Best Credit Cards For Cash Back Rewards

– If you are looking to get
the best bang for your buck when it comes to the credit card that you use every single
day, I’ve got you covered. – [Man] Double rainbow. Oh my god. Whoa! Oh my god! Oh my god! (laughs) In my search to find the
best credit card for you, I noticed one thing. It seemed like everybody, everybody is throwing their hat in the ring when it comes to creating a credit card on just about everything. With the International Brotherhood
of Magicians credit card, the Hello Kitty Visa Platinum Rewards card and of course, the Precious
Moments Visa credit card. How in the heck are you supposed to know which one to choose? As I was noticing all
these random credit cards, I was like, come on, who in
the world is buying enough Hello Kitty swag and
Precious Moments figurines to make it worth those
rewards for that credit card? Look, I know you’re out there, I know you are and you
should stop doing that. Get rid of that credit card. Coming from a minimalist
like me, please, stop. You do not need all of that junk. So in this video, I’m
gonna give you my list of the best cashback rewards credit cards that the internet has to offer. Hey, I’m Jared and on this channel we like to talk about all
things personal finance and investing. When I started researching
all the cards out there my head really started to
spin and I noticed some issues because so many of these
websites just push credit cards where they get kickbacks when you sign up. So to help me evaluate each one and be as non-biased as possible, I did what any personal
finance nerd would do, I created a spreadsheet. I spent hours and hours sifting through every credit card out there to find the best of the best for you. This video is not
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help support this channel and my dog. If you go with any of these credit cards, and let me know down in the comments below which one you choose or
if you use one of these and think it’s better than any
other ones that I mentioned, then please list that down
in the description as well. Some people will say
“Oh you’re such an idiot “for wanting cashback credit cards. “If you were smart, then you get a card “where you get travel rewards.” But listen not everybody
travels often enough to make a travel credit card worth it. Plus, everyone says they love to travel until they travel for a
week then miss being at home and their normal routine. Cash is of course king, so if
you know that you’ll get more out of one of these credit cards then stop waiting around
and just sign up for one and quit leaving money on the table. One thing you’ll notice that
I won’t touch on in this video is the interest rate
for each of these cards. If you’re worried about the interest rate, than that tells me that you
can’t handle your money, which means that you can’t
handle a credit card, so you should not get a credit card. Okay, my responsible adults who
are left, let’s get into it. The first card you should think
about getting your hands on is the Chase Freedom Unlimited. Now Chase is the biggest,
and probably most well-known, when it comes to their
reward credit cards. They’ve got the Chase Freedom Unlimited, the Chase Freedom Card, the
Chase Sapphire Preferred, the Ink business Unlimited,
the Ink Business Cash, the Ink Business, guess what? Preferred. And there is way more, so
I’m gonna stop right there. The bonus they offer is absolute bananas, with the Chase freedom Unlimited you get 3% for the first year on the
first $20,000 that you spend. That’s up to $600 that
they’re gonna pay you. Now I get that spending
an average of $1,666, wait 666, let’s round up one,
$1,667 per month is a ton, but if you can do it, then do it. Get this card and take that free money. Even if you can’t spend
that much than who cares because you’re still
getting that 3% cashback. After the first year they’re gonna drop your cashback amount from 3% down to 1.5%, so a $1.50 for every $100 that you spend. There’s a zero annual fee
on this card and zero APR for the first 15 months. The vast majority of these credit cards do not come with any annual fees like more of the high-end travel cards do. I used to be one of those
people who thought it was absolutely insane that
people would pay a yearly fee just to use a credit card, but it turns out that paying a yearly fee can sometimes make sense for some people. As long as the numbers work out, then someone who spends a decent
amount can come out ahead. Some additional perks they
offer our purchase protection for a 120 days after a purchase. Against damage or theft,
up to $500 per claim and $50,000 per account. They also extend to any
manufacturer’s warranty by an extra year on warranties
