100 comments on “Best Strategies for Growing an Audience Online | VidSummit 2018 Keynote”

  1. Xelfiy says:

    but Gary what if we're not getting comments at all what do you do then? i get a few depending on what the social media is and i respond to everyone but i thats not always alot of poeple

  2. Daniel Benkek says:

    Incredible content! Thanks!

  3. Adam Wojnar Anglie says:

    If you are in the business for the last 5 years and you are not crushing it, go to work for some one else. Haha, great idea haha.

  4. Ben G Kaiser says:

    Tenacity and true empathy for your community! It's funny how we have to be told to care about others, but it's true how easy it is to forget when we are grinding away at our content and goals.

  5. Samuel Rivera says:

    The dude at the 22minute mark asked the very question I would have wanted to ask.

  6. Darrell Coleman says:

    I think the back story is important. It allows people to see that you are human and go through things just like they may have gone through them. Or maybe they have gone through less and can push harder because if you can do it than they can too. Share your story always. You never know how many people that back story will help.

  7. Darrell Coleman says:

    The fact that someone commented that Gary Vee is repetitive is awesome. It means he is on the same drive, day and night. He doesn't flip flop like most speakers will. He's here providing free content, and I plan to use it and create my own free content as he has to help Realtors all over the world.

  8. G D says:

    here's what's amazing at the game…it's a numbers game, a little luck and confidence in your skills. thank you for sharing the video. nothing new under the Sun.

  9. JoogRobbyRob says:

    Thanks, Gary!

  10. Lucio Suarez says:

    Thank´s Gary this is amazing! Some one from Argentina here or Spanish speakers?

  11. Modern Addict says:

    Amazing content, plenty of jewels for the dome.

  12. KAO Beatbox says:

    0-1500 subs based on Gary’s content over the course of 2 months from daily videos to now 2 days a week. Big ups to this inspiration.

  13. Agence de rencontre CQMI says:

    Gréât vidéo iT helps me focus

  14. Get Fit With Neha says:

    gary thanks so much.You are too good

  15. Get Fit With Neha says:

    i m at 1155 gary.I m gonna do 15k by dec sure

  16. Le Fil Rouge says:

    great work 💪🏼🔥

  17. Life Of Manpreet says:

    This video is all I need for killing it in 2019! Thank you Gary! You’re awesome.

  18. Vlad Marius Lungu says:

    This is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  19. craiginzana says:

    Wow that part at 41 minutes was the answer I've been struggling with for years now.

    "Do the 8 businesses and let the market decide" is where I'm at. Damn, Gary thanks.

  20. Positive Chick says:

    Always thankful for your insights Gary! Getting feedback from your audience and having the intention to give value is key to building a thriving community which is my goal for my channel.

  21. PrairieDodgers says:

    So Happy I got to see your Talk at #Vidsummit I got a lot out of it!

  22. JPuerco BEATS says:

    A drink for everytime Gary says a Fuck word

  23. Joshua Cashen says:

    Create Context!

  24. ButterBallz says:

    This is Why Im subscribed to Gary V, Keep putting out things like this, so many Game Checks

  25. Ask the Harry says:

    61 KILLS
    939 LEFT…

  26. YouGoProBaseball says:

    My YouTube channel just got verified (✔️) last night! Thanks Gary V and team for all the help along the way! ⚾️

  27. Josh Howell says:

    Why'd the guy at 21:44 start speaking like he's on his own vlog or something lol

  28. Alternative Medical Solutions says:

    100% “If your complaining, you should be punched in the Face!” Gary, tell us how you really feel? Your content is making a massive impact!! Your the most genuine(Honest) public figure I have ever seen!! Your content has helped me find perspective and truly changed the course of my life!! Look forward to meeting you in the future!! Stay thirsty my Friend.-
    Jess M. #VeniceFLEntrepreneurs #vtownsurfpics #Fliplife #Readyset_Go

  29. iamjaywalker says:

    Just asked on social if we could get me from 30 to 100 subscribers. It was like hiring a Militia. They tweeted, retweeted, shared, subbed, liked. And it worked great! Built on the backbone of being nice, giving without asking for anything in return, and being grateful. Thanks so much Gary!

