Brooklyn Bank 1 Down Solo No DLC [Achievement/Gameplay] [Payday 2]

Hey guys. It’s the 1 Down gameplay for the latest Brooklyn
Bank heist. I do my stuff as usual; Bring an Unseen Strike armour build, find a place to defend from, dominate 5 enemies and do objectives in Fade. Where I chose to defend from this time is this space between a concrete pillar and
portable toilet, right near the entrance of the construction
yard. It’s the best place I can find so far, less exposed than the 2nd floor that most
people use. Objectives wise, I got lucky and had a drill
instead of the winch. But also because of the drill, which needs
5 to 6 minutes, the assault would have definitely ended so I went ahead to extend Fade all the way
until escape. Overall, I love this heist because of the
randomness involved. So enjoy the gameplay clip, and hope you find
some inspiration from it. I’ll see you guys soon.

5 comments on “Brooklyn Bank 1 Down Solo No DLC [Achievement/Gameplay] [Payday 2]”


    1 again

  2. Akuma says:

    Woah, I’m early. Last time I was this early was never!
    Edit: Woah, last time I was here you didn’t have 666 subs

  3. SenpaiKillerFire says:

    at less there no heaven

  4. shio kun says:

    thanks for your strategy, I hv fin solo OD

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