that are three years or less. The last little perk on this card is that you can earn up to $500 cashback per year, when you refer this card to a friend. They’ll give you $100
per person you invite to sign up for this credit card. Overall the cashback reward
of 1.5% is a little, meh, but the 3% for the first year is why I really like this card. If you’re a family or have
a large number of expenses planned in the next 12
months then get this card, just for that first year,
then move on to the next one. The $100 for every person you refer is a nice little perk as well. Once again, I don’t
have this referral link in the description. So please, give me a little kickback by Hulk smashing that thumbs up button, commenting down below and possibly sharing this
video with your friends. The next card in the list is the Wells Fargo Propel American Express card. Wells Fargo bases their rewards on points, so I’ll handle all of the annoying work and convert everything to
percentages and dollars for your benefit. One of the best things about
this card is that they offer a $300 bonus if you spend $3,000 within the first three months. 3,000 sounds like a lot
but if you have a family or just happen to charge
that much on a monthly basis, then take that free cash. They offer 3% cashback when
you spend money on things like restaurants, gas, ride
shares like Uber and Lyft, flights, hotels and car rentals. And even some more
popular streaming services like Apple Music, Hulu,
Netflix and Pandora. One more, Spotify as well. For all other purchases
you would net 1% cashback. There’s zero annual fees on this card, which is a bonus and 0% APR
for the first 12 months. But that shouldn’t matter because you’re gonna pay your bills. They do offer some extra
perks with this card. You automatically get a
cellphone protection plan when you charge your monthly
phone bill to this card. They’ll protect you up to
$600 with a $25 deductible for damaged or stolen phones. They also give you retail protection, which basically covers eligible items that are lost or stolen within 90 days, if you made the purchase with this card. Just like the last card
they’re gonna give you an extended warranty as well, so no more paying for warranties when you’re in the store any longer, when they’re pushing
these warranties on you. Sorry, Walmart and Best Buy and Target. They will double the original
manufacturer’s warranty of one year or less on eligible products purchased with this card. Now overall this 1% cashback is trash and you can absolutely do better, I’m gonna say that right now. But this card is great
for that $300 signup bonus if you’re able to spend $3,000 within the first three months. And the 3% cashback, if you
have any upcoming vacations where you plan to book your
flights, hotels or rental cars. Worst case scenario use
it for the first year then get the heck out and
use one of these cards that gonna mention in
the rest of the video. Now we’ve got the HSBC Cash
Rewards Mastercard credit card. I actually forgot that HSBC even existed because the bank does not
have any branches in Ohio. But it doesn’t matter where you live if you wanna sign up for this credit card. Just like the Chase
Freedom Unlimited card, the HSBC Mastercard is going to give you an introductory 3% cashback
in the first 12 months, but their amount caps
out at a 10,000 spend. So that comes out to a
$300 bonus if you can spend $10,000 within that first 12 months. But what makes this card
different from the Chase card is with the regular
cashback amount that you get after that first 12 months. They offer 1.5% on all purchases. So a $1.50 for every $100 you spend, but, wait, there’s more. Every year they’re gonna
treat you nice and special and give you a 10% anniversary bonus. That means that that look
back at the previous year, add up how much you spent
and give you another 10%. So this actually increases
the 1.5% to 1.65% or a $1.65 for every $100 that you spend. Wait, what? I know, it’s not that much
of an additional bonus, but it’s still better than the 1.5%. There’s zero annual fees and zero APR for the first 12 months, which seems to be the industry
standard at this point. They do give you a few extra perks, and they’re not anything special, but I’ll mention them anyways. They offer protection for physical damage and theft to most rental cars. They’ll also give you $5
off orders of $25 or more with Postmates. So if you use Postmates a
lot, you might like this perk. They will also reimburse you up to $600 if your cell phone is stolen or damaged. This card is good for
the first years bonus, but everyday cashback reward of 1.65% kind of breaks my heart a little bit. But if you’re ready to
upgrade a little bit, then you’re gonna love this next one because it is a beast of a card. And that is the Citi
