Best Bad Credit Lenders – Unsecured Personal Loans in 2019

hello there my name is Randi and I just
want to welcome you to and I just want to introduce this
particular page to you on this page we listed the top 25 bad
credit loans for 2019 they’ve been chosen for a variety of different
criteria we list that below you’ll notice here it says 2018 it was last
updated that’s because we’ve been working on this this page for quite a
while getting it ready for the new year when you’re all done please if you
find this helpful at all just please give us a like on Facebook or Twitter or
what-have-you and that would be great anyway so let’s
get down here so here’s the criteria we chose these lenders social media
activity online reviews the loan products they have their website quality
ease of use their loan approval time and expert opinions that’s just a handful
there’s a lot more other ideas for criteria that we used so then we have
the this is the video link that you just click to watch this so let’s just go
through this a little bit we provided a map of the United States and the map is
just basically the headquarters all of these lenders keep in mind that you
won’t be getting loans from these addresses because these are head office
addresses so you will be using their websites if you want to take a look at
their products its interactive so you can click on there and the map will come
up and this will be a Google map you can use to see the different loans and the
lenders that provide them here we have our indexes of comparison index we’ve
made up and we have this based on the max amount of each loan so this company
for instance land up they provide maximum of $500 then we go to the next
couple cash advance a loan maximum of 1000 then we have a low maximum up the
scale of 2000 to 2500 dollars and we have one two three four five six
different companies there that’s the maximum amount of money they can lend
then we have low maximum 5000 up we go all the way up to a hundred thousand
plus any of these companies you can click and we have the information about
them that’s for instance let’s try that credit so we have all their information
I had office and we have their website the maximum they they will lend how many
months term of the loan collateral if they need it
funding time APR costs and requirements all there where she can click back to
the comparison index on any of these and start over so you have lots of different
options there to compare now we thought would be good to have a checklist what
we call a borrower checklist and then this checklist we have some basic steps
checklist up one some people will pass this but we thought it would be a good
idea to see the law in your local community with usery so if you click on
our directory here you can click on your state for instance let’s say it’s a
state of Idaho click on Idaho or tap I should say and then we have a whole page
just for Idaho and in that list you’ll see on that page I should say you’ll
have the user E and regulations for your state it’s interesting information to
know what the law is and then we start listening to the different cities as
we’re working on this as you can see we have Boise Idaho and Napa now Nampa
Idaho so far and then we have links to the
Idaho Department of Finance and we have an Idaho compliance Department for loans
so that that’s interesting you can make a complaint if you see a lender that
isn’t acting appropriately and then of course there’s another map for an
interactive map for that state and then we have a list of all the credit unions
what have you so that’s getting a little deeper into it
so if anyways if you want to see the law in your state you go back you to stay
patient let’s go back to our our main page we’re working on so that’s step one
and step two most people skip step one but step two is just an i d– about your
credit score you need to know your credit score you probably already do but
if you don’t you can use one of these providers keep in mind we do not get
paid for any of the links on this website we’re not affiliated with any of
these companies these are just some links you can go take a look at what
they have to provide so you want to know your credit score and what that means to
banks and what that means to lenders so we have a pretty easy little diagram
here you can follow so if you are between 300 and 640 for your credit
score it’s obviously compared called bad in the eyes of lenders and banks so if
you have a fair credit rating or a good or a really good credit rating you don’t
need to use a bad credit loan form that we have here you can use some lists of
credit unions that we have in the different states but in this case we’re
talking about bad credit loans for this whole page so what’s a stick with that
so now you know your credit score obviously in the bad range most likely
so just so you know that then you go to your checklist step number three yes to
me your APR on the loan we have an APR estimation tool
it’s not perfect but it can you know it’s for estimation purposes only but
how that works is for instance you type in your credit score let’s say six
hundred and thirty and then you type in your zip code and how about that type in
that for a zip code and you get your estimate enough automatically this page
is created for you this page expires at midnight Pacific Standard Time and this
page gives you an ASIC one of a mental idea what someone paid from that zip
code not too long ago for a credit score of six thirty now no problem with this
is that it’s not perfect is that some people have collateral and assets did
they put on their loan and we don’t know what they got the loan for so there’s a
lot of information missing as to how they got approved for that score but
it’s it’s kind of an interesting tool we’re still working on it it’s a work in
progress if you’ve got real bad credit rating and no assets you’re not gonna
get that right of course let’s go back so estimate your costs so if you
basically know what your APR is going to be you have an idea so you can do this
before you even bother getting a loan put in the loan amount you want let’s
just say $10,000 and you estimate your APR it’s gonna be say 12.5 and you want
to get the loan for say three years so you top to calculate there’s your
calculations now you know what your loan payment is per month in this case it’s
three hundred and thirty four dollars and fifty four cents and then you have
your lender how much they’re gonna get paid overall over the three-year term
we’re talking to over twelve thousand dollars and then the total amount of
interest 2043 dollars this is all like I say just rough estimates and then that
gives you an idea what you may be looking at helpful some
people skip over and go straight to the lenders we understand that but we
thought that would be helpful then we have recommended reading let’s you know
over the different loan types you know this installment loans unsecured loans
payday loans cash advances title loans secured loans just understanding what
the history of those terms and what they mean online and then we have what we
like to see for people when they visit a page like this or our website like ours
should you even be getting a bad credit loan and that’s a good question you know
can you afford it so this all this information is to try to help you
navigate what you want to do we have a video here from Dave Ramsey talking
about money management which is just all good information to have if you are
struggling with bad credit which I’m sure you are if you were on this page
there’s a lot of good information there he gives it kind of you know hard hard
lessons I would have to say you know he just tries to straighten people a little
bit you probably heard of them and then we have seven alternatives to a bad
credit low well that’s good to know you know borrow money from a family
member for money from a friend from an employer downgrade your home to a lower
cost etc then how to avoid scams this is a big deal you know there’s a lot of
scammers out there you got to be very careful who you’re dealing with so we
have some information about how it avoid scams we have some experts he’s from
this fellow here bill Frey was from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton
School of Business as his information about it and then and then we have from
La Jolla here from the balance which is a good website on Finance and she’s got
some good credentials and some good information here but how to avoid scams
and then we have one from Maggie from OPP loans and she’s got some good
information about how to look for reviews and what have you our websites
good information to know be careful who you do business with and then we have
another Ashley another feature video from Dave Ramsey
you can tap this image to watch the video this is a actually a case study he
did about somebody who was paying 38% on alone and our student loan debt so this
may be something you could garnish from that and then we have case studies these
just a couple links to some case studies we have they were submitted from some of
our sister sites from long ago but they say this they’re still valid and then if
you scroll right down to the bottom of the page to the last article that’s it
we have a final wrap-up and this is from Lance Somerset and lass has his his
degree from the University of Illinois and he you can see him on Quora if you
want to ask him a question personally yeah so if there’s any information here
that helped you we hope it did and like please go ahead and share some of this
around if you can and there’s a handy link here at the bottom called back to
top so there you go we have all the lenders for 2019 for bad
credit and you might be able to find a company they’ll do business with you
maybe you’ll find a loan that works for you there’s there’s the list again ok
bye for now and good luck you can see more of us that

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