Booker Just Slapped With Brutal Karma After Victim Exposes His Dirty Secret

Booker Just Slapped With Brutal Karma After
Victim Exposes His Dirty Secret We all know by now that the Democrat Party
is only good for obstructing and not much else. But in Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation debate
they have sunk to an all-time low. According to Chicks On The Right, the Democrats
are trying to derail the Kavanaugh confirmation with the excuse of an allegation of a sexual
assault that allegedly happened 35 years ago. But what’s probably even better is that
while this is going on they have decided to ignore all the Democrats recently accused
of assault or harassment, with evidence, including Keith Ellison, John Conyers, and Al Franken. And they have decided to ignore allegations
about one more in their ranks, Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey. And what’s even worse is that Booker actually
confessed to his allegations in a Newspaper column written by himself back on 1992. Here is the text of the article from The Stanford
Daily Signal: “Telling one’s own personal story is often
the most powerful way to make a point, or, more importantly, to make people think. When grandiose statements entrenched in politically
correct terminology are made, many may listen but few will hear. When I hesitated in writing this column, I
realized I was basking in hypocrisy. So instead I chose to write and risk. New Year’s Eve 1984 I will never forget. I was 15. As the ball dropped, I leaned over to hug
a friend and she met me instead with an overwhelming kiss. As we fumbled upon the bed, I remember debating
my next “move” as if it were a chess game. With the “Top Gun” slogan ringing in my
head, I slowly reached for her breast. After having my hand pushed away once, I reached
my “mark.” Our groping ended soon and while no “relationship”
ensued, a friendship did. You see, the next week in school she told
me that she was drunk that night and didn’t really know what she was doing. While she liked me a lot, she said she just
wanted to be friends. I have gotten used to those five words, but
that’s another column. Ever since puberty, I remember receiving messages
that sex was a game, a competition. Sexual relations were best achieved through
luck, guile, strategy or coercion. Another friend in high school counseled me
on the importance of drinking: “With liquor you’ll get to bed quicker,” she said. Thinking about her statement back then, I
realized its veracity. Coming to college, I was immersed in the same
sort of attitudes. “What do you think happened? She invited me back to her room at 3 a.m.” “I’ve got to find a way to snatch that
snatch.” “The best thing for that girl would be to
be tied down and screwed.” Out of context these statements seem shocking,
but in context they were barely noticed. After two years at Stanford, I snapped from
one extreme to the other. Once, during my sophomore year, in response
to a slew of my verbiage, a friend of mine chidingly called me a man-hater. In retrospect, my soliloquy titled “The
Oppressive Nature Of Male Dominated Society And Its Violent Manifestations: Rape, Anorexia,
Battered Wives” may have been a surreptitious attempt to convince her that I was a sensitive
man, but more likely I was trying to convince myself that my attitudes had changed. My polar leap had little to do with residential
education. It had to do with a deluge of reality. You see, I had begun listening to the raw
truth from men and women discussing rape about two years ago as a peer counselor. The conversations were personal accounts,
not rhetoric; they were real life, not dorm programing. It was a wake-up call — I will never be
the same. I find myself with no conclusion for this
column. A conclusion would speak of a simplicity I
do not feel. I can find little clarity in the torment of
emotions I now experience when even allusions to this issue are made. All I have are poignant visions. I see that preceding all the horrors of rape
are a host of skewed attitudes. I see my friends seeking to “get some”
or to “score.” I see people making power plays. I see myself at 15 trotting around the bases
and stealing second. I now see the crowds, no, not the spectators,
but the thousands, the millions who are rarely seen or heard. I’ve seen enough. I spoke to a 40 year old woman who has trouble
looking at her self in the mirror when she gets out of the shower; to her, her body is
always dirty. She can’t make love, she never had an orgasm,
she never will forget what happened her first time. She can’t close her eyes.” Pretty damning, don’t you agree? The worst part of this whole article Senator
Booker penned is the fact that he just admits his crime in his own words. And even though he does, the Democrat Party,
Dem feminists, and their lapdog leftwing mainstream media are ignoring it. They don’t care that one of their stars,
their “Spartacus,” conveniently assaulted a woman by his own admission. But they are ok with dragging an innocent
man through the ringer on an accusation that’s over 35 years old and where no police report
was ever filed. From a woman who all of a sudden is a victim
but who at the same time barely remembers the alleged incident. Convenient, Don’t you agree?