Double Cash credit card. The downside of this card
is that there is zero bonus. Boo! But they make up for it
with how much they give you in cashback. With the Citi Double Cash credit card you get 1% when you make a purchase and then another 1%,
when you pay the bill. I know you and you’re a responsible adult, so, of course, you’re going
to pay the bill on time, at the end of every month. So you basically get 2%
cashback on every purchase. That is $2 for every $100 that you spend. If that’s not neat to you,
then I don’t know what is. – How neat is that? That’s pretty neat. – Just like all the other
cards there is no annual fee and a 0% APR on balance transfers
for the first 18 months, but you’ll pay the full 25% APR on day one if you carry a balance. But if you’re carrying a balance and you only get 1% cashback, since you don’t pay your
bills, then what’s the point in even getting the card to begin with. Now unlike a lot of the other
credit cards we’ve covered you do not get extra things
like extended warranties, $5 off Postmates. No cell phone reimbursements,
no Hello Kitty swag and no purchase protection as well. But that’s because they’re
giving you 2% cashback. My final thoughts in the
Citi Double Cash credit card is that I love it, like, love it. I actually have the card myself. This card should be looked at as your go to everyday spending card. I know, I know you wanted
that bonus with this one, but you gotta give them
a little break here. They’re giving you 2% back you dorks. This is the perfect card for
my fellow minimalists out there because it’s just a straight 2% cashback and you’re done with it. But we can’t forget this
card, I love this card. My favorite card of all is the Fidelity Rewards Visa
Signature credit card. Now I kind of just stumbled upon this card when I was doing the hours
and hours of research. I’m glad I found this card because it kind of happened
at the last minute. Do not feel bad for me, just Hulk smash that
thumbs up button, please. But I’m really glad that
I found this card for you. One of the main reasons
that I like this card a little bit more than the
Citi Double Cash credit card is because of the bonus. They’re gonna give you $100, in cash, deposited into an
eligible Fidelity account, which we’ll get to in a minute. After you spend $1,000
in the first 90 days of opening up your account. That’s an average spent of $334 per month. I like it. No, actually, I love it. And the cashback amount? Woo, I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it. The cashback amount is
two, freakin’, percent on all purchases. You gotta give me a minute, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit and I’m sweating bullets. Let me get this straight,
2% and a $100 bonus? That’s like, I don’t know, seeing a double rainbow in real life. – [Man] Oh my god, it’s full on. Double rainbow all the way across the sky. Oh wow! – There is no annual fee and no waved APR. Just like the Citi Double Cash card, this card does not come
with any crazy special perks or features, except what you can do with the reward money that you receive. This is the really cool part. Fidelity gives you the option to spend or invest your cashback rewards. For all of your reward
money you have the option to automatically put it into
an eligible Fidelity account. This includes a brokerage
account, HSA, IRA, 529 or a cash management account. Oh my gosh, it keeps getting better. You can invest the money? I love this card. It’s one of the easiest ways
to build up your investments and overall wealth for the future. I get that you can just do
this with your cashback rewards from other cards, but I see it as a bonus that Fidelity will automatically take care of all of this work for you. It removes some of the
friction from the whole process that usually prevents most people from doing the right
thing with their money when it comes to investing. So to recap, my number one pick would be the Fidelity Rewards Visa
Signature credit card for the bonus and the
everyday 2% cashback spending. Followed by the Citi
double cash rewards card. Blah, blah, blah, I’m sick
of saying the word rewards, for their 2% as well. The rest of these cards
I would say to get, but only for the first
year to take advantage of the bonuses that they
offer because other than that, the reward rates are absolute
trash, with a capital T. Make sure to Hulk smash
that thumbs up button and leave a comment down
below letting me know which one of these cashback
credit cards that you prefer. Check out these videos that around my head and the links down in
the description as well. And of course subscribe, if
you want more personal finance and investing videos, just like this one. I’ll see in the next one friends Adios.

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