all righty guys welcome to the best DJ
marketing TIPS and social media marketing strategy for DJ video you’re
gonna watch oh you’re like crap alright so not gonna ask you for a subscription
or anything like that I believe in earning so what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna go through these list of topics right here that I wrote down is the
bonus DJ marketing tips ideas Facebook Ads social media marketing for DJ’s and
when we’re done we’re gonna go through them and if you believe that I deserve a
subscription for that then that’s awesome but this is not about me this is
about giving you an actionable plan so go out there and blow up your DJ DJing
business okay to give more bookings alright so looking parties booking
weddings booking whatever you need to look alright so I’m gonna show you
things that a lot of people are trying to hide the ones that are really doing
it big the ones that are really making a lot of money and I’m gonna show you that
you don’t have to be famous in order to make famous people money as well with
proof alright so make sure you guys stayed to the end because I’m showing
you guys these and actionable steps so you’re gonna want to take notes so since
we’re here I guess I’ll just go ahead and start right now with the Facebook
ads so I’m gonna show you a couple Facebook ads that you can use and make
sure you taking notes alright taking notes write these things
down what I mean by you can use that means as
soon as this video is over you can open up another browser don’t close this you
want to bookmark this video this is gonna be your best your favorite video
of the year guarantee it alright cuz you’re not you can watch a hundred more
of those related videos on the side and they’re not gonna tell you what it is
really going on okay now watch alright so bookmark this share that shit it
Michael you know Martin Lawrence boy sure to your page like if you’re at work
watching this share it is so you can watch it later
I don’t want you to lose this alright so what’s happening this you’re gonna come
over to Facebook right and you’re gonna choose lead generation
you guys don’t know what this is this is the ad manager okay this is where you
create a facebook page facebook eh yes yes it’s a Facebook ad don’t worry I’m
gonna show you guys three methods as well a lot of you come for the free
stuff and then you wonder why you at Bob alright but just stay tuned I’m gonna
show you this but a people that are super serious and one the jump out there
and start getting bookings and stuff I’m gonna show you two ways to do this all
right so let’s go ahead and start with this one oh yeah we’ll do the lead
generation all right so lead generation it is just
what is called you’re gonna be a collecting leads so Facebook created a
way they don’t like you sending people away from their platform they don’t want
you to send them to your website or anything like that that’s why I cost
more for you to send people to your website all right
so instead we’ll just name this DJ so instead we’ll just go ahead and keep
them on a platform and collect their information I’m gonna show you the
entire process that we used for our DJ clients alright so make sure you pay
attention pay attention all right so I’m gonna go through this pretty fast that’s
why I say you can watch this over because it’s gonna be quick all right so
you just select your page or whatever and here is something you probably have
already put up I asked before but just watch what I’m talking about
scrolling down alright so you here’s gonna choose your location X out United
States we’re gonna use people who live in this city you don’t want people to
pass and buy anything like that now we’re going to be local we’re going to
choose Los Angeles for this example California all right so that gave us 7 million
people the wind stopped in there all right so what we’re gonna do today is
something called event marking what I mean by that okay well you’re trying to
get booked for things you guys are booked for special occasions right you
guys are booked for special occasions so you want to be able to target those
special occasions on Facebook a lot of you guys do know that you can target the
actual events and stuff like that okay so this is gonna be like a woman like a
bridal shower or something like that then you can you can also you know book
that bachelorette parties holiday you can target all of this stuff on Facebook
they’re starting to take a lot of the demographics away but you can still
target a lot of those so what I’m saying is you can choose gender all right so
let’s go to demographics today we’re going to do this one right here I pay
attention what’s this what’s this this is July the last month okay birthday in
August boom voila that was magic right there I have to do anything else now if
you’re targeting women you’re trying to do women birthday hey ladies you got a
birthday coming up hey whatever the sign is for August you want to call that out
we’ll get to that when we get to the text part all right
so birthday in August blah blah blah so you need anything else like everybody
makes it seem like you need all this strategic uh you know targeting
knowledge and everything like that there’s only so much you can do with the
targeting trust okay so will not do placements I only do newsfeed I wouldn’t
do all the rest of that stuff that’s when it starts getting expensive just do
news feed you can do news feed on Instagram maybe what or you could just
do it on a Facebook sometimes I just do it on Facebook it depends on what it is
but it depends on what you’re selling and what you’re doing DJ’s are very
popular on Instagram as well as Facebook so we’re going to keep it in the
newsfeed of Instagram and Facebook booms over there we got three hundred and
thirty thousand people they have birthdays coming up in August and Los
Angeles so remember you catered is your tailor this to your city
