Building Team Chemistry: Presented by Chase Ink

Sharon: I’m Sharon Bialy and I’m a casting director
with over 30 years experience building award-winning
ensembles for TV and film. Casting for a film is
a lot like creating the right team to
grow your business. There’s one great thing all
ensembles have in common – chemistry. It starts with
rethinking the way you fill the roles on your team. Maybe the hero isn’t
outgoing and energetic. Maybe he’s cool and collected. Maybe she’s cool and collected. Try to identify people’s
individual strengths and see how they can
complement each other. Actor: We would walk down
to this pizza place… Sharon: For example,
extroverts are great, but they benefit from introverts
to help balance them out. Now, to identify
the best attributes, you first need a sense of
who that person really is. When you’re interviewing,
try asking a question that reveals their passions
or what motivates them. It will give you insight
into their true character, and helps you see who the right
counterpart for them might be. When you focus on
finding new ways to combine people’s best
strengths and shared values, you’ll build teams that
work and work together.

One comment on “Building Team Chemistry: Presented by Chase Ink”

  1. Dianna Thornton says:

    Awwwe… That's my nephew Donnie in the first picture at 00:34 seconds and wearing the burgundy shirt on the left at 00:44 seconds….I'm such a proud auntie.

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