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Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. How are you doing? In this video, we are going to see how to do a typical motovlog setup on a helmet. Whether you want to do this for a YouTube channel or capture the beautiful moments of a long ride, … this video will definitely be helpful for you. So watch till the end. Let’s get into the video after the intro. full face motorcycle helmets for men So how does a typical motovlog setup look like? Something like this. Right? You definitely need an action camera. And a mic, on the inside. There is a mic in here. You might not be able to see it, but I’ll show you the individual parts required. So, from a video like this one, … how does a motovlog video look like? something like this video.. You can capture POV (point of view) shots through this. The viewers (you guys), will see what I see. What I speak inside the helmet is heard by you, because the audio is recorded straight to the camera. So, this kind of setup is what we are aiming to look at. Let’s look at each components one by one. Then you can understand better what are the things involved here. Let’s dive in. Ok, if you’re new to the channel, please click the Subscribe button below the video, and also hit that bell icon, so that you get notified of the future videos. What would be the most important thing in motovlogging, any guesses? Obviously a helmet. A full face helmet. I don’t have any idea how to set it up on a half face helmet. So, you definitely need a full face helmet. I’m sure you must be having a better helmet than this one. I’m using this from the very beginning, so I’m continuing to use this till date. I’ve done all the setup on this, so I’ll be using this one. Tell me in the comments below, which helmet you have. The next obvious thing, … you need an action camera. I’m using a GoPro Hero 5 session. You can use any action camera of your choice. Depends on your purpose. If you’re creating content for platform like YouTube, you need a good quality right? If you want the best quality, you can go for GoPro. Or you can go with SJCam. Or Yi Action Cameras. If you go with some of these brands, you will get a decent quality, especially the build quality will be good. For an action camera, the build quality is important, so that the camera can take a few drops and bumps. it will be waterproof. this camera doesn’t need a housing, it is waterproof even without a housing. No need for additional housing. The next thing. You need a J-Hook mount. This one is called a j-hook mount. we’ll get to why we need this. This is where the GoPro … or any action camera, … this is where it gets tightened up and fits. Where does this go on the helmet? That’s why we need adhesive mounts like these. These are 3M adhesive mounts. You will get curved mount as well as flat mounts. with these adhesive stickers. You’ll get it as a set. I’ll put the link in the description. Do check it out. This is what we will be sticking on the helmet where we want to. This is what the J-Hook mount slides into, and locks into. It slides into it, and locks into it. Once locked in, it grips it very tight. and doesn’t come off unintentionally. only when you clamp and pull it out, it comes off. So far we have seen a setup for the video. For audio, you need to get a Lavalier mic like this one. This is a generic lav mic, not a branded one. You can get it for Rs. 200 – 300. According to what I found, there is no big difference between a generic lav mic and an expensive one. In fact, the generic lav mic gives a better audio output than the branded ones, … in the context of motovlogging. so motovlogging … (something breaks) (video interrupted) Sorry guys, my lighting setup bailed out on me. The light hanging from the top, fell on the camera, and thats why the interruption. But now I’ve fixed it, so let’s get back to the video. So, get a lav mic like this, I’ll give the link in the description. Check it out. Let’s talk specifically about the GoPro for a minute. This will only slightly change based on your action camera. For the GoPro, there is only one input which is USB-C. But the lav mic, is a 3.5mm jack. For this we need an adaptor. For GoPro it’s called the GoPro Audio Adapter. So, we connect it like this. And then we will be able to connect the lav mic to this adapter. But specifically for the GoPro, the lav mic directly to the adapter will not work. For that we need a TRRS to TRS adaptor. I’ll give the link in the description. So, plug that adapter in, and … to this we connect the lav mic. So, now the audio will be captured. When you turn it on, it should say “Mic OK” We can know that the mic is working fine now. Now the audio works, video works, only thing pending is to put this on the helmet. Let’s see how that’s done. On the helmet, you saw the adhesive mount right? The JHook mount buckles on to that mount. I’ve stuck the mount in two places. One is on the top, which I did long long back initially. Why did I put it on the top? Because the curve of that surface was matching the mount, and it was straight forward. Near the chin, that