Bowflex | The Three-Minute Perfect Plank Workout

Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness
Advisor, this is the three-minute perfect plank workout. We’re going to take the plank, and we’re
going to give you a bunch of different variations. We’re going to do that non-stop for
three minutes. Let’s get started. So we’re gonna go right down to the mat. We’re
going to start with a plank. We’re just going to hold that for 30 seconds. In three… two… and go. So 30 seconds a
regular plank. This is going to get challenging, so when
you need to take breaks (if and when) do that. Perfectly straight line from their
shoulders down through their toes, they’re holding that. After 30 seconds
we’re going to alternate raising and lowering a foot. We have about halfway
there. Fifteen more seconds to go. Again if you need to take breaks, take breaks and then jump back in. A long time, three minutes. We’re also going to throw in some side planks, which is going to give you a little bit of a break. Ready and begin: alternate raising and
lowering of a toe or foot. Not easy, but three minutes we’re really going to challenge
that core, really strengthen. The greatest thing about this exercise: it strengthens and it protects. It’s going to protect that
lower back at the same time. Great job ladies. We have 13 more seconds, 13 ,seconds. Then we’re going to alternate we’re going to switch to a side plank. We’re going to face the left on our arm,
on our right arm. In three… two… and great. So up on the right arm, facing to the
left side. And now we’re really going to focus on the oblique, arm up in the air.
You can have it on the side if you want. Hold that, great job, not easy. Twenty more seconds and then we’re just going to rotate and do the same thing to the other side. So now we’re really targeting the
oblique (the side of the abs) the part that’s closer to the mat. Alright you have eight more seconds
and we’re going to switch we’re going to rotate right through. Five… four… three… two… excellent. So now switch arms, other
direction, and hold. Great job. Three minutes challenging. Again you’re
going to build up to this. Hold, 20 more seconds. Then we’re going to come back, we’re gonna go right back to the regular plank. Hold this. You’re getting there. Thirteen more seconds. Great job. Breathe, tight abs but you’re still breathing. Eight… seven… six… five… four… good and back to the regular plank. Hold that for 30 seconds. And we’re going to really push
it for the final 30. Not easy. Once again do what you can do, build up
over time. But in three minutes they are really really going to target
that core. Alright you’re halfway there. Alright halfway through this last
regular plank. And then for the final 30 seconds we’re really going to up it, we’re going to do some spider-man plank crunches. Alright, you have five… four… three… excellent job. And now throw in those knees. You’re bringing that knee to the elbow, and
crunch. Great job. Good luck. You got to keep that form. Try to keep those bodies straight, you’re doing a phenomenal job. Not easy. Alright homestretch, 20 seconds super
strong getting the abs, getting the lower back, three-minute perfect plank workout.
Build-up to this. A great goal is to be able to do this for three minutes straight. Alright you are
almost there. Five… four… three… two… awesome. If you’re interested in more
tips just like this, please subscribe to our channel. Get fit fast with home fitness solutions
by Bowflex at – be fit for life.

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  1. Joana Fat says:

    Wooooh. I just tried this morning and luckily i've finishied the 3 minutes, but ofcourse i am shaking! 😂 Lol!

  2. 古云嫣 says:

    This video trying to kill me 😂😂😂😂

  3. Star Tetrahedron says:

    And I was never heard from again. Legend has it that I died within the first 30 seconds of the very first plank and my body was dragged off by a Sasquatch before anyone could find it.

  4. Kanhaiya Pareek says:

    This plank useful for tummy fat tell me

    And about push ups tell me video link

    And lose tummy fat video link

    Beacaue i like u r wrkout

  5. 쑤우풍요가넘치는삶 says:


  6. Bruce Wayne says:

    😂wow how easy they are doing,i just did hit 6 mins maximum

  7. SWATI SHARMA says:

    I did it😵😬😌😌

  8. cara baysinger says:

    hey ! so i just now started and i’m feeling the burns and i love it so much !! i’ll try my best not to forget this everyday (:

  9. Alberto Alvarado says:

    17 sec and I woke up in a hospital bed wtf 😂 nice workout 💪🏽

  10. michelle sullivan says:

    thabks to that set im do it earn it and burn it

  11. Key Information Tarot says:

    Who else does this 6x a week?