26 comments on “Booker Just Slapped With Brutal Karma After Victim Exposes His Dirty Secret”

  1. Pamela Gater says:

    Corey Booker your a POS.

  2. Larry Maxwell says:

    Accusations, the lying accusations are what most damn leftest women are about!

  3. Bill Demmon says:

    Everything hidden will be revealed…. goodbye spartan

  4. Johnny Bumpous says:

    I think he's gay now ..

  5. Christopher Baker says:

    I actually have some respect for this admission he wasn't caught and forced to admit this. Don't confuse these two issues.

  6. Ken Rogers says:

    Dear Mr. President. Please Declassify and publish all sexual misconduct cases of Senators and Congressmen so we can see who the real predators and hypocrites are, Especially the ones who have had to be settled by Taxpayer Money.

  7. Lynn W says:

    Now we know why Booker is being quite.

  8. Terri Scheinuck says:

    He reminds me of Obama.
    (Hard swallow-gagging)

  9. Terry Grieve - Internet Marketing says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one. Confession is good for the soul. But his projection on others is damning to him.


    I thought this was Spartacus? No, He's Spartacus, No you're Spartacus, he said he was Spartacus! My baby is going to be called Spartacussy cussy coo……

  11. Morena Lainez says:

    Thats a Good idea.

  12. Sean Christopher says:


  13. Marc Valade says:

    Put the pedophile in jail for eternity. Release him of his right to talk.

  14. Pine Crone says:

    Typical democrat. Worse is that he is a typical man.

  15. Watogo says:

    Spartacus no means no! Your freak is freaking me out. Try Kamala though word is she’s easy.

  16. True Patriot says:

    Too many things just aint adding up with this Ford claim. Coming out w/this now seems far more than a coincidence, her timing is absolutely impeccable, and this story sounds way to much like what happened with Clarence Thomas. Now she's calling the shots with the when and where she can testify, I aint buying it!

  17. dinah ward says:


  18. Lidia Stremciuc says:

    Please mr President declassified all the sexual assoulted cases on the Demoncrats ON Senate and Congress we tge people need to know how corrupt and crooked are the Demoncrats special the Chuck Schumer please please please

  19. Peg D says:

    NJ Senators like Booker and Melendez who needs enemies in New Jersey? We have had crap of Government representatives for decades.
    NJ used to be a wonderful place for corporations but not now
    We are invaded by illegals and this is known but are located in many Democrat districts.
    I wish NJ could be what it used to be. It would be an uphill battle.
    Vote NJ for the MAGA candidates!

  20. Dorothy Gage says:

    Don't throw rocks when you live in a glass house.

  21. June Hogue says:

    Booker is a creep! He is also very arrogant. His self importance could likely be his down-fall. Perhaps his background s hound be looked into by the. FBI?

  22. Theresa Maloney says:

    If you want to have the WH. Send an e-mail to the WH, at least Trump staff will get it.

  23. Theresa Maloney says:

    Booker is just grandstanding . He acts like he has a heart, this sounds like a plea to make himself the center of another investigation.

  24. Mary daisy Logronio says:

    Booker to be safe, get a real job. You are unbelivable!

  25. Mary Anne W. Johnson says:

    Cory Booker groped a girl when he was 15. I looked it up and that’s calling the kittle Black

  26. Diane Czir says:

    People need to calll their congress person and demand a investigation for his removal..Keith Ellison is a wife beater also

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