Blueface “Thotiana” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Females gon’ watch this. Look at me baby. Yeah! You see it, huh baby? They gon’ love this motherfuckin’ interview. Everybody say I’m off beat. I wrote that motherfucking song to the beat. I wouldn’t have had “Thotiana” if I didn’t hear
the beat first. The first thing that cracked this song was
Thotiana. I had that word that was going to be in the
song regardless. It was like a puzzle. I had Thotiana. I just had to fill in the blanks. So Thotiana was going to be the song regardless. I’ve seen girls dance to it and I’ve seen
a lot of girls not really follow the instructions. I give a bitch instructions. Yeah. I’m going to tell her what I want her to do,
how I want her to do it and how I like it. My mama always told me I was going to be a
heartbreaker. I always looked this good baby. It’s me. It’s really me. No fakes, no gimmicks. Yeah she told me when I was like 10 and then
I got in them little older ages where I actually started being with women so you know she didn’t
condone it. She told me as a kid all the time. She made me this way, not me. Don’t be mad at me baby. Blame my mama. Call her. It ain’t my fault. It’s a lot of bitches that I smacked two times
that I didn’t want to smack two times. Hit it once and leave it alone. Giving her the rug burn. I’m nailing her. I’m faded. I’m off the henny. I’m off some weed. I might even be off a pill. “Deadlocs” man that is like my baby that
I birthed. That was the first one that really got people
listening. I didn’t forget about my baby. You know. I throw her here and there in every other
song. Let’s just fuck and not tell nobody. You feel me? You don’t know Blueface. I don’t know who you is. But when we link we busting down. Trying to get it in. I’m trying to get easty on the dead locs.

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  1. Damien Dunbar says:

    Blueface: I wrote that song on beat
    Me: what ever you say buddy😂😂😂😂

  2. YAOI- SLUT says:

    Your lips are very dry,sir👀

  3. Dgbf.Boujee says:

    What kind of bitch ass sigh is that 1:49

  4. The Big One says:

    That hairline tho…

  5. Yung Ceiling Fan says:


  6. ThePizzasHaveRisen says:

    Use me as a “you aight” button


    He even talks off beat

  8. Diane Chand says:

    1second in me be like I'm a 6 year old girl

  9. Myael Washington says:

    He sound so fun to be around

  10. Felix Wolf Gunner says:

    If I was a woman and he was my only option, I would become a lesbian

  11. mds6029 says:

    The beginning tho CRINGEEEEEEE🥴🤧🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Calthecool says:

    “I give a bitch instructions…”
    I respect that.

  13. Calthecool says:

    What if this is the only thing aliens find of humanity in 10,000 years.

  14. Barbara Mosby says:

    You ulgy

  15. Carlos Chepkina says:

    0:35 This nigga fingers 😂

  16. Cld Wrld says:

    Some people really think girls are all over them but nowadays girls are starting to get with other girls LMFAO

  17. Big Adam Jonny says:

    I think everyone’s mum said that to them 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  18. NooNooIsLove NooNooIsLife says:

    blue face makes me uncomfortable. he’s like. so fkn full of himself and he isn’t really all that. also he’s so fucking disrespectful to women. like. fuck man. not one decent woman will ‘do it how u want it’ fuck off out of here the only ‘females’ u finna get, r just gone be slags who only want sex. but i guess ur alright with that 🤷‍♀️

  19. Cringe_Cloud ! says:


  20. Confused As Usual says:

    Much like me , the beat has left the chat …

  21. ツBlazziken says:

    ta qifsha nanen

  22. Michaela Sturgeon says:

    can someone tell me why he is still off beat with no fucking beat lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  23. stopreading myname says:

    I am scared mommy.

  24. fares 1229 says:

    Blueface : comment

    Longface: like

  25. Ari GrandeCloud says:

    The intro got me cringin

  26. wuhn says:

    That intro made me uncomfortable as fuck.

  27. Ya girl Tamina perioddd says:

    He is such a funny guy 😂😂❤️

  28. Z Z says:

    Anyone notice that hairline?

  29. todo roki says:

    i dont understand a thing he said

  30. KissMyPost says:

    Who here after 69 snitch on blue face

  31. F3ARM3 says:

    Why does blueface look like a vulture?

  32. Game Of Velets says:

    Why does genius think we need an explanation on the lyrics “ bust down thotiana “

  33. Sharkilla50 _YT says:

    Wrote this to the beat… U still off-beat doe…..

