Breakin’s Feds Achievement Guide [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

Achievement guide time! Today we’re going to look at 3 achievements from the Breakin’ Feds heist: Staple Relationship, Stalker and Explosive Diarrho… I mean, A Moment of Silence. Before we start I’m just going to name the two parts of the
building after the security barrier as the Left Wing and the Right Wing for easy
reference. Let’s start with Staple Relationship. This is an item hunt, we’ll need to find a red stapler from around the heist and place it back in the small office all the way at the end in the left wing for the achievement. This red stapler only spawns after the security
barrier and can be found in 2 major locations in each
wing; the pantry and on the office desks. The pantry itself is pretty simple. The stapler is either on the countertop or
the table. For the office desks, we’ll have to comb them one by one until we
find it. There is however, one unique location in the left wing and that is this cylindrical shelf itself. Don’t forget to check on top of it. And once we have the red stapler, just place it on the small office desk and the achievement will be ours. For A Moment of Silence, we’ll need to lure Garrett out of his office
four times and on the fourth, he will permanently head to the toilet and never be seen again, granting us the achievement. To do so, we cannot pick up the item from the safe so that Locke will continue to assist in luring
Garrett out. Each time, Garrett will only return to his office after
we enter it. So after each lure, enter and exit, then go back to our hiding spot to wait for
Locke. And then repeat. The tricky part of this achievement is that we cannot even alert a single guard, let alone kill them. And on the Overkill difficulty there will be 3 guards in each wing patrolling, so a lot of close quarter sneaking is required. Fortunately we have Sixth Sense, sensor mines and hopefully, a lot of patience. Of course, civilians are not part of the achievement so we can go ahead and bag those pesky office
workers. Overtime kills! For Stalker, we will need to keep Garrett marked from before he leaves the office for the first
time, until the safe is opened. This sounds pretty challenging but fortunately we can raise the odds in our
favour with a few moves. One, on the Normal difficulty there will be only 2 guards patrolling the
wing, so we can spend pagers on them, the camera guard and the reinforcement that arrives from the
lift. Then we can also tie up or bag the remaining
civilians. That means no guards, no cameras and no civilians, leaving only Garrett there for us to work with. Two, Garrett can marked exactly the same as a regular
guard, for 13.5 seconds. With High Value Target (aced) this duration
will double, becoming 27 seconds. With these two moves, it will be sufficient for us to juggle between marking him and doing objectives but I have another tool to assist us so that we don’t have to keep watching the
clock. With tripmines in sensor mode, we can place them at key locations and Garrett can be marked indefinitely, making it less stressful to find those security
boxes. Of course if the beeping gets on your nerves
then well… can’t help you there! For the powerboxes it will be simple. Place one mine directly below and then another one somewhere in between
the office and the powerbox and we’re done. Don’t worry, I’ll have gameplay videos at the end to show you where to place them. For the email lure, Garrett will stop outside the training room so we’ll need to place one there. For the left wing, I used the centre of the door frame as the
first reference and then the rectangular pillar as a second
reference. Then I placed the mine directly on the ground. Same for the right wing, I use the dustbin, and then the rectangular pillar as a reference and placed the mine on the ground. For the phone call lure in the left wing, with the elevators on the left, there will be a brick pillar on the right. We’ll place the mine on the left end of the
pillar. For the right wing’s phone lure, with the security barrier to the left, we would want to place one mine on the 6th bar of the railing after the brick
pillar. And that includes the 1st bar that is half
into the pillar. And lastly, for Garrett’s office itself when we can access
it, we can place mines for the two spots he may
stand in to keep him marked. All this is pretty hard to describe so it is best that you watch the gameplay videos
later. And before we end the video, I’ll leave you with some tips on the safe
itself. Locke will give us a hint on the password
using a keyword, and here is the list of combinations. So basically when Locke says a keyword like
CrimeNet, we’ll know the password is 2015 or when he says Garrett’s wife’s birthday
or anniversary, we’ll know it’s 1212. And we when first find the safe, Locke will go on and on about how wonderful
it is. Usually with the powerbox and email lures we won’t have enough time for Locke to give
us the hint. But that doesn’t stop us from trying out at least one password. So just key one of the passwords in, like 1212 and hope for the best. Otherwise we can always wait for Locke’s hint. The last tip is that if the safe is behind the low shelf, we can skip the rest of the locations. I mean, like duh. Yup. And that’s all I have for this video. Stay tuned for a boatload of videos coming
up. I have videos for all the tripmine positions and also 4 gameplays; Stalker without using tripmines, Stalker with tripmines in the left wing then
right wing and the last gameplay includes all 3 achievements at one go. So thank you again, hope this video helps and I’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. shio kun says:

    May I ask a question, at 5:38, what is the meaning of "the rest of the locations"?

  2. SG Wixoss says:

    wow, you actually memories where he stood exactly??? For the marking part?

  3. TIK YI Chan says:

    Instead of marking Garrett with C4, I choose to mark him each time I finish a objective. Your memory is great ._.

  4. Vic'sGaming Zone says:

    Went out for a phone call, came back with 2 trip mines in my own room, nothing seems weird at all
    Went out again to turn the lights on, the whole floor is filled with trip mines enough to blow the building, perfectly fine

  5. Survey Corps says:

    this video is so helpful and you really put a lot of effort into this, thanks man.

  6. A Human says:

    Here’s a useful tip I don’t see anyone using- use the cards to mark stuff like security boxes

  7. Mr. Kenway says:

    Is it me, or this guy sounds very South East Asian? (Yes I'm an SEA myself, but I never speak like this)

  8. David Adu says:

    Unknown Knight will probably become a bigger payday YouTuber, someday I just know.

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    May I ask what that mask in the background is including customisation

  10. Javgarag says:

    3 achievements
    43 minutes

    what is wrong here

    edit: gameplay videos, thats ok

  11. Unknown Knight says:

    Check out my steam guide (Breakin' Feds section) for a full list fo all 14 stapler locations:

  12. Zed says:

    Ok i hate Garret but atleast he knows how to handle a prank call 😀

  13. Zed says:

    Wow, thanks alot. You really helped me with the Stalker and Stample Relationship Achievement 😀 Good job!

  14. Robin Chen says:

    Hmm i tried to get stalker twice with tripmines, I put the tripmines in the spots shown in @17:28. I also put the 2 extra tripmines in the hallways and I spammed the tag button before he left his office. I did not get the achievement? Do you know why this could happen, is my placement of tripmines off?

  15. Sarcastic slob says:

    Training room…

    Is that where they talk about trains? Continues eat snacks

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