BlueOx Credit Union Pays It Forward

This is Windy and Maddison from the Jackson
Branch and we are about to surprise Diane, who is a volunteer at Henry Ford Allegiance. She volunteers countless hours and we’re going
to go surprise her now. Hi! Are you Diane? This is Diane. Hi Diane, I’m Maddison and this is Windy,
we’re from BlueOx Credit Union and we just wanted to come and say thank you for your
kindness and volunteering. We brought you a $50 gift card and some flowers. Thank you! (Laughter) Hi, my name is Amy and I am here
from BlueOx Credit Union today with Suzy and Kim, and we are presenting to the Shelterhouse
and Back Pack Buddies for our random acts of kindness. (Inaudible) (Inaudible) I have Ashley for this one, she
has a $125 gift card for Back Pack Buddies. Thank you! Thank you so much! And now Destiny, with $125 for the Shelterhouse
for gift cards to send parents along with their children dinner out or a movie. (Inaudible) Thank you. (Inaudible) On behalf of BlueOx Credit Union, we’d like
to donate $250 to you for your reading corner as one of our random acts of kindness. (Inaudible) Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. holiday 2406 says:

    How nice! I have been a member of the Blue Ox Credit Union for many years. To "pay" it forward and acknowlege those who volunteer is part of the reason Blue Ox CU is so special. If you are looking for a CU check Blue Ox out….they have quite a few branches here in Michigan!!!

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