit so if you type in
you got credit score it’s only 400 you have a zip code of there you go
Beverly Hills right and there’s an estimation of somebody near that zip
code approximately what they ended up paying for their loan almost so much as
a credit card you know it’s not always a good thing gives you a basic idea though
and then after the APRs tomater you want to estimate the total cost to your loan
I’ll make that quick we got this already filled for $10,000 and let’s just say an
APR of thirteen point six seven percent knows that and I’ve got to put our years
in before I tap that sa for three years okay there we have our monthly payment
total amount of money that goes to the lender over the term and then the total
interest paid on the loan pretty straightforward
lots of calculators we have over 100 calculators on this website you can
always check that out at the end I’ll show you that and then we basically tell
you what kind of information you have to gather your driver’s license
government-issued ID proof of income employer address credit history report
rental or home ownership history proof of assets account statements complete
documentation of your debt all of your debts don’t forget any phone email and
home address and then we have ten reasons why people often need to get a
loan and this is typical we see this a lot coming through the website people
who want to consolidate their debt a debt consolidation loan or they want to
avoid eviction pay off the credit cards moving expenses for parables medical
expenses education purchase of a vehicle pay for a wedding home animation etc and
then we have recommended reading an expert tips I like this part my favorite
part because I like to make sure that the page includes people who have other
expertise this is how to avoid scams and different types of scans here’s three
different articles that are quite good about loan scams
avoid them and then we have expert tips this is one from Jason here from
Huffington Post and then we have one here from ask a lender Steve wobble and
watch out for origination fees this is a good one from Mike cetera at Bank Rate
know your monthly budget very important last but definitely not least from Laura
Chen at Forbes magazine and then we have our one of our favorites Dave Ramsey he
looks like he’s got a bit of a scowl on his face there maybe not like him what
he’s hearing but that’s a quite a good video about keeping a budget then we
have our case studies these are past borrowers who from you know come in a
year ago three years ago but they were we thought there were good examples for
you to take a look out there’s our fearless leader
last summer sent he’s the educated one with the university degree and all that
good stuff he’s the founder of we find lenders calm so I promise you I tell you
about our calculators okay I’ll make this quick I know this might be boring
you I hope not but if you’re looking for a $10,000 loan this might not be boring
you so if we click back here at home and we scroll down to the bottom we should
have our loan calculators check this out one hundred one hundred online loan
calculators the ultimate list so we’ve included like it says a hundred
calculators from all these different providers and we’ve included a video for
each one of these loan calculator providers for instance there’s one there
there’s my charming face this first one was on calculator soup so you might want
to check out this page is kind of fun all these different types of calculators
especially the DTI calculator they got here for me
very handy debt to income ratio calculator that way you can really find
out you’re gonna for it alone or not so it
was I hope you check out our website we don’t have a lot of ads and what have
you we have a large network filled lender so you use the site so that’s it
from Randy darling at we find lenders calm

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