  12. toni Boni says:

    was able to do this on the first try without breaks …but have been doing longer plank workouts with more rest in between for the past month and I think they are a better start for beginners than this video.

  13. Sunayana Thakulawat says:

    Hi Bowflex…Does this workout help to lose belly fat?

  14. Roberto Golfarelli says:

    First quality, then quantity.

  15. Riya Bhatta says:

    Really effective 👌👌 love Bowflex 💓

  16. Shayna Neerav says:

    can hold up until 2 mins😢

  17. Caroli Brad says:

    Bowflex, I really appreciate these three minute planks. I'm glad I found them. Thanks very much.

  18. Talal Hussain says:

    can men can do this work out ??

  19. Paul George says:

    Too easyyyy gimme something more

  20. John T says:

    I do the regular plank with my feel a little more than shoulder width apart.  make a big difference.

  21. Valerie Leung says:

    I can’t do 3 minutes lolllll

  22. simal to says:

    I was screaming in the last 30 sec … Was great thanks a lot!

  23. R O N A CLAUD says:

    I start today guys wish me luck

  24. Irena Ivankovic says:

    uh… omg. excelent workout … so hurt

  25. Kateřina Černoušková says:

    oh my god, this looks so horrific I'm gonna try it xD But please don't laugh at me when I fall on my belly after 10 seconds bcz that's what I usually do 😀

  26. Kobe Vriens says:

    first time is way to hard

  27. jael carrillo says:

    Oh my god I DID IT!
    I'm proud of myself, i'm including this to my workout routine 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙌

  28. google inc says:

    Hard at first, but after a 2 weeks or so it became very easy to do with energy to spare. My main hurdle was the spider plank, when you get stronger not even that is tough

  29. Cute Formula says:

    I died… I couldn’t even get to the second minute lol

  30. Roman Duque says:

    Once daily? Can I do it twice?

  31. my2cents says:


  32. POWERLIFTING 71 says:

    great and very good … good from Indonesia

  33. tacos forlife says:

    Whenever i do this my 1 year old son always climb on my back so i actually do the first 1 min plank with 23 lbs kid on my back after like fee weeks of doing it ofc so i guess it really does strengthen your core!

  34. menasha Multra says:

    Yeps i can eventually do the 3 mins but i do pass out after that🤗

  35. Nanajol Muhammed says:

    is this one minute or one hour i almost passed out

  36. Naya Revolutionary says:

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  37. PenaRP PenaRP says:


  38. Gursimran Singh Bharaj says:

    I got abdominal wall weakness, not inguinal hernia yet. Well do these for at least 2 months to make core strong

  39. Anna Marina says:

    This video is part of my training routine , it' s amazing how it works on strenght, allignement and core stability! Thanks !

  40. Jill M says:

    Is this workout good for sciatica? Or bad?

  41. Laura Marie says:

    I can safely say this is torture but worth it thats what i tell myself 😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Annie says:

    Took me few months (not consistent) until i can do this easily! Now ive stepped up my plank game and doing athlean x’s plank variations everything done in 3 minutes and ive noticed my abs are visible im a girl but i think just a little bit more and ill be able to see my 6 packs lolol

  43. zubaidah ali says:

    May i share Thankyou

  44. Marziekyun says:

    huhffff!!! one year ago i did this everyday. I tried again some days ago but couldn't get past the first 30 seconds as I gained some pounds and haven't been working out. really proud of having made it through today (not counting a pause at 2:30)

  45. Brigita Petrova says:

    Great little workout, love the way Tom Holland chats through to help you keep going. I enjoy doing this, thank you 🙂

  46. lovesmith says:

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  47. Pamela Tejada says:

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  48. Arshiya Nafees says:

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  49. Gunner Y2J says:

    Took 10 days, but now I can do this for 3 minutes straight after 30 minutes of cardio.

