Best Personal Loan Companies (2019)

if you’re looking for a personal loan
online then definitely watch this video because I needed one in my own life and
through a lot of research I found a few that are worth considering that I want
to share with you guys so in this video I’ll be covering the pros and the cons
of each of the different personal loan companies so that you can know for
yourself if it’s worth getting one or not
and if you just found this channel I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a
lot of videos on different topics that will give your life and your finances
more value so feel free to subscribe if you want to but now let’s just start
talking about personal loans before I start talking about all the different
loan companies I do want to talk about personal loans in general first so just
be patient here because I want you to be more informed so basically if you need
money for debt consolidation home improvements or medical bills then I
would definitely consider looking into a personal loan they’re not an excuse for
not saving up for big expenses but sometimes you might need a lot of money
faster than you can actually save it up because I had a huge yard project that
had to get done by a certain date and so I had no other choice than to look into
different personal loans so that I could actually get the job done in time
there’s a ton of things that qualify for personal loans but please just be
responsible with them because they’re not the cheapest loans and I only want
you to look for them if you have no other choice
trust me getting out of credit card debt is probably a much better reason to get
a personal loan than to take a vacation with one but that’s just my opinion and
if you book a company for a wedding and they have better financing than a
personal loan would then just obviously go with the wedding company instead
because that’s in your best interest now if you search for best personal loans on
the internet you’re gonna find 50 different companies all competing for
your business and to be honest a lot of the big companies don’t even have the
best rates and terms I don’t like to pay more than I have to for anything and
with personal loans there were just way too many to choose from but I did find
different things that you can look for through the research I did I noticed
that a lot of the big lenders charge a 5% origination fee on the total of the
loans value which is a total ripoff because if you’ve got a $20,000 loan
with a 5% origination fee then you’re instantly just gonna be losing a
thousand bucks now what this means is that from day one you’re only gonna have
$19,000 on your twenty thousand dollar loan which is just a total waste of
money but there are a lot of lenders that don’t charge origination fees and
those are the only ones I’m gonna be talking about so just be
aware that even some of the biggest lenders out there that look really good
like prosper and Lending Club they charge origination fees so just watch
out for those and then if anything out there sounds too good to be true watch
out because it is there’s a lot of loan scams out there so I want you guys to be
well aware that they do exist and they prey on social media sites so just be
careful so if you guys see any comments on this video that have a phone number
or an email disregard them 100% because they are just fishing for information
and they’re not real I’ll try my best to delete all of them but if you guys do
find any of those types of comments just disregard them a hundred percent and
don’t follow any of their instructions now finally here are the top personal
loan companies I’d recommend looking into right now and thank you so much for
being patient the first lender on my list of personal
loans is called Marcus by Goldman Sachs and they have a really good personal
loans Marcus advertises that they don’t charge
any fees and on top of that they’ve currently got rates that start just
under 7% and then go all the way to 25% they’ll let you borrow between thirty
five hundred and forty thousand dollars and then you can pay them back between
36 to 72 months which is really good Marcus does require you to select a
purpose for the loan which is totally normal but they’ve got a lot to choose
from just keep in mind that with personal loans every single category is
going to have different rates because you can’t expect medical bills to have
the same rate as a vacation but usually they are going to be pretty close to
each other and understand that all the rates listed in this video can change
over time so if you’re watching this video a long time after I published it
just keep in mind that the rates can be different just based on the prime rate
and different factors like that but honestly they don’t change that much
over a few years so most of the information should stay pretty accurate
for a long time now obviously you’ve got to have really good credit to qualify
for the best rates with Marcus but just keep in mind that they do accept Fair
Credit applications as well so if your credits not that good then Marcus is a
pretty good loan to look into so if you want to get a personal loan with bad
credit then I definitely recommend going with Marcus because they don’t charge
any fees unlike a lot of the other guys most of the lenders out there won’t even
accept your application if you’ve got bad credit and that’s where Marcus can
come in handy but just keep in mind that they do have rates that are as high as
25% which is really high so if you really do get a 25% rate with
Marcus then I would definitely reconsider and look into some other
loans because that’s gonna be higher than most credit cards personal loans
can be very expensive if your credit isn’t optimal so definitely work on your
credit long before you ever even need a personal loan you can always apply and
just see what you qualify for but at the end of the day bad credit is always
gonna cost you way too much in interest and then just so you’re aware Marcus
also has a savings account that actually pays more than 2% which is one of the
best yields in the entire savings industry overall I’d say that Marcus is
a really good choice for personal loans but the only thing I don’t like is that
you have to apply to basically find out what you qualify for because currently
if you want to have any clue of what you’re gonna pay with Marcus you have to
apply first but at least they do advertise that they do a soft credit
check so it’s really not that big of a deal for me personally I sort of like to
see how much the loan is gonna cost me before I actually apply with someone but
it’s really not that big of a deal and Marcus still made my list now next on my
list is light stream loans by SunTrust Bank and they are one of the best loan
companies out there if you’re looking for something over $5,000 they’re owned
by SunTrust Bank and light stream is actually the company that I have a
personal loan with because at the end of the day they had the best rates and
that’s kind of the biggest deal when it comes to getting a personal loan light
stream doesn’t charge any fees either and they’ll beat any competitors rate by
a tenth of a point for a comparable loan so that way you’ll always be able to get
the best rates with light stream loans out of all of the competition and then
on top of that they’ve got a huge selection of personal loans to choose
from as well light stream offers all kinds of personal loans with rates that
start at about 6% and go to 17% with Auto pay which is really good their
loans range from $5,000 all the way to $100,000 which is the most I’ve ever