wasn’t an option. So, I couldn’t fix it in the front. The disadvantage of the top position, is that you can’t capture the helmet voice audio. It will be difficult to wire the audio from inside the helmet to the camera at the top. And moreover the view from the top of the helmet is slightly different. If you want more “close to the action” experience, for your viewers, … and to show the landscape passing by in a more natural way … you can keep the mount in this position. The viewer will feel like he’s viewing through your eyes. If you keep it on the top, it will feel like they’re viewing from above your head, which is not natural. Since the chin is more closer to your eyes, it gives a better POV style footage. If you look at my helmet, at the front, there is a sharp curve … a triangular edge. We can’t fit a flat mount on this surface. Right? For that, I have done a work-around here. and taken care of this. If, in your helmet, this area is flat, then you don’t need to do anything special. You can directly put an adhesive mount on top of it, and mount the camera. I personally had to do additional work with this helmet because of the uneven surface. Let me know if your helmet has a similar problem. if your helmet doesn’t have a flat surface at the chin, let me know. I’ve added the link to a video, on how to solve that problem. I solved this problem referring that same video, so you can follow that too. then you also would be able to mount it like this. But before you see that video, let me tell you, this is m-seal, then the adhesive mount below that. and above that is the mount. The m-seal has adapted to that curved surface and provided a flat surface for the mount. Let me insert the GoPro to the j-hook mount and screw it. Ok, so it’s screwed. This slides into the buckle mount on the helmet. And it fits like this. Now the action camera is ready on the helmet. Now moving on the audio. We need to keep the mic near the mouth, inside the helmet. We need to make sure that mic is near this place. So, I’m going to push all this wire into this gap here. Almost all helmets have this space. And you can push the mic wire into this gap, and make sure it sits there. So, now the mic is just in front of the chin. This, we need to connect to the GoPro. How do we do that? We have the adaptor, right? We use that. For that setup, I’ve used some 3M Velcro straps that you can get online. I’ll add those links also in the description. This is so that I can use this on a different helmet without permanently attaching it to this helmet. Its a temporary attachment, and is connected to the GoPro. Connect the lav mic to the TRRS adapter, and it’s good to go. Hiding those wires as well in the gap, completes the audio setup as well. This is our final setup. Based on your action camera, you might not need this adapter. If you have the option of directly inserting the 3.5mm jack to the camera, you can do that. That depends on each action camera. Now we can capture amazing videos on this. When I’m riding, I only use hte record ON and OFF buttons. The rest of the settings, I control through my pohne. You can start or stop recording easily while riding. Guys, if you want to know the best action camera for you, which you should get, which fits your budget, to know that, I’ve added a link in the description below, … in that page, I have filtered and listed the action cameras which are good. It’s listed on my amazon shop page. I’ll put those links in the description below, check it out. The reason I choose Session, is because it’s very compact. It doesn’t have a screen, so its kind of easy to operate. Just Record On, and record off. Rest of the stuff are controlled via the phone app. and if you’re buying an action camera, don’t forget to buy the SD cards as well. If you’re goin on longer rides, a 64GB card will definitely help. Don’t forget to get additional batteries as well. Because I think action cameras can record a maximum of 1 hour (average). Depends on each action camera, but on an average, an action camera can record for one hour. So, don’t forget to get additional batteries. Which action camera do you have or want to buy? … Or what’s your helmet and which setup you have, share that with me in the comments section. Also do let me know why you are interested in the motovlogging setup, I’m interested to know. When I’m motovlogging, all I do is record on, and Best bluetooth motorcycle helmet… And off. So that’s all. let’s go for a ride. Guys, despite the wind, if you’re able to hear me clearly, its because the mic is kept close to the mouth. When we do that, the wind noise and background noise are minimalized, and not heard much. So, keep the mic as close to the mouth as possible, but don’t eat it. (laughs) I hope you like this video, in that case, share it with your friends. If you like the video, you know what to do. Hit the like button, post your feedback in the comments below. Watch our videos regularly. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, do SUBSCRIBE. I’ll see you on the next video, till then Tata Bye.

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