  34. Majin says:

    2:08 is it just me or did he say the HARD R

  35. Majin says:


    Blueface: BERFED

  36. Taehyung's Beloved says:

    At this point, Genius is nothing but a meme

  37. crystulips says:

    shirt: hey thotia-

    blueface: no

  38. Kenneth Walker says:


  39. JerriBlue says:

    If this shit song is in Genius Than even West Coast should be

  40. Zosks says:

    i dont ever comment on these but he is the worst person to ever to get signed, talkin about he not off beat

  41. Shams Ziq says:

    Him: look at me baby

    Me: bruh I’m 11

  42. Lindsey Larcombe says:

    I love your song blueface

  43. I’m an atheist and I’m gay :p says:


  44. Marie Ann Mendoza says:

    how tf is anyone in these comments younger than 13. i wasn’t even allowed to use youtube or listen to music like this at that age

  45. * Sugar Wasp * says:

    The only song I like from Blueface is “Daddy” 😂😋 look it up 👀

  46. BAM! Brody says:

    Mans got two hairlines

  47. Beeswax_ Queen says:

    (blue face)might even be off a pill hmm

  48. Rosa Rojas says:

    I like shotta flow I’m a menace k right I like tennis I’m with dat shit like a pennis 😂 idk

  49. Barbara Amatuzo says:

    Yall remember that “gratata” guy from Vine Bryan Silva? Dude they are the same person

  50. The Sex Pod says:

    I thought this video was supposed to interpret the lyrics. What the fuck is he talking about?

  51. karen pellerin says:

    so that hiiiii

  52. Sheirynette Vega says:

    He really thinks hes hot ….

  53. Yep I'm a anime fan says:

    Blue face: look at me baby

    turns off phone

    Me:that's enough internet today

  54. Blaise Strausbaugh says:

    Onna gyyyaaaannnngg

  55. Ryan Jayson Chong says:

    Bruh I’m a boy

  56. PROJECT: Vayne says:

    That eyebrows sure stanky

  57. JerriBlue says:

    The intro is still giving me awkwardness

  58. lil_quack 612 says:

    Blueface: she ain't following the instructions

    Bruh how to twerk 101

  59. niggas hattin says:

    he dead ass got no self respect this nigga career aint gone last sooner or later niggas aint gone be wanting him to be featerd on there songs

  60. Rachel Rennie says:

    im sorry but the intro got me dead af man im pissing myself !

  61. Janelle Sedano says:

    I like him

  62. go fuck your self dumbass says:

    when blueface said that look at me baby where's if theres like a 9 year old watching this XD

  63. Mr Manga says:

    Yeah aight Intensifies

  64. Ariana Alvarado says:

    ….did u call me baby 😥

  65. Ariana Alvarado says:


  66. W33AB00 JU!C3 says:

    Blueface: Look at me baby

    Me: I'm 9 I'm calling my social worker

  67. Stephanie Velasquez says:

    thats alot of bust it XD

  68. gnarly says:

    i got very uncomfortable at the intro.

  69. Lyfii says:

    all i keep replaying in my head is Billie Eilish grinding on bread loaves 😂😂

  70. Carl Murray Jr. says:


    :Gets Known for running away from the beat


  71. spastic child says:

    All them tats just ruin him he looks like a tatood p.n.s

  72. Derrick Valdez says:

    the intro was very akward

    Me:under 12

  73. imjustdatguy says:

    me when im trying to empress my crush 0:02

  74. Lil Money says:


  75. Grace 101 says:

    Wow husband you so fucking hot ❤️❤️

  76. Xstarhero says:

    Blueface baby

  77. King of Spades says:

    He raps off beat without a beat playing… that takes talent

  78. Bella Deon says:

    When he said all the females look at me
    I was like wth

  79. Klemon 789 says:

    Nigga put a shirt on

  80. Jack McShane says:

    "I wrote this song to the beat"


  81. Azaria Windham says:

    Which hairline do I roast. First one or second on. This make no since

  82. JoshPeltz says:

    That intro though

  83. Amiah Martinez says:

    blueface- im every woman's fantasy

  84. Princess Kiki says:

    Lol the intro got me like I’m 10 nope I don’t like u

  85. Tavish says:

    this man is pure flex

  86. Hawkeye says:

    Doesn't matter how you wrote the song, if you're offbeat you're offbeat.. being tone-deaf doesn't change if you change the song writing.

  87. Huck Andrews says:

    Blueface: look at this baby

    Me: I’m 12

    (Blueface licks fingers)

    Me: ….

    (Blueface fixes eyebrows)

    Me: cringe intensifies

  88. unicorn quest says:

    im glad we have the same birthdate lol

  89. Aurora Villanueva says:

    James Charles just kissed you like to undo

  90. DaadyYeezy says:

    blueface reminds me of my ex boyfriend who dumped me while is was in the hospital

  91. N H says:

    man he look like a mop

  92. Dhaloh says:

    blue face is one of the weirdest mfs out there

  93. Russel - YT says:

    Who came here from a tiktok of a girl

  94. Kent Athhar says:

    how could he sang off-beat without the beat itself?!

  95. Amber Chaba says:

    Everyone told me i was gonna be a heart breaker too as a kid.

  96. AgStars says:

    As soon as this video started I was

    U n c o m f o r t a b l e

  97. Meditating Explorer says:

    He's autistic, I just noticed. Damn.

  98. v a l e r y !! says:

    him in the beginning: “look at me baby😌”

    me: im 4💀🤠

  99. Emanuele Cipriani says:

    2:06 HMh

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