seen for a personal loan and then you can choose to pay back the loans from 24
months all the way to 144 months which is actually 12 years now you’ve got to
understand though that the rates and the terms all fluctuate based on a few
different things they’re gonna be based on how much you’re borrowing the length
of the loan and then what you’re using the loan for so it’s not like you can
borrow $5,000 and then pay it back over 12 years which is something that I
wouldn’t recommend doing anyway now they do require a really good credit which is
one of the main reasons that rates and terms are so good so just keep that in
mind light stream also has a lot of auto
– so if you’re looking for a new car you want to refinance and I definitely check
them out for that kind of stuff as well one thing that really helped me on light
streams website is they give you a really good idea of the rates and terms
before you actually have to apply for a loan so basically if you wanted to get a
debt consolidation loan with them then you’ll actually be able to see kind of
what you’re gonna be paying before you actually have to apply obviously it’s
just a ballpark rate but at least you can see what you can sort of expect to
pay based on your credit score now I did find that the rates with light stream
are gonna be the best if you borrow over ten thousand dollars and then you pay
them back within thirty six months but even if you choose to pay back the loan
over thirty six months their rates are still some of the best in the entire
industry I’ll leave an affiliate link in the description below which means I may
be compensated if you click through it but just keep in mind that light stream
loans has a ton of really good personal loans to choose from and I’m never gonna
recommend something that I don’t think is the best value for you guys and if
you’ve made it this far into the video can you please comment down below and
just say I’m still here that way I can still see who’s watching the video
thanks now next on my list is American Express personal loans and they’ve got
some really good rates to choose from but you do have to have one of their
credit cards in order to qualify for their personal loans
their rates started about seven percent and then you can borrow between thirty
five hundred and forty thousand dollars which is a pretty good range but the
really cool thing about their loans is that you can pay them back between
twelve and thirty six months which is really fast so if you need a little bit
of money for a short period of time then definitely check out American Express
personal loans because they have really really short terms but on the flip side
if you want to get a loan that’s longer than thirty six months then it’s
generally not gonna happen with American Express because they don’t offer them
they’ve got a basic rate simulator on their website – which is always handy
and then the really cool thing is that it’s really easy to apply with American
Express because generally they already have all your information from being a
card member and another cool thing is that they’ll actually link your loan to
their main website so whenever you need to check anything from American Express
everything is always in one place and that’s a really handy and if you care
they also have a savings account that pays more than two percent which is
really good and then you don’t have to be a member to qualify for it overall
I’d say that American Express personal loans are definitely worth looking into
if you’re a card member or you plan on being
now last on my list of personal loans is called TD which stands for
toronto-dominion bank out of Canada they’ve got rates from about seven to
nineteen percent and then you can borrow between two thousand and fifty thousand
dollars which is a really good range and then you can choose to pay them back
between twelve and sixty months which is also a really good range out of all the
lenders that have been talking about TD really stood out to me because of the
large range of money that you can borrow with them and then the range of lengths
that they offer as well they’re also more likely to accept bad credit scores
but they are only available in a certain number of states so you’re gonna want to
check on that if you’re looking into TD for a loan
I had an auto loan with them a few years ago and they were just fine as far as
customer service goes and even though they’re out of Canada it doesn’t make a
difference if you’re in the States as long as your state qualifies for the
loan honestly in my opinion their website wasn’t nearly as good as the
other lenders that I’ve been talking about but they still made my list just
because they have a really good variety of loans to choose from now these are
the best personal loans I found but I’m quickly gonna recap all of their main
features so just pay attention here Marcus has really great rates and a lot
of really good loans to choose from and then if your credit isn’t that good they
also accept Fair Credit applications as well but just remember that the loan can
cost a lot more if your credit isn’t very good and then light stream loans is
my favorite because they’ve got the best rates and they have the most loans to
choose from but you’ve got to have good credit if you’re gonna go with them
they’ll also beat any competitors rate by a tenth of a point so overall they
are definitely my number one choice if you’re looking for a personal loan for
over five thousand dollars and then American Express personal loans is
definitely a good choice if you’re already a card member with them because
everything is easier because they already have your information the rates
are really competitive and they have a lot of short loan options to choose from
which is good if you just want to get a little bit of money and pay it back over
a short amount of time but if you want to have a lower monthly payment with
American Express by extending the loan that’s not gonna happen because
generally the loans only go up to thirty six months and then the reason that TD
loans made my list is because they have a wide variety of loans to choose from
and then their payback terms are also wide as well and then they also accept
Fair Credit applications as well so if your credits not very good then
definitely look into TD for a personal loan because you might actually get one
with them and keep in mind that if you do want to apply for a loan with them
they’re not available and single-state so just be aware of that
now my last word of advice is to make sure that you apply with a few different
loan companies before you actually go with one specific company their rates
can fluctuate a lot based on the company that you’re going with so definitely
check a few different companies because at the end of the day your personal loan
rate is what’s gonna cost you the most money when it comes to interest I
applied with a few different companies before I went a flight stream because I
just wanted to see what they would offer me so that I could make sure that I was
getting the best value with whomever I was going with at the end of the day
you’ve got to make the choice as to who you want to go with for a personal loan
but hopefully this video can help you make a better decision on who you want
to go with once again I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of
videos on different topics that’ll give your life and your finances more value
so feel free to subscribe if you guys want to or just give this video a like
that’s all

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