  50. civilizeddiva says:

    Completed a one minute plank – with one 30 second break [or maybe I just did two 30 second planks 😁]. Anyway, I will work on reducing the 30 second break until I reach a full 60 second plank.

  51. July Rain says:

    Awesome ty😘

  52. Yassin Jouijat says:

    Hi guyss i am gonna do this every day for a week or two i think for two weeks for a beter result i am gonna update you every day i am 13 years old and i weight 52kg i am 153cm long just so you can compare sorry for my bad english

  53. Ahrar Alam says:

    I do this everyday for 3 minutes. How much Calorie does this burn?

  54. Rakesh Sharma says:

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  55. Hector Pareja says:

    I cant breath while watching this video…very exhausting while commenting

  56. Aalpha Splatt says:

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  57. LXRDSAVX says:

    its really easy

  58. Diana Lam says:

    Beauty is painful 😭😭😭

  59. Quixotic says:

    Lisa has perfect form

  60. Abino Rose says:

    I forget to breath everytym i plank

  61. JheS Sica says:

    I do this every night. At first it was hard i almost fainted before finishing it. Now, i can make it for another minute. And i got good results

  62. Elisa Viola says:

    Easy but challenging your core stability greatly💓

  63. Tempest says:

    They make it look so easy

  64. Warrior says:

    I exercise regularly. When I came across this video, I tried it. Though I completed the workout, the last 1 min was quite challenging. I am going to do this everyday, till I get perfect 😇

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  66. Natalie Boni says:

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  70. watuwantfromme says:

    Finally found the workout i needed. Thx a lot!!

  71. nami 47 says:

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  73. BourbonCherryKnot says:

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    im doing this everyday, love this workout!

  75. Kavita Sood says:


  76. rohit kapoor says:


  77. Hawkeye45 says:

    My arms (more of the shoulder area) hurt more than anything. What am I doing wrong

  78. B B says:

    I made it today Thank you🙏🏻😂😂😂😂🌹👍

  79. AA C says:

    Going to start this today ^^

  80. LaLIZsa Manoban says:

    Finally. I never thought i can do 3min straight plank.

  81. charles bromberick says:

    ´The plank is a good measure of charácter and will power.

  82. Maryam Freedom says:

    💎💎💎💎oohhh yesssss❣️❣️❣️
    This is exactly the work out that I have been looking.. searching for.
    This is perfect for me !!

  83. Maryam Freedom says:

    I'm going to do this for thirty one days.
    I want to tone and slightly slim .. tighten back..inner thighs.. of course stomach and arms especially my deltoids and triceps.🤗🤗❣️❣️
    I'm so excited.
    I will UPDATE

  84. Yağmur S says:

    Today is my third day. But still so hard for me. Also I have been work out for a month. It takes 1,5 hours. But this is the most diffucult plank. But I promised myself I am gonna do this every day no matter what…

  85. Lipika sen says:

    I did all the the exercise jst now… Without any break 😍😍😊

  86. tif tif says:

    Pakai Jesu…!!this is not easy at all 😰😰

  87. Salma Haj Najeeb says:

    I am really getting better in the plank 😍

  88. Salma Haj Najeeb says:


  89. Mc Death says:

    I remember I couldn't do a plank for 30 sec when I started but now I can do it up to 2 min. Stay motivated. You can do it.

  90. Odesta Singh says:

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  91. Unknown Person says:

    I'm over fifty and I'm doing exercise around seven months eevery day, so, I think I can do this. But honestly I didn't try this becouse I'm being so tired after my routine morning exercise. But yeah, I do normal plank around 2,5 minute at once time and 2.5 x 3 times every morning. But I have to say that at the beggining I just could do 15 second plank. But after 3 months, it's 2.5 minute now.

  92. Joy Singh says:

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  93. fujiko tora-chibe says:

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