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It’s time for a change it’s time to
clear the decks. my name is Bob Stefanowski and I’m running for governor of
Connecticut. I was born in Connecticut, I was raised in Connecticut, I went to
school in Connecticut, I met my wife in Connecticut, and I’m now raising a family
in Connecticut. This is a picture of my wife and I on our wedding day and she lived on
Pawn Street and I lived on Dixel Avenue which is about quarter of a mile
away and I used to play basketball for the CYO team. She used to come to the
basketball games after the basketball, I I kind of met her and from that point
on she was my girlfriend. There were three things that my parents drilled
into me and my three older sisters in this household. One was the value of
fiscal responsibility, second was integrity, and third was the value of a
good education. Just look at what Dan Malloy and the liberal politicians in
Hartford have actually done over the last several years. Have they been
fiscally responsible? No! Despite five tax increases since 1992 our state has a
3.5 billion dollar budget deficit and the second worst roads in the entire
nation. We need to restore integrity and accountability into our governor’s
office, use our citizens hard-earned tax dollars for value-added services fixing
our roads and bridges and investing in education and on education fortunately
we still have some of the best schools in the nation,
but we need lower taxes, less regulation, and a better quality of life to incent
our graduates to stay, work, and build lives in Connecticut. Just as
my dad taught me, I can apply fiscal responsibility a good education
integrity and simple hard work to ease the tax burden on our citizens, fix our
infrastructure, and bring jobs back to Connecticut.
It’s absolutely time to clean house. I’m Bob Stefanowski, Republican candidate for
governor of the state of Connecticut. If you agree, please join me at – I’m Bob Stefanowski and I approve this message

7 comments on “Bob Stefanowski’s Bio – Bob for Governor”

  1. Friday Foster says:

    God Bless you! You have my vote. #MAGA #MakeConnecticutGreatAgain

  2. Josef Rivera says:

    "… I kinda meet her, and from that point on, she became my girlfriend"

  3. Alan Bourbeau says:

    Bob Stefanowski,
    Since you’re planning on becoming our new governor for Connecticut, I hope & pray that you’ll make improvements for Connecticut. I also hope that you’ll have sincere respect and compassion for people who are disabled like me and my girlfriend. I added you to my rosary prayer list and Miraculous Medal novena.

  4. TerminallyUnique95 says:

    An you'll refuse to act on climate change, fix our infrastructure, or lower property taxes. Not the kind of leader we need. Keep our unions strong. Vote for Ned.

  5. Emmueye MUI says:

    Never. Go fck yourself. You are the party of Trump.

  6. L Lance says:

    This guy was showing 5 commercials for every one that Lamont showed on TV and still lost. Really tried to saturate people with his in your face all the time crap.

  7. Kathie Logan says:

    Investigate election results!

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