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Simon Cowell famous in Japan so me. So anyone that you know this cut how you made s definitely yes, that’s foodie It’s called being global. Okay. Good luck We’re helmet First act of the year, let’s go and gather Ladies and gentlemen back on behalf of the Palladium Theatre. I Invite you to stand and welcome That’s what is wrong That’s right, mr. Cow and the boss is finally here It’s so good to see a member of the royal family sitting next to Simon it’s lovely to see you Camilla It is rare indeed for the sovereign to appear on it such an insignificant occasion But as I look down on your wall, I am happy to patronize you Queens of always patronized the arts and the arts have relied upon the support of Queens It is with regret Ladies and gentlemen, I have noted that recently Britain’s Got Talent has suffered enormously there have been far too many below average variety acts and I’m not referring to Alesha Dixon I’m sure you all agreed the plastic is the modern scourge on the face of this planet Of all the men and women of these islands no greater innovation has been made than by our judging panel Who have stored a great amount of plastic in their faces? And thick as well as David Williams have been awarded OBE Simon there is only one thing standing between you and the knighthood and that’s the golden buzzer. I Have much pleasure ladies and gentlemen and declaring the search for talent in Great Britain, officially open Your majesty what a treat Hello boys, hi, how are you about fine? Thank you. Where are you from? We’re from Dundee in Scotland What’s your day job we are taxi drivers. Ah We are the singing cobby’s singing cabbies. Okay. Good luck. No presure They must be lies burner driver Somewhere Got to be bird flying higher in the sky More blue if I can dream of a better land Where all my brothers walk hand-in-hand tell me why Oh I wall that song Okay Look, I apologize. But the truth is it was our tune and it did sound more like you were shouting rather than singing, okay? He didn’t sound great The vocals were really picky It just felt a bit corny. I’m sorry. Okay. Yeah, it’s gonna be in no today, but thank you boys so much for coming Hi Sudeep anybody use a taxi Well, that’s two minutes of our lives we’ll never get back thanks. Hey for two, please Oh Deep breath you can do this. Hello. Hi there. Hello. What’s your name? I’m Deb Nepali and I’m the head teacher flake-free primus killer and this is our choir So tell me about the choir and how long they’ve been singing together Probably since September we’re a real eclectic group. We’ve got ranges from four all the way through to eleven. Some are amazing singers Some are just enthusiastic So, what’s the big dream for this quiet read and write is important at school But the kids had a dream this one in assembly said she want to go on Britain’s Got Talent and here we are Why did you want to come on Britain’s Got Talent because I love singing Oh, we’re all rooting for you. Good luck. Thank you very much We are Good when you wet it, yeah could have gone conduct Really proud of you what have you’ve done right? You were amazing kids. Let’s go for it. Yeah smile Dudes dress the gold. Damn it Brett That was absolute chaos and absolute joy I think you are so important to kids this age to remind them you Know to have fun your joy that you radiate. It is infectious and This to me is what Britain’s Got Talent Cave it It’s just one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen I think you’ve just made all our heart soared today and it’s what you want Your childhood to have been like and what you want your children’s chart to be like which is just full of unbridled Great they’re a great great teacher. Well done everybody Well done in there come on Well done guys It’s a yes from me Hello welcome to Britain’s Got Talent, thank you what happened to your tops So, please tell us the name of your act Vardanyan brothers, so that’s your surname and your brothers. How old are you boys? 28 30 years. Where are you from originally? We are from Armenia, but we living in Moscow. Oh Well, I’m intrigued is what you’re going to do. The stage is yours I Like how business yeah, they look like superheroes out she didn’t Seeing the Gymkhana Manny, I’m sure yeah Oh golly No Oh, there’s no at this mall Floors You Hi, what’s your name? I’m Jimmy Tammy. I’m from Devon. I’m 64 years old. You look amazing Jimmy did you bring anyone with you? I’ve got eight children. I’ve got five the partners got three and She’s here with two of my kids Jimmy what do you do for a living? I’m a Professional ventriloquist of invention of crystal over 40 years. I’ve done pub sink labs even children’s birthday parties Okay, the stage is yours Jimmy good. Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, I need help from a couple of people and any volunteers Will be please help me. Welcome to stage David and Amanda Hey man, though, thank you you just face this way guys and I just stick this around your chops Amanda. What’s that? Oh wow Just a beautiful fit. Would you both like to turn around? Liam and there you are a George dropping So Tiffany hobbies I thought are these you’ve got obvious over. Yeah. What should I do? I like skipping So there’s some skipping here tonight David, I’d love to Aren’t you fat man that we’ve got some skipping music really good Another hobby what should other hobby David? I like ballet dancing I love to go Dali dancing or lovey We like to belly dance tonight I’d love to Thank you what I just remembered was that David I got another hobby You know what it is I try to think I Don’t know other I’ll be asking rocky David striptease Music here we go. Nice and sexy Yes, I am Sorry then sorry then Yeah healthy Good in it What do you reckon baby yes for me Hello my love, who are you my name’s Siobhan Siobhan Phillips, I am 42. I know I don’t look it And I’m from Wakefield And Shabat, what is the big dream I’ve been a performer for a long time And I feel like I would love it. If I had a venue where people have paid to come and see me Do you know what I mean? I do So I don’t I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a pianoforte Behind me Anna. I’m gonna sit down I’ll get further away, but you’ll still be able to see me What I’ve done I’ve written a song because a couple of years ago I became a mom for the first time I thought to myself what