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I’m Kerri Cronk with Fox 13 _ And I’m Krystalina Brown with Mountain America Credit Union. And together we make the Fox 13 Dream Team, but today we brought along a special guest. That’s right, I’m here for a special reason, because of a special person, Brandon. Let’s learn a little bit more about him. (wind rush) I nominated Brandon for the Dream Team. He’s had so many negative things in his life. Brandon has a rare genetic disorder called Wolfram syndrome. We found out he was deaf around a year old, and then when he was 12, he was diagnosed with diabetes. About the age of 14 is when they told him that eventually he will go blind. Today, Brandon is 27. He is losing his sight now, so when he talks to you, he has to get up real close to see. One thing Brandon is not losing, his positive attitude. He deals with it. He just knows that’s his life. He bowls on a deaf league on Thursday mornings. He can’t see the pins. He just likes to tease and joke about everything. We found Tank and he’s a tank. (laughs) And he’s growing every day. The service dog is quickly becoming a lifeline. We’re gonna be teaching Tank to either nose-bump or paw Brandon so he knows to check his insulin. We’re gonna be teaching Tank to wake Brandon up when there’s fire alarms going off or the doorbell, things like that. With Tank’s help, Brandon will continue to be active outside the house too. Tank’s training is gonna be around $7,000. Are you ready to do this? (light piano music) Hey, Brandon. How are you? Nice to meet you. This is your name sign, Brandon? Cool. Well, I found out you were going to be here, and I wanted to meet you, have an opportunity to talk with you about you and your dog. I want to introduce you to some people, and they have something to give to you. So let me go get some people and our team. This is, we call them the Dream Team. So I want to introduce you to Kerri Cronk from Fox 13 and Krystalina Brown from Mountain America Credit Union. And they have something special and a surprise for you. Brandon, it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you. Woodside Homes has a gift basket that I am going to present to you, and I hope it’s something you’ll really enjoy and that’ll be helpful. Now I know Tank is a big dog. He’s still growing, he’s a big boy. We have two vests in here so that he will be able to grow and fit into these. I understand that Chili’s is your favorite restaurant. I have a gift certificate that you can take Tank to dinner. I also have a gift certificate, I know it’s expensive to go see the vet and to make sure Tank is taken care of. This is gonna help you so that you can afford to take Tank to the vet when he needs to go. Oh, and some toys for Tank. So I still have something to give too, okay? They have cards worth $1,000 to PetSmart. (laughs) So food, whatever you need, you have it. Still more surprises for you, okay? So Krystalina has something she wants to give you. So we have a special gift. We understand that Tank needs some more training, right? He’s your service dog, so we want to make sure that he gets everything that he needs. So we have a special box that maybe, Mom, you could help me open. You wanna help me open it? Uh-huh, yeah. (piano music) And if you wanna read that. Um-hmm. And you can sign that for him. It says, “Congratulations. Enjoy your gift of service dog training.” This is gonna cover training for your dog Tank, for all the training that he needs. We’re so excited. What do you say? Thank you.
Thank you so much. I’m gonna give you a hug. (laughs) He is, he’s my life. I don’t know what I would do without him. (piano music)

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