Best Promotional Strategies for Self Published Books (2018)

– Would you like to know the
best promotional strategies for self-published books? Well then, you’re gonna wanna listen to today’s guest expert,
Julie Broad, stay tuned. (upbeat rock music) Welcome to Self-Publishing with Dale, and if you wanna learn
how to publish books and build your brand, make sure that you subscribe and turn your notifications on to get all of the latest content. Today, I am super-excited to have one of my absolute favorite
YouTube content creators, and it is Julie Broad, and we’re gonna talk about something that I love to talk about, and it’s promotional strategies. So can you give me a
little bit of an idea, what are some of the best
promotional strategies for self-published books? – Yeah, I mean, it’s a tough question to answer generically because I think the best
book publishing strategy for your book is gonna
depend on your goals, ’cause there’s just so much hype, right? You can be an be an Amazon bestseller, so everybody can be an Amazon bestseller. There’s ways to game the system to be an Amazon bestseller. The bad news is you can game it and sell a whopping 14 books. That’s a great payday, isn’t it? – 14 books, I know, as long as it’s probably
$100 per book, right? (Dale and Julie laughing) – So, yeah, so it really depends. ‘Cause some people really
just wanna feel good (laughs). And so they want that ego
stroke of the Amazon bestseller. But I kind of like to look at where am I gonna get that book in front of the most ideal readers? And so, sometimes, that means getting them a speaking engagement so that every person in the audience gets a copy of their book, so now you’ve got 100 people or 500 people that get a copy of that book. Does not register on Amazon
to do a bulk sale like that, but you’ve now got your book in the hands of a bunch of people. So that’s, it really dependent
on what your goals are. So I’ll give you a couple of my favorites. One is, so I’ll go back to, my first book was a real estate book. I had realtors, so my book was a real
estate investing book. And my target market was people who were brand new to real estate or thinking that they might wanna get into real estate investing. So who else has that same audience in their audience already, right? Realtors, mortgage brokers,
some specific accountants. So that’s who the people
I would go to and go, hey, here’s my book, here’s why
it’s great for your clients, and I had a ton of
realtors, mortgage brokers, and other people with
real estate investors in their audience promote my book and even buy my book to give as gifts. So to me, that’s the best way to get your book in
front of ideal readers. – Is there any particular
promotional strategy that you see is not very effective, and it’s antiquated that
people are currently using? – Yeah, they post a link
on Facebook (laughs). – That doesn’t work? (tuba honking)
– I mean, first of all, Facebook barely shows
that link to anybody, but yeah, I mean, even asking people to share your book on social media, I mean, there’s some reasons to do that, it’s not like it does nothing, but in terms of actually selling books, if you put trackable links out there and you try to figure out
what’s getting clicked, it’s, those clicks are not
coming from social media, so that is something, people aren’t selling
books on social media, it’s so hard to sell books on social media with, like, just a straight link. – If I have the discretionary expense to advertise through some
type of promotional strategy, what is the best one that I can use to leverage my exposure? – Well, I think advertising on Amazon is the best way to advertise for books. – Right. – But I’m biased because
I’ve been donating money to Facebook forever. (Dale and Julie laughing) – Me, too. – So I have not figured out how to really effectively
advertise on Facebook, but Amazon ads do seem to be working. I’ve had some good results. I know a lot of people
have had some good results, so if I was gonna put money into advertising my book directly, that’s what I would do. – What if I don’t have any money, let’s say I’m brand new to this, I’m really trying to bootstrap it, what’s probably the best
promotional strategy for me that doesn’t cost a dime? – So it’s free, but, and I actually cover eight different ways to sell 1,000 books for under $100. And frankly, the $100 was to buy posters ’cause I did a big book launch event. So that’s it, like, you don’t
need to do that part of it, but that was something I spent
money on in that example. So there’s a bunch of ways there, but a lot of it is finding those partnerships and
relationships that you can leverage and supporting people, so by the way, here’s a big tip. If your book isn’t out yet, make friends with people now (laughs) who’ll have your ideal
reader in their audience so that you’re not being like, hey, nice to meet you, promote my book. (Dale laughs)
– That’s weird? – A little.
(Julie laughs) – Oh, darn it all, you’ve ruined my favorite way to do things. How can the viewers get ahold of you? – Check my channel out, BookLaunchers.TV. We have lots of tips. Every Friday, a new video comes out to help you write, publish, and sell a non-fiction book.

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  1. Firn El says:

    Two of my favorite self-publishing people on YT. Short interview with great tips!

  2. Kel says:

    This is not particularly useful to fiction writers.

  3. Alexa Smith says:

    Amazing are questions you have asked from Dale. Thumbs up. As I am learning Digital Marketing in these days, but you know all that is in general terms. So, my question is that what are your thoughts about Facebook Adverts, Google Adsense and things like that? They are working pretty well in the business arena but should a starter book writer inverst in these mediums?

  4. Alexa Smith says:

    Thanks a lot. Stay Blessed 🙂

  5. Kevin Maguire says:

    I know I've got Facebook sales, and it's not just my sister 😛 I'm not sure about Twitter, however.

  6. Book Launchers says:

    HAHAHA great additions to this video and it turned out GREAT for a video shot in a hotel hallway. 🙂 Thanks for the interview Dale. We need to do more collabs.

  7. Petite Masque says:

    Here's a tough question. How to promote a non-English fiction book? AMS only promote English books, Goodreads Ads are a joke.

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