so instead of Los Angeles it’ll be your City I’m saying lose originally so I
will pin st. Louis and it would be different decide depending on the size
of the city okay as long as you ain’t no in no hick town then it should work okay
so I was started on 20 wait till the leaves start coming in and then I will
lower it down to $5 a day once the leaves are coming in consistently all
right you want the let you want the layup let’s start off to be high so they
have goop on that Google Facebook knows that you’re serious
all right that you want to be seen so once you’re seen then you can lower it a
little bit okay all right so let’s continue all right I’m trying to get
through this quick yeah I’m sorry I’m trying to rush but I don’t want to keep
you out all day I want to get you out to the point where yeah I’m making this
money out here okay so we stroll down now here we go
carousel or a single image video you always want to use video if you use
video it converts 10 times better it just converts way better people like to
see you in action yeah you know you can’t really arrest
somebody on the image but you can arrest them on a video well it depend on where
you’re going to court right but anyway so my point is this a car sale you can
click multiple demos in there with a video with a single image you can only
put one image on one video you can do either one but what I like to teach
people was to do the car sale like if you let’s say your DJ you’re watching
this right now you’ve done a few parties if you got footage of you doing those
few parties or you made some good professional videos upload three or four
and a mugs you want to indoctrinate them as much as you can before they click
over that way you don’t have to be all salesy that way you don’t have to prove
anything or RR convince anybody all right so the more you sell them on the
end the less you have to sell them on the phone or on the page right so you
got demos if you got proof of your skills and how you work then this gonna
is gonna convert way higher with that but it’s still covered with the single
man all right so we’re gonna X this out and we’re just gonna do a little example
what you guys were saying all righty so here we go so you will say remember we
picked August so you will say hey August baby’s sign and the house I just be a
cool all right your special day deserves its own sound
tray right then you want to have the irresistible offer look a DJ today and
get 20% off all future birthdays a click I’m just rushing is yeah but that’s
pretty much all you need I would do it more long-form get more into the
psychology of it and everything like that all right
but that’s pretty much it you got the irresistible offer right here booking DJ
today you guys can go out and literally put this ad up right now you should
begin leaves for less than a dollar using it alright there’s nobody using
this okay so what’s gonna happen is you know you
guys pretty much so you’ll put the click learn more you to click farm or phone
now is gonna do that so down here you it this way you don’t have to do a leotard pixal shit and all of that that you do
on the site alright so right here this is where you’ll fill out the form the
questions that you want them to be X like right here
email full name number okay so you get to choose that alright so what you want
to do is is literally and then once you press continue in a submit within an
hour less than 24 hours it would be approved and you’ll be good okay so so
what I mean by that it you can start seeing leads coming in the next day some
of you guys ain’t had a lead all month they had a book in all month so what’s
gonna happen is just gonna bring it out in a in a CSV form alright a CSV file
you’re gonna have the name number email do you have to get on the phone and call
them if you’re shy yo scared money don’t make money you know if you don’t want to
do that that’s fine I have a solution for you alright so what I’m trying to do
is save you guys some money you we have it over here to where you can send them
straight to the website we can do that but there’s gonna be way higher the
leaves are gonna be way higher there’s a lot of competition in a DJ niche and
they’re all doing Facebook ads so I’m showing you guys a shortcut cheaper you
can probably get leads for less than a dollar if you do it how I teach you to
do it and then um you can get bookings all right so it’s very simple a they
opted in to you you only have nothing to be shy about they opted it into your
head you just contact them like what day is your birthday um how many hours do
you need the DJ and this is how much it cost
when should I book you what car do you use it I shouldn’t have to teach you at
it you you guys know how to close right alright so then you come over here you
type in phone sales so let’s say you don’t want to be don’t want to call them
alright well that’s when you get this person right here
okay five bucks I would do lead generation I LinkedIn email phone I will
close sales to phone I will help you close premium inbound sales over the
phone we won’t dizzily or we won’t one of
these it’s five bucks five bucks five bucks you just give them your list that
came through here and you order this gig for five bucks they call it that list
yeah you give them a few to test it out you know I’m saying and if they close
some then you go ahead and continue booking them out all right so you can be
booked for a month just off of what I showed you right now and this is penny
candy this is cheap this is nothing that that that’s very difficult or anything
that I just showed you all right this is gonna be super simple all right so now
the next thing social media strategy for DJ’s all right so we’re gonna go some
social media marketing believe it in that YouTube is a social media platform
so what I did was our Google best DJ in the world so what do you want to do you
want to do what we call parasite marketing okay so you want says you’re
nobody right now chances are if you’re watching is you don’t have a huge
