What about milk? Have we done milk? We have done a lot about milk, yes. What about chairs? Is there something in that? Like what? I dunno..Are they bad? Tables? Have we done bread? Oh my god, we haven’t done bread. Look here! It says in Food Standard 2.1.1
that a food that is sold as bread must be bread! Right, well you stay here and
look into that Mark. The rest of us, places, please! Look, this bit’s actually a bit too
complicated to explain in some pissy sign. Basically you want a high amount of
whole grains in your bread. The recommended daily intake of whole grains is 48 grams. To get that, look for the term “whole grain” on the pack. Under the voluntary standard that most bread companies have signed up to, to use the
term “whole grain” bread must contain 8 grams whole grain per serve. To use terms like “high” “rich” or “good source” they have to have 16 grams per serve or more. And if they have 24 grams or more they can use terms like “very high” or “an excellent
source of whole grain” or they can say what percentage of the recommended daily intake a serve contains, so check the pack. AWKWARD SINGING Excuse me? Hello? I’d like to buy some bread? Okay what’s next? Have we ever done…pants?

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