Billy Hurley’s chip-in birdie at Quicken Loans is No. 8 shot of 2016

Annc: Billy Hurley now, a little cuppy lie, 200 yards,
very similar the shot that was facing Jon Rahm. Annc: Prudent play Nick, he took it out to
the left, he didn’t take on those bunkers. Hurley III: The second shot out of the fairway
bunker, I actually got a lot further up closer Hurley III: to the green than I thought I was going to. Hurley III: I was trying to land it up on
top of the plateau and get it to the edge Hurley III: of the hill and let it trickle down there. Annc: He’s been fairly tidy with these shots
this week. Annc: How about making it? Yes indeed! Annc: Incredible! Hurley III: I was just hoping it would stop
you know kinda 6 feet around the hole. Hurley III: I knew I needed to make par, I
was trying to carry it I think 27 yards, it Hurley III: was kind of the idea, you know land it 27
yards in the air and then kinda let it check Hurley III: and go down the hill. Hurley III: And the crowd behind the pin was
getting really excited. Hurley III: Totally like separation of mind and body and
there was no thought of like ‘What should I do here?’ Hurley III: It kinda just happened. Annc: This just might be the shot of the tournament,
maybe the shot of a lifetime.

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