following and you want a huge file okay so if you’re nobody right now then you
want to do parasite marketing what does the price I do it attached itself to a
much stronger host and it gets what it needs out of that host until it doesn’t
need them anymore and then it detaches itself and goes on there someone else
alright so or you can call it a leech whatever you want is still a brad site
right okay so what do you do it’s called leverage okay and you can take care of
two things at the same time positioning and leveraging you want to position
there’s three steps to become a wealthy positioning leveraging and then
profiting is very simple okay so you Google or not Google your youtube search
best DJ in the world alright and then these guys come up very simple right
these guys come up alright so you can literally just pick one let’s pick David Guido now this show is awesome
we’re gonna pause it now really trying to get a copyright strike at all
alrighty so we got to Instagram we got to Facebook we got to Twitter so this is
the strategy I’m gonna tell you guys attention man all right number one on DJ
Mag he’s voted number one on the DJ Mag open this up alright so let’s say you
got a brand new Instagram account alright so what I’m trying to tell you
to do is not to say that you’re David guita but you want to position yourself
as a direct competitor or associate and what I mean by that is perception
is everything all social media you can’t prove anything so people just go off of
site so what I mean is this so let’s say you got a brand new account
you’re gonna find one of his top hosts has the most engagements okay so you
click this one right here you
alright it was gonna happen is now you’re going to open this up and begin
liking everybody’s and following everybody that has liked on his page now
the thing is what you want to do mainly is go after the people that’s commented
because the comment takes an extra step extra concentration extra discipline
because you can just go to the next post so somebody commented on it that mean a
really really really they’re really a big fan what do you want our big fans
you want fans is gonna by book you know get anything that you have right ok so
they’re following him they’re going to follow you alright if they’re following
him they’re gonna follow you and let me show you exactly how ah all right a
little bit of psychology goes as it is watch this Conor McGregor vs. could be a
lot of you guys know who Conor McGregor is a lot of you guys know who could be
this but let’s say you didn’t know who could be a bit uh controversial II kind
of McGregor is way more famous even though it could be Eve as a way better
record right so just by being in a picture like this where you have one
half Conor McGregor and one half could be what do you think it looks like it
looks like they’re going at each other it looks like he’s yelling and him from
the ring or something like that they have some type of beef right but the
point is you think they know each other so it should be clicking in your hair
right now right okay so let’s come back over here with that same example so
let’s say that you create an image and you have half of that image David guita
and the other half of the image you and you put a V and a s in the middle of it
David guita versus blank BJ all right so what’s gonna happen you’re gonna get
immediately go viral you’re gonna immediately start getting likes and
shares and people are going to do even better they’re gonna wonder who the hell
you are so that mean they’re gonna start searching you on other platforms so it’s
not just gonna grow your histogram it’s gonna grow your Facebook it’s gonna grow
your YouTube and all of that because they’re gonna people like to be on trans
people like to be up on new things so if you let’s say create a brand new
accounts and you name it DJ rivals or something
like that I’m just making something about the top of my head and you go
after the top DJ’s you follow all of their friend fans the people that really
are diehard fans of theirs and then you make similar posts to theirs and you
just continually put them in their logo in the video you’re gonna get fame by
association that’s what we call it in a marketing industry Fame by association
so just off of you being in a picture with them even though he didn’t agree to
take the picture with you people are gonna assume cuz people are lazy they’re
gonna assume that he knows you or they’re gonna assume that you’re of
equal stature of him you’re on his level or something like who is this guy think
he has to be in a video or an image with David Guido right so they’re gonna
automatically assume that you have to be somebody they’re gonna start googling
you and and YouTube and you trying to find out who you are and then turn if
you have some things already set up so I I strongly suggest you have a few of
your best work post it on your Instagram and on your YouTube and stuff because
people are gonna start searching for you by name once you start doing this so you
take his loto logo and you take a half picture of him and put it with you and
you’re going to start getting fame by association as long as follow DJ fans
follow David qui defense follow the top DJ’s actual fans and they’re just gonna
assume like fans they want to buy up everything they’re gonna assume that
you’re doing a feature with them they’re gonna assume that you’re you’re friends
with them are you enemies with them they’re gonna assume all of that and
then time you’re gonna get exponential growth on your social media accounts
it’s very simple I wish I knew this back in the day and I would have been like yo
alright so you guys can take this knowledge that we use for our clients
and our students and you can skyrocket okay and you can start getting hella
more jobs and I’m talking about international jobs I’m not just talking
about some some some crappy stuff from around the corner
