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We are going on our way to the lunch room here at this school to surprise a guy who gives his all to this school. Are you excited? Yes! Let’s go do this. I don’t think I’ve ever come into the lunch room and just been in a bad mood whenever I see him. Bob Ruff is a man on a mission. He wants to make sure that these kids have at least one good thing said to them every day. Hello. Good afternoon. Bob celebrates life one smile at a time. That’s what the kids call him, is Grandpa. Because he knows, whether you’re 17 or 70, life is full of challenges. He had a stroke a few years ago and was totally incapacitated for a couple of years. Couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk. So he hadn’t worked for quite some time. Then, when he finally decided he could hold down a job, he wanted something that would be just a few hours and where he could make a difference. Okay, have a great weekend. Soon, the school year will end and Bob’s attention will turn to his yard until he can get back to the lunch room. I always tell him he’s like the Green Acres man. Okay, have a great day. Hello, Bingham High School students. How’s everybody doing? I’m looking for someone. Is there a Bob here? Big Budah with Fox 13. Come with me, you gotta come with me. (applause) [Bob] How’s everybody doing? Hey. (applause) You’re like the best looking date I’ve ever had. (laughs) We have a lot of surprises for you today. The first one is your true love! Yes! Your wife, Colleen! (applause) Is it true that you go everywhere, anywhere, to find any kind of Bingham High School shirt? Yeah, we go to every DI we can find. The next surprise I have for you, your very own letterman jacket! (applause) (Bob laughs) Let’s try that bad boy on. Now, while you’re trying on the jacket, it doesn’t end there. I got another surprise for you. Let me introduce you to our partners with Mountain America Credit Union. This is Krystalina, and she’s gonna take over from here. Hi, so nice to meet you, Bob! Nice meeting you. Thank you so much for all that you do for this school and these kids. We know coworkers are like your family. Definitely. So we have, from Megaplex, tickets for you to take all of them to a movie. This is a gift certificate for you and Colleen to take a weekend to get away. It’s $500, you guys can go wherever you want. Thank you. And, I think we have one more surprise, right? Give it up for Bob, give it up for Bob one more time! (applause and cheering) Alright. Remove the tarp! One, two, three! Remove the tarp! Oh! That’s for you! (laughing) Group hug, group hug, we’re all gonna group hug! We’re all gonna group hug. This is what the Dream Team’s all about. Oh, thank you. Well-deserved! (cheering) This is more dangerous than being on a go-kart. Let me know when you wanna go faster. Oh, well, let me hit the gas. (Big Budah laughs)

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