other awaits on Fox a I’m really old and tired and now I have a baby So I wrote a song because they always say she write songs about subjects with which you are familiar but I couldn’t think of a melody around cake, so Put a little song together And yeah, I hope you like it you can join in but you won’t know it because I’ve written it so Had a baby at 40, what did I do I haven’t slept since I look 102 a pile. Don’t wait they say when is it? As sometimes wish that I’ve become Then she smiles And I do it all again, but I think I’d skip the toddler years I Going to the loo alone would be a special treat to read my Kindle On the beach. I need to join the gym again. He paints me throw up beards. I accidentally put my brother backwards To scream but unleashes far too young to discuss the prexy deal Keeping all my bits cross she’ll be Eric Powell’s wife What’s your name nice to meet you Vaughn where you from Okay, what’s the big dream run So lovely move us Hello hi very nice to meet you, what’s your name, please? My name’s Eve Derek. I’m 62 years old If you do this you go, it’s pretty much gonna come back. Okay. Good luck. Thank you Good luck Freddie Oh, it’s just a little little boy I asked my mother what should I be? This is what you said to me, come on, hey The future The future I didn’t people like you It’s brilliant You made me smile, but I didn’t like the vocals I’m sorry Steve What you have in spades steve is huge sex appeal Timmy what I like the little hip movement you had going on bum I’m saying no Say yes from me Simon where I really think the audience a passion about something The audience has spoken you got reassess Just beautiful Let’s give our one viewer what they want It’s our special dance. Oh Dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. He loves you. Really, right Well done come on Steve good luck, buddy. We’re gonna do this You are the man Given a small stake Did you see that Welcome what’s your name, please Elizabeth Elizabeth Just Elizabeth why have you come on Britain’s Got Talent Because I want to show you something special and try and make the impossible possible Well, the stage is yours Elizabeth Theaters of London’s West End. It’s said to be haunted by many ghosts In 1919 the great Harry Houdini Appeared on stage and offered a large cash sum for anyone who could prove the existence of them Amanda I’d like you to take this journal in your left hand and I’d like you to come with me I’m scared Legends have said That spirits departed walk the halls and stores of the theaters of London It is said to be good luck to see ghosts for a performer for others So much Looks good That’s on the stage Amanda please take a seat These photographs are of people who have lived and died over 100 years ago I’m gonna creep down Can you hold out your left hand like this Now in a moment, I want you to count these photographs face down onto the table one at a time When you place them down you’re going to feel a connection to one When you feel that connection I want you to stop and to place that photograph face down into this cigar box Look at the photographs each and every one is different, but you were drawn to one and you don’t know why Open the cigar box and take out the photograph that you chose Turn it over and read out what it says Agatha Turner 1860 Before this all began I gave you a journal that’s over 100 years old Open the page. I’ve bookmarked and read out the paragraph that I’ve circled in red Mr. Turner was born in the 1800s. She loved visiting the West End to be entertained. She tragically died in 1860 and her ghost team is said to haunt the theaters that she once loved Amanda this moment was always meant to be Look over your left shoulder Oh God Oh Oh Here we go This is only the beginning Hi hello guys, how are you? Oh, we’re very well. Thank you in yourselves. Very good. What’s your name? We are high five high five Everyone loves a high five. Everyone loves a high five. Yes But we want to be wowed so go for it, good luck Put the fourth better way to get it better fitness for they’re giving a minute and then check in a new city kids Put our hands up All alone He didn’t high-five each other off to the performance Oh outside Will you buzz from no problem Pete? I didn’t think this was clever. I think we’ve seen it over before So for me it was pointless You apologize to that sofa right now I Can see a future with DFS You know, it was a little corny and the outfits are horrific by the way what’s gonna ask who does your style You know, I really liked your energy I’m gonna kick this off for the yes I’m gonna say no Mandie. It’s a yes for me Well The return of the ledger What’s a big? Thank you to our best friend Steve. Mahone best friend Steve Mahone This is the year where you make you cruise those lives. They’re me final Simon movie for you David David. What’s what’s he got in store? He’s coming here. It’s coming this way I’m excited. Yeah, I’m very yeah Cuba truck. Yes The British Here are some of David’s of best moments David shocked the world with a spectacular impression of ex politician David Blunkett, I Wish to pull down your Island on the three stalks. I don’t want to tune in there But the judges didn’t like it The next year David topped this by popping out of a box But the judges didn’t write it Wow to talk to us David puts on the dress Actually Anton back get David some milk because David lush milk Actually prefer double whiskey from honest You nail it David but the judges didn’t like it I Just wanting to go through that’s all I want to top that with finally here audition number 10 Brace yourselves I’ve spoken to Kim Jong hoon on the phone This is a locket man and the Commission on the struggle greed along Versailles On the back set you know why I found you a Scottish We all stand together Thank God Pressure was on County I love people that never give up and you are a testament to that for me, it was like a celebration of rubbish One of the nicest contestants we’ve had over the years I think we need we need to vote. Let me start this off with a big fat. Yes Is still No I have to say yes Can you get your phones out and put your lights up Service he’s always next year You are on the line Choate of itv2 Was even didn’t quite state as he does not the avid oppressor Once you sign them from their work everybody, okay. Good luck. See. Thank you You

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