no offense alright so now you guys saw that
that’s why instead one social media strategy for DJ’s let’s come back over
here to YouTube alright so we our very own David Guido we can take this and we
can let’s come up here boom why is this ah now you want to start ranking for
their most popular stuff what I mean by ranking ranking is showing up at the top
showing up at the top for a search David we the songs has 18,000 searches per
month look at this live dangerous titanium people are searching by the
name so you start your YouTube channel if you don’t if you don’t have one
already if you already have one now you want to have a whole brand new strategy
so what do I mean by that alright so now you’re going to create
responses that’s literally what you’re gonna call it these are keywords so you
have to have this in the title and in the tags of the video but you’re gonna
say my response or your name DJ blank response to David we’d alive
DJ blank response to David greeted dangerous DJ blank response to David we
– titanium you just go through the A’s and do do a version – all of his stuff
do something similar to what he did only better
alright go to the B’s do the same thing look at his bang bang 1900 searches per
month 1900 month go to the C’s you literally go through his whole portfolio
making your versions showing up at the top this is positioning and leveraging
that I was talking about now people are gonna start thinking that you’re gaining
on them and you might just be in some basement or something you see what I’m
saying is about perception online you can you can be the biggest celebrity but
being your damn mama’s basement online okay and then you see it come to
fruition just by positioning yourself properly okay so hey if you guys are
getting gems from this if this is helping you let me know if I’m earning a
subscription from because I have way more stuff coming for
you guys right if you guys didn’t see the music marketing win then I’ll link
to that one as well make sure you stay to the end right so I hope you guys are
writing these things down these are actionable steps that you can
do and do right now you’ll know how to rank YouTube videos you can either
YouTube that or you can just wait and then I’ll show you exactly alright so
you go through these go to cease now you don’t just do him cause you’re gonna go
through all of the top DJ’s okay you’re gonna go through all of them Hardwell
vicked all of them and rank for their most popular songs their most popular
portfolios alright that’s what you’re gonna do on youtube so we just showed
you what they’re doing Instagram and YouTube that should be enough for your
social media marketing strategy we just showed you what to do as far as Facebook
also I didn’t even show you guys I’m sorry let’s come back here for Facebook
I wanna make sure you guys have everything you need audience let’s go
back alright so we just targeted people by birthday right what about this let’s
show you man we want to show you man so let’s delete birthday in August and now
we’re gonna do in gauged newly-engaged for one year newly engaged
for six months three months take a look at this
boom that’s 18,000 people newly engaged that you can target alright newly
engaged six months and you could do a separate one for each one Newland you
can just do newly engaged or you can do engage engage boom that gives you a
hundred and ten thousand people to target that your and as soon as is
approved a couple of hours from now will start showing in front of and you could
just say hey Los Angeles couples are soon to be married people or Congrats on
my engagement it’s time to party look ahead of time before it gets too late
the closer you get to that special day it’s gonna be to come tough to find
somebody affordable blah blah blah you just do what I tell you to do do that
irresistible offer where they booked today you’ll give them 20% off on all
future deals it’s very simple that’s there’s a scarcity right there
alright so now we’re done with the social media marketing techniques I’m
going to show you something ten times more powerful let’s close this out we
want to get you some money coming in right we want to get you guys some money
coming in alright so now let me show you why is this so let’s say
you in Los Angeles DJ Los Angeles it is 590 searches per month or BJ in
Los Angeles so let’s keep it going what do you want to do knowing that you want
to show up right here this is called the snack bag we call it a snack pack
because 80% of the phone call volume comes from here when people want a DJ
and they live in Los Angeles they’ll search that and the ones that show up
right here if you were right here you will be getting phone calls pretty much
today ok that’s just how it goes all right look at this party DJ Los Angeles
has 50 searches per month all right so you sure you want to show up at the top
of Google this is why I say this is the creme de la creme all right because this
is where people go to search when they already have their wallets in their
hands open like ok all I gotta do is pick the one I want and then they’re
gonna spend the money ok so you can do it by a niche I think you could type in what I would do is I would actually want
to rank for birthday all right and now let’s see wedding DJ look at
this 480 searches for a month for a wedding DJ best wedding DJ all right so
I’m just I’m just letting you guys know look it is you show up at the top for
wedding DJ and Los Angeles you’re booked up ok hopefully I’m yo you guys should
have everything you need right now to go out here and kill it become the biggest
DJ in your city look trust me there’s a lot of people watching this right now so
you No if you don’t take action on this is
the you’re gonna get buried beneath the snow there’s gonna be an avalanche so a
lot of the people that are serious about their career series about being the main
DJ in the city are going to take action on this okay the main ones are gonna