  30. ItzMoyHD says:

    Much love Gary ❤️

  31. Rambling Ramul says:

    When Gary is too busy to actually read and respond to the comments on this video is hilarious xD

  32. Chris Abate says:

    I love this !! Thank you gary for the amazing advice 🙏

  33. Yellowhat Dick says:

    I've been living in my car for eight months in colorado; a lot of challenges, especially because it is winter; but, keeps the bills down and I can spend my time dedicated to building something for future. Anyone else rubber tramping while hustling?

  34. Dante Street says:

    Anyone know who the dude in the military was that was going off about leadership in the questions>? if so I would love to network with him

  35. Grigorii Gerdzhikov says:

    Hey GaryVee Nation! I need your help: What is the name of the leadership/military guy at 32:36? Does anyone have his profile/insta/website?
    I really want to connect, I‘m doing the same path, but in Germany. We should totally make a bridge here, because leadership is so fricking important and colleges don‘t teach you that and corporations just destroy their people by leading like in the dark ages… Thank you for your help!

  36. Gabrielle Angel Lilly says:

    If I wanted to get drunk, I would take a shot everytime Gary says Perpetuity. 😉 Socially conscious business is the future, and that rocks. Much love to all of you. Gratitude, Gary.

  37. Mister GG says:

    I Used to go to Sundays mass to hear the priest, now I come here.

  38. Mister GG says:

    Im a photographer, and sometimes I still do free works after 7 years….

  39. Nina Daniel says:

    Gary, you da man!! Love your stand on kindness, work ethic, humility, being the bigger man – love everything you say and stand for!!Thanks!

  40. RowmanSailor says:

    Can see that Gary has been getting after it, showing off his collection of guns 💪

  41. Make Money Online With Alex says:

    Glad I watch this Video. It will really help me alot Gary V. Thanks for all your knowledge and value you bring to the table.

  42. Magic11 says:

    Is this one of Gary Vee’s accounts?

  43. Alex Cio says:

    There should be more comments after this talk of Gary!
    Looks like not everybody understood that they should comment!
    And I am wondering, because Gary is not answering all the comments here,
    didn't he say he is answering all of them? ^^

  44. Kirk Buchanan says:

    Straight value. I've been doing this. My very tiny audience can attest to it. I respond to everyone's comments emails, DMS and even tho I can't measure it, I think its been helping me to leave a bigger impact on their lives.

  45. bragadonoza bmx says:

    thanks sir you made my day

  46. Car Addict Garage says:

    Very good tips. I agree it is a me world these days and we need to focus on others more. Thanks for sharing.

  47. James Boswell says:

    Awesome information as always Gary!

    Does anyone have any links or info to get access to the Marine’s content. Fellow Marine asking (08-13). Semper fi brother and keep pushing!

  48. Mattyice Perkins Longshore says:

    Gary what's up I ran my first Instagram ad yesterday directly to my website sportsaholicsanonymous.com and I got a sale 2 hours in only 84 bucks spent! 70 dollar sale. I want to give you the thanks and credit you deserve because you didn't charge me a dime, yet I listened to your advice and studied and taught myself how to run effective ads even tho I truly wish I could hire your agency I also started my business with $300 and refuse to take out a loan or investment. I'm addicted to re investing in inventory! God bless you bro! #FINDAWAYORMAKEAWAY #SPORTSAHOLICS #hoodie #hustle

  49. Glen Vargas says:

    I’m a huge fan of #GaryVee Any starting Youtubers? Let’s help each other grow by subscribing to one another. ☺️☺️

  50. Miss Jenny's Cleaning says:

    In 1964 when you got home, you could still build something. You just had to do it with your hands. You went into the basement to the work bench, or the garage or in front of the TV. You could still build something, it was at a more local level. If you wanted to do something more, you could do it. It still took the same amount of dedication, self-discipline and determination. The difference now it that we can reach the whole world in a matter of seconds. You still have to be willing to do the work.

  51. Nuggets of Gold & Silver says:

    Thank you Gary! Long live those 40 and over!

  52. crazyvidz CV says:

    Gary and his employees, how cute!🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  53. 聽聽音樂TangTangMusic says:

    I'm a New Music Cover Youtuber just starting my Journey from Hong Kong and really helped me a lot. Really Great Inspiration that i think there is not a single teacher in HK can give such a great perspective to Life to the whole fucked up Society. Appreciate & Love you!!

  54. Pall Singh says:


  55. xx Khanya xx says:

    I'm only 16minutes in but holy shit this guy is good!

  56. Bee Fabulous says:

    Thank you for brightening my day with this great piece, Gary. I’m in the “planning” stages of vlogging about the amazing benefits of cannabis for women’s health and wellness… I’m excited about creating a side hustle I’m passionate about while working a 50-60 hour gig that no longer fulfills me and eventually turning my passion to be a portal of information in the cannabis industry into a successful venture that takes care of my family and community… but today I was extremely down… which I don’t allow myself to do… then I took a few drops of my Cindy 99 tincture, found this GaryVee moment and regained purpose from your gospel that spoke to my spirit and my cause… thank you, Gary, for your insight and support of the burgeoning cannabis industry… Blessings

  57. Redd Starr says:

    Whoever views this keep crushing it

  58. JeffNotes says:

    Ohh hey that's Rewired Soul, I like that guy, cool! =D

  59. martysgarden says:

    51 years old now and seen exactly what your saying Gary, this is one reason I am in the "Grow Food Niche" PLUS I LOVE IT,
    Everyone needs to eat, right?
    Need to get out to meet more people,,great advice,,speaking at an event next month.
    Luv ya work brother!
    Marty Ware (Australia)

  60. Melinda Babin says:

    Thank you for putting this out there for me to find! Love your message and the fact that you show so much appreciation and respect for your mom ❤️

  61. Apostle Bongani Muthisi says:

    you just got yourself a new fan of your work Gary – You are a wind of enlightenment and a breath of fresh air.

  62. Christian T. Bueno says:

    Best strategy is to believe in yourself, and work your ass off. Go all in on happiness

  63. Lawrence Thompson Jr says:

    36:37 i was just thinking on this in my head this morning.I am like this guy military and been a leader since i been in. I have been trying to get companies to connect but nothing. great content and feedback I REALLY NEEDED THIS……..

  64. Some Person says:

    The more I watch of you the more I'm kinda mad at everyone in my past, but mostly at myself for not walking away sooner. I've been told I was wrong my entire life for all of the thoughts you share, I love a day of hard work or working on a skill until I'm the best. It's like OCD to others, but it's nirvana to me to work hard every day. It honestly drives my hunger, not to prove them wrong but to prove to myself I was right in refuting their doubts. I am too chatty, and it has turned to hanging at bars most nights to fill my need for stories and conversations. I honestly don't like social media or even new tech. I purposely don't have a smart phone at 30, haven't in years. Now I'm realizing that I belong on camera and in people's little screens informing or entertaining them. I still use this account, but just so I can be 100% honest and not have my past come back to bite me. This was a great talk, I'm going to watch it every Saturday for the next few months to try to change my thought processes…


    Exactly – No Complaining or Begrudging . Ty

  66. matthew ortiz says:

    Make that a silhouette like the NBA logo 🤔.. sticker… Something ..

  67. Starfish Kittens Rescue says:

    ♥ ya Gary Vee for advising tell the truth 48:00 woot!

  68. oscar vallejo says:

    Omg this guy is Amazing I had never seen someone more real in my whole life.you are who i want to be.What an inspiration. today has been one of the best days ever.
    finding you was my second today. Thank you soo much for existing.

  69. Soltana Noor says:

    "I only give advice that I give"
    SO many ads for "influencers" online nowadays saying they can teach me how to be a millionaire and grow my audience to 3 million followers and get paid on my blog etc and I really question how accurate those claims are…

  70. Geoffrey Traylor says:


  71. punit bayad says:

    25:30 36:53

  72. Yoga Bliss Dance says:

    "if you are in this room and you complain about anything, you shoudl be punched in the face."

  73. Valentina C says:

    yeah, evil system. I have no family, only a kid to raise. I DO EVERYTHING by myself

  74. sa says:

    34:19 True story: Sister 1 made fun of her Sister 2 for doing clinical trials for extra cash. A year later, Sister 1 finds a lump but it's too late, it's terminal cancer. Chances are very high that if Sister 1 went in for the clinical trials she was ostracizing Sister 2 for doing, her cancer would have been detected much early on.