take action and when they do if you’re procrastinating you’re gonna be done
they’re gonna drown you out on social media then they’re gonna drown you out
on Google where the most money comes from all right so let me show you
something ten times more powerful than all of this is called the dread okay and
you want to do the dread for this if you can’t do it then we’ll do it but don’t
have no pennies when you come all right and it’s totally working all right so
the dread let’s go to bird apartment 1,600 searches per month Thank You 1,600
searches per month 1,600 searches per month so I want to show you something
powerful that you can do for your DJ business so when you see without the
example I’m showing you look at it as if it’s your DJ business so the main
problem with showing up at the top of Google people are afraid they’re gonna
show up at the top of Google but people are still gonna choose somebody else
well pay attention to this what if this is your site and people don’t like your
prices okay so they leave they come out and they go to this
oh my god it’s the same thing okay they leave they go out they come to this one
I mean are you kidding me it’s the same thing alright it’s about that time
that’s giving you all the authority and the credibility the credibility that you
need to be the top the best DJ in the area nobody can beat you
but even then let’s come down here let’s say they just really don’t like you and
they just still going oh is the same one okay so my point is this it’s 13 spots
on the first page of Google 13 spots on the first page of Google if
you took all 13 spots then how could your customers our clients choose
anybody else is literally impossible this is what we call the drea system it
is digital real estate development this is our system we coined it nobody else
is doing this and that is especially not for DJs okay so what we did is we wanted
to eliminate the possibility of people choosing anybody else take away the
option the freedom of choice and then your revenue your income your bookings
skyrocket exponentially and nobody can can even be or even call themselves a
competitor they would have to go back revert back to heading out flyers and in
cars doing that old-school stuff like that but online you can dominate so this
is a dress system we teach it we treat it as if it’s like a strip mall so one
person owns the strip mall but they’re getting paid from my 13 of 14 different
stores that’s attached so you’ll be the one DJ you’ll be the one DJ in Los
Angeles but you’ll be getting paid from all of these different listings so we’ll
put your name your branding and all 13 of these spots pushing the competition
all the way to page two three four and five never to be seen again
all right never to be seen again how powerful is that hey if you’re watching
this from YouTube or Facebook or something comment below on a 1 to 10 to
scale how powerful do you think all right whatever you got to do you
need to do it okay you need to get go to the pawn shop payday loan sell the car I
don’t care because once you’re taken over and you’re doing a dredge system on
top of the other magical fantastic things I’ve taught you guys today
then there’s literally nobody else that can mess with you this is worth this is
worth millions just being honest with you okay so I want you guys to go out
here and do this if you can do this yourself then do it if not then I’m
going to help you guys all right so the training where you can learn how to do
this yourself because I am expensive the training is in the description of this
link trust me is working you can go to another the video video and and a
related but one thing I suggest you do is to bookmark this video because you’ll
be back won’t nobody else teaches things I’ll talk to you today okay I want you
guys to follow these steps step by step and actually do this I want you to make
a video showing me your results and calling me out let me know yo how much
you work how much money you made since you started implementing what I’m
teaching okay so today let’s recap I want to make sure I’ve earned the
subscription from you guys we went over DJ marketing tips and ideas alright we
went over Facebook as with DJ’s we went over the social media marketing strategy
for DJ’s and then I even threw in a little bit of Google over here for you
okay and then let me give you a bonus did you know that you can create a
YouTube ad and show up on top of this ad right here on top of this video so let’s
say that your type of style is similar to the Dimitri Vegas & like mike style
you don’t have to advertise your video to everybody on YouTube and spend
thousands of dollars you don’t have to do that you can create an ad is called a
placement and and the placement ad you can put it to where it only shows on
this guy’s channel so you literally filtrate and filter in all of their you
still there they’re fans and they come to your YouTube channel book from you
like and subscribe to you and all of that boom fans overnight it’s very
simple very simple I hope you watching this from YouTube on
Facebook my contact information is in the description if you want to learn how
to do this yourself the training is in the description what I wanted to do I
know this was a long video look Laura willing you stay to the end the ones
that stay to the end or the serious ones the ones that we’re gonna see make
millions across the world okay if you want to learn how to do this yourself we
have it in the school below if you want us to do it for you then we have it in
the description below all right we can do this we can get you these jobs you
can be a position for the best wedding DJ there’s birthday DJ just BJ corporate
DJ whatever you want to do it can happen you can do it yourself and we can help
you do it alright so you can become the best in the world all right if I earned
that subscription go ahead handled it and I’ll talk to you guys on the next

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