  75. sa says:

    35:48 Boom! Generally, I can't stand it when people start name dropping but it worked for this guy. Or is a donation for 10 kids to his charity a lot of money? And who the hell are Tyler and Claude?

  76. Noah Neal says:

    Damn it! I been watching your vids for a while and thinking about starting a business but never doing it, until I got fired a few weeks ago.

    I never realized that almost every person you can solve the problem generally in one of two ways.

    Content, content, content.


    Hustle, hustle, hustle.

    Like is it this simple and I just have been analyzing it to death?
    My struggle is I need clients to work for. Obviously I should make up a little portfolio and a great email and just get at bat with every potential client possible.

    I want to build an audience….better make obscene amounts of good content.

    Oh and obviously, who cares what anyone else thinks of how you're hustling as long you're authentic and going for it.

    Kinda mad at myself for uh…not clicking faster

  77. The Business Podcast with Steve Hodgkinson says:

    Another fantastic keynote with the man himself! We're blessed to be in a world where content like this is shared for free.

  78. Xclusive says:

    Not sure if i like you droppin Fbombs while there r little kids in the room. I wouldent want my kid being influenced by the way u speak and express yourself and then have my boy droppin fbombs at home. Just like U have adjusted your content to whats relevant today, You should know your audience and adjust and not use F-words when you have an all ages crowd. Just a thought 🤝

  79. Evangelos Koulis says:

    Nailed it once again!

  80. Burhan Flame says:


  81. jcxlscr says:

    But "all of us face this limitation where there's only so much we can remember, there's only so much we can apply…" 😆

  82. Christina Vargas says:

    Grateful for you Gary!!!!

  83. Name says:

    We need a lot of people working shit jobs they don't want to do though. Can't have too many people just making content for a living, that should be more of a hobby or side job.

  84. Game of Hustles says:

    I wish I found you sooner but hey better late than never!!


    Thank you Gary for practical talk

  86. DrixTer TV says:

    I'm so glad I found you!

  87. Derek Vigil says:

    Haha Shonduras

  88. Antank says:

    7:14 wtf gary is literally talking about me lol

  89. Yatukih001 says:

    Thanks for this man!!

  90. Luna Beech says:


  91. Raymond Menz says:

    So these people are paying to hear they should advertise on social media through companies like that owned by this guy? This is blatant self promotion.
    This has the bad smell of "Greed is Good" out of the 80's. Is there anyone here who doesnt want to get rich quick?
    32:20. You have an MBA and you live in your parents basement – "the market is right!"
    You have a passion for "leadership development?" – is this what your ego coach told you?
    "They dont fucking well get it" – yes they do, thats why you live in your in laws basement.
    "You have been doing this for 19 years" – so you havent got it right yet – FIX YOURSELF FIRST.
    The most important thing is – DO PEOPLE LIKE YOU?

  92. Dukkydog DDO says:

    You don't listen. You interupt, and never let people finish their point FOR US. WE GET THAT YOU GET IT FIRST, BUT YOUR AUDIENCE WANTS TO HEAR THEM

  93. Arturo A. Hurtado says:

    I liked this video this man is king

  94. Paul Beck says:

    thank you Gary you are awesome.

  95. vladimir dev says:

    I wanted to like this but I'm in the 34-39 category 😀

  96. My Son's Mother says:

    Wow, someone who thinks like I do about subscribers. I was amazed that you spoke on humility, because I think it is sadly lacking in society these days. Thanks for saying it when it isn't popular. I just found out about vidsummit. I would love to come this year, but don't think I can sell my home that quickly to get the money. We will see.

  97. Puneeta K says:

    There is value in this talk. Everyone must learn from this

  98. Zéro Marketing says:

    This was again full of so valuable advices. Thank you.

  99. DotComNirvan says:

    25:25 she bad as hell

  100. KYTRUCK says:

    Thank you for posting this. I'm flat broke 45 injured on the job "Permanently Disabled as of right now" living at home. I would have loved to come to #VidSummit2019 living in California. But the Cost was very astronomical for a new person looking to start a youtube channel. living off of the state and a GA loan looking me in the face to pay back, ya things aren't grate… I like the last part of the vid – fuckit and do it who cares what the trolls have to say. Just get the content out there. I wish there where more open vids